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  1. SpartanDowney

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    I know it's not a CodeMasters game, but I really enjoyed the 'realisticness' of F1 Championship Edition. My favourite CodeMasters F1 game is definitely 2013.
  2. SpartanDowney

    1 setup for most tracks just like every other F1 game

    What is a good setup to reduce tyre wear while still getting decent straight line speed? I have setups for tyre wear and speed already but can't find on ethat accommodates both really well.
  3. SpartanDowney

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    1. Bring in the ability for your team to sack you if you are not performing to the standard you are expected to perform at. 2. Have the AI be more individual. For example some of the drivers should be more aggressive, some should be really good at managing tyre wear etc. 3. Have the AI suffer from tyre scaling, not just you. It annoys me in F1 2013 when the AI keep putting in consistent lap times as if their tyres are brand new. 4. A decent graphics update. The game looks pretty poor for a game released in 2013. 5. Make the cars more fragile. It's pretty unrealistic that pretty much the only damage that can be done to the car, is the front wing being damaged and tyres being popped. 6. Make the speed of the game feel the same when using keyboard, controller or a wheel instead of one of these being faster in the game.