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  1. Hello, Now that all times have been deleted with 1.10 I wanted to ask if in October after handling update is deleted again? Then I would drive because now no Time Trial.
  2. Same Headset as@TasmanianTiger I also don't feel like answering more and more questions.
  3. Certainly not until next week, codemasters likes to put it on microsoft but with fifa call of duty and fortnite the patches come at the same time or even before sony. Yesterday we tried to go coop again but it doesn't work and the frames still break down violently when a wired headset is inside. I will put the game aside for now and learn for the future
  4. is there now feedbak? all seem to have this error on the xbox there are some threads. Why is there no feedback? Is there still information missing in the forms? for example what you had for lunch or which shoes are you wearing? so something you can continue to play with for a while.
  5. With many bugs, these constant queries are not necessary at all, some things like the missing HDR slider was already reported in the beta and nothing happens, the many users who describe audio problems or the errors in the co-op career and online mode. The developers can surely turn on the console for 15 minutes in the office and find many errors themselves, I'm no different. It's just disappointing that you buy a Special Edition and many elements in the game just don't run.
  6. I agree with him the game just came out unfinished again, it is advertised with 2 player career and on Xbox nothing runs at all, you can't even race online. No, it's not me, all other games run optimally and the NAT is also open.
  7. It's the only way to post your problems, but I think Codemasters doesn't take it seriously and wants to demotivate people with a lot of questions and more info. Most bugs everyone sees after 10 minutes but Codemasters requires a big listing for everything. 2020 much was not fixed and also at 2021 many threads are ignored
  8. And the feedback on how to react to bugs is also very bad here in the forum. You fill out forms and share meaningless codes to get no feedback at the end.
  9. I would already be satisfied if it runs properly on one platform (Xbox)
  10. what is there to accept? the AI fluctuates on every circuit, it's just not balanced.
  11. and you don't hear anything like the years before with many errors, although you provide all the relevant information and get on with the job. I paid 80 euros for the Special Edition and can't speak to my friends at parties? Incredible.
  12. It was yesterday on xbox the same:( every year the same with this game
  13. what value have you set?
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