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  1. Hello I’m still alive! That first semi final was crazy! Such a tense race! This Project E is not doing it for me at all. I know it’s difficult with 3 cars, but it’s just not the same when cars sound like vacuum cleaners. Just takes away all the hype
  2. This is so cool and unexpected! Can’t believe we have to wait three years for it though! Hope the wrc is in good shape at that point for the game!
  3. Two things in there that grabbed my attention for future dirt rally game: photo mode and in depth livery creator
  4. Dirt 5 just announced on the inside Xbox stream, looked quite different, almost like forza horizon
  5. I’ve been waiting to see if GRID gets added to gamepass. I think this new dirt game will be either simply called DIRT like grid 2019 was, or maybe DIRT something to differentiate it more from Dirt rally.
  6. Probably controversial but I really enjoyed the free roam gymkhana on dirt 3. The actual career events sucked a bit. The biggest shame was gymkhana in dirt showdown (going to be really controversial here). The dockyard gymkhana arena was really good, and the career events were time attack based if I remember rightly, more like the real life Gymkhana grid events. They were actually pretty good, but the handling sucked and you couldn’t turn off the assists which tried to lock you into doughnuts.
  7. Dirt 2.3 and GRID were absolutely brilliant games for pick up and play. I had loads of friends that were not at all interested in racing games that would play them all the time. We used to have a blast playing them, particularly the party modes on Dirt 3 and demolition derby on grid
  8. In the same way that dirt rally 2 sucks for those that want a fun, easy to play racing game? It’s quite simple, skip this game and wait for dirt rally 3
  9. It’s not dumbing it down, the series has always been an arcade game. It was only the spin off ‘Rally’ titles that have been simulation (and kind of dirt 4). What is wrong with having two different studios making different games? That’s what forza does
  10. I think another issue is the stages themselves. Dirt 2/3’s stages were very open and forgiving and suited the handling of the cars, whereas that handling wouldn’t work as well on dirt rally’s stages. I feel if you have arcade handling you need arcade stages, and vice versa.
  11. Yeah I know, but I mean a more obvious split. The series has been a bit all over the place since dirt 3. Spin off, a second spin off, a confused dirt 3 sequel, and then a sequel to the second spin off. They’re probably going to try and make it more streamlined
  12. I’m assuming the plan is to split the franchise up into two separate entities, like Forza motorsport and horizon. I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve got planned, but I get the feeling that it’s probably not Going to be for me
  13. We can always hope! You’ve got a PS4 haven’t you? I got my brother DR2 a little while ago, he’s been doing some rallycross online. Could you smash him into a wall for me please?
  14. I’m assuming the separate studio working on this is either slightly mad or evo? Which leaves the dirt rally team free to work on something else
  15. Rocket league? Just kidding, unlike all the game awards I know it’s not a racing game. I was bored during lockdown so I got COD for the first time in 10 years, I’ve been really enjoying played non cross platform with my friends on PlayStation, hope this becomes more popular in the future
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