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  1. Anyone else just get an invite? Invite is 9 characters too short.
  2. Here's a teeny, tiny teaser of what's to come in the near future for those of you who want to be prepared for when the next Dirt title hits.
  3. I love how the Dirt Rally menus are nice and simple, but the delay they add in between button presses to prevent accidental double key strokes is too long, in my opinion.
  4. I agree that car upgrades aren't well implemented. As they are, they serve as more of a burden than a way of adding depth to the career mode. On another note, does anyone have any ideas about what the ideal experience in career mode should look like? Do you guys prefer going from the 60's and working your way up the line? Or, would you prefer something like SLRE where you start off with a more modern, cheap FWD and then eventually graduate to an early 2000's 4WD? Perhaps you should have the freedom to choose between both paths.
  5. I think something you guys are failing to realize is that the current notes in DR are already quite vague and cannot be trusted. They're kept extremely simple so that the broad range of people can understand them. The notes become less detailed as a result. In my opinion, the only chance of this feature not being completely annoying is if the notes in the sequel are very, very good and detailed at the "pro" level, to compensate. Otherwise, you'd just be getting wrong calls now and then on top of notes that you already didn't trust. Not my idea of fun.
  6. If they make a DR sequel, I'd love to see them release an SDK like Assetto Corsa's so we can have community made stages. Imagine the replay-ability and value you'd get from that. Great things can be made by a community as passionate as this. Unfortunately, I don't think a track SDK will be high on their priorities since only PC users have the benefit of the steam workshop. Though, if they go the Early Access route again then maybe it will be something they consider.
  7. You can join more than 6 leagues but only your 6 most recently joined will show up in game. I think.
  8. I for one am really happy to hear confirmation that they're going the route of upgrading the engine to make something even better. I think it's a wise choice to take the plunge now instead of wasting energy adding bits and pieces to DR. DR was an experiment to test the waters and see if people would liked a more realistic game. Now it's time to make a platform to expand on for an extended period of time. I hope they go the Early Access route again.
  9. "We could create a short-term fix and offer a couple of new locations over the course of a year - don't forget we had the art team creating tracks since [development on Dirt Rally began in] 2012, and we'd front-loaded a lot of stuff - rather than delaying the inevitable we're going to see what changes we can make to the engine so we can deliver the more challenging things we haven't done just yet. So there are no plans for the near future, because we want to fundamentally improve the engine to make something bigger and better." I don't get the impression that he's talking about Dirt 4. It's p
  10. A few things about dynamic road surface. I agree with F2CMaDMaXX in that it would most likely be too early to implement something like this. I imagine it would be annoying to drive on if not perfected, and to perfect it wouldn't be worth the effort just to add a little bit more realism. Obviously I never know until I try though. I guess if it were in career mode only then I don't have much of a problem with it, because you're only racing against AI. However, I'd have concerns about this being used in a competitive environment. Road deformation is one of those uncontrollabl
  11. That for me wouold be a complete waste of time and resource, and I think so for many others.  There's likely to be less than 1% of the community who'll use this.  Last think I want to hear my mate saying is "sorry lad, I meant 1 left tightens, not 6 left opens. I don't really care for the feature either but it's still quite unique. And it really has been requested like mad since the game has been out.
  12. No, teknoid, I'm talking about having a friend ride in the car with you and be your co-driver.
  13. How so?  it's such a small niche part, just how would it play out? Well it has been requested like mad on the steam forums and the subreddit since forever. It just seems like one of the more plausible things to me. Personally I'd much rather it be something else but I can see why this or a rally school would be the surprise.
  14. The co-op driving seems most probable now that it's mentioned.
  15. I agree with Bryskye for the most part about the rally school. But, at the same time I guess it really will help a lot of new players considering the games super steep learning curve. I was hopeless in this game until I sat down on one stage and learned, through repetition, how to do hairpins and stuff. On the topic of a future WRC-licensed game -- On one hand, a WRC license would allow them to pursue a competitive aspect and break out into esports, gaining them twitch coverage and support from the most well-known rally organization. On the other hand, I imagine the WRC would be too harmful a
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