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  1. My issue was being caused by my Xbox controller. Unplug other devices and try.
  2. Just tried with my G27. No difference, thanks for putting up an idea 🙂 Quite an annoying bug as the game isn't playable like this. What is interesting is I lauched F1 2019 and thats got the exact same issue. So I'm wondering if its a bug with some software on my PC and codemasters games. I might reload Autosport and see if that has the issue too. No other racing games show the issue and those include, asseto corsa, Project Cars 2, Dirt, rFactor, Horizon 4, Euro Truck and Snow Runner.
  3. Same issue on my G27. Was fine on release week but I haven't played for a while. I'm assuming the issue started in one of the recent updates. Wheel felt great out of the box day 1. At the time I was amazed as that very rare. Now feels terrible. Normally its terrible day 1 and then patched :) Ryzen 3900 and Radon 5700XT in case my specs match anyone else with the issue.