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  1. Just noticed the 5X garage slots are available in the Canadian store
  2. Just got back to Canada after a trip to the motherland and I still see this is not up on the NA store. Any update Codie's? Also the 5x garage slots?
  3. Are we supposed to have the extra garage slots already?
  4. It's up on the EU store, but not on the NA store...Codemasters!!!!!!! <shakes fist>
  5. Yep, that was my experience (also PS3) One Lobby was a bunch of dirty Yanks, who had the gall to kick me out after bashing me off the track constantly but the second group full of Argies was more than fair and polite.
  6. Just got a quick go in before heading out to work...playing on PS3 anti aliasing is non existent as to be expecting on this format, but after a lap I did not notice anymore. Played Touring Cars using the Focus, the handling seems back on track more akin to Grid than Grid 2 - thank funk. No one in online lobby to race so will have to wait now until after England game. One last point, damage though full, had little effect. Can't wait to play more
  7. I'm on PS3 - no gaming PC :-(  - (PSN: TrinodUK) , preloaded and waiting for 1am (ADT) 9pm (PDT) :-)  Games are generally released on a Tuesday in North America, so 9pm (PDT) is 12am (EDT)...i,e, Tuesday.Review embargoes just benefit the publisher not the end user afterall what is a review for, other than to inform the user of turkeys...like GRID 2 lol!
  8. I'm looking for the professional press reviews, without having to spam the websites every couple of hours. It's the gaming press that are under the NDA's and thus the embargoes, not private citizens. My copy unlocks at 9pm PDT today, so by the time I've had time to give thoughts the review should be up
  9. Does anyone know when the review embargo lifts? Really what are the point of review embargoes?
  10. Does anyone know if the online mini tournaments from Grid 1 are making a return? The best of 3 races from a small rotation of tracks in touring cars being my (and many others) personal favourite. May have to fire up the 360 and see if anyone is still playing.
  11. Flashbacks online just make a mockery of the integrity of any race. If people want them then they can play Grid 2, or go find them in a custom lobby.
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