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  1. Yep. English is not the main language. But thanks for the message. Racenet is therefore useless, and I understand and thank you. It has been useless from the start. Sorry my bad English  ;)
  2. I racenet in New Delhi today and I got up to about 1.34. ***, But my time is not displayed page racenet Event section. Therefore, this means that the mCodemaster has not been repaired an old wrong that seems to continue to be haunted. Why is it so hard to fix these bugs. This bug was already F1 2012 and again in F1 2013. Why? And why the time is displayed? Now the new time is 1.33.532 which I rank 128 or 129, but it does not appear under any racenet website. One question yet. How to get here can be added from a picture, then is to display images that Racenet Event does not work.