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  1. Huh, i thought it was Carlos that threw it too, wouldn't have guessed Moya, but it's not impossible.

    And yes, they were filming Tommy at home when he got the call, odd way to win a title :)  

    Watching him grind to a halt *right* before the finish line with the engine boiling over was the weirdest sight though!

    @Rallycameraman Post that 2011 clip & @RallyDriven post the beached photo :)
    Here is the in-car.


    Stupid thing is the Marshall on the start control told us there was a hole there and that loads of cars had already fallen into it. I just didn't think it was THAT close!

  2. This is pretty much already in the game. If you use preset 2 it maps the right stick to gear up/down (change down is forward and change up is backward - as per real sequential shifter). The clutch gets engaged with the handbrake by the game already for cars that require that (some, like front wheel drive don't) so it doesn't need to be separate. Preset 2 has the handbrake mapped to A so you can drop your thumb off the right stick directly on to it.

    Give it a try, it works pretty well. I can't play any other way now.

  3. Thanks for all your kind comments guys, I appreciate it. It was a tough decision to make but it was the right one although I can't deny that I'll be disappointed not to be able to chat to you all nearer the release. @KickUp will have it covered though :smile:

  4. KickUp said:
    KickUp said:LoL - I was drunk and got my alphabet mixed up ;)
    We'll have to get one of these for the wall
    Hmmm, maybe something with lots of different rally things on it....

    A is for Accelerator

    B is for Brake

    C is for Calipers

    D is for Differentials

    E is for Exhaust

    F is for Flippin' heck that was close.......

  5. PS... Been now for 2 weeks in New zealand and those roads are amazing..... Really should put the WRC rally of New Zealand in the new rallygame again!! Just did the southern east coast heading now to the west, and later northern island Auckland so thats where the real wrc stages are! 1 word; amazing over here!

    I would love to do that rally. Have you been / are you going to Whaanga Coast?

  6. JonTucker said:

    I loved the first DiRT game (it was before my time at Codemasters) although the handling model did have some slightly strange characteristics.

    The thing that made it for me was the varied characteristics of the stages. Some were technical, others were fast and flowing. They represented their locations well and it was great to hone your skills on each one to try and achieve the best time. It also has a great selection of cars from classics to more modern machines.

    Hmmm I might go dig it out actually....

    Pssstt @JonTucker you should get yourself one of our shiney dev steam accounts with all the games on ;)
    \:D/ perks!