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  1. GBPolesitter

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    Agree with what’s been said about the AI pace I’m constantly changing between track, session and weather condition it’s becoming a bit stupid now. The r&d speed needs tweaking as well as the driver transfers... it’s a shame that this game has so much potential yet the first month of release to me has been unenjoyable.
  2. GBPolesitter

    Classic car multiplayer suggestion

    I agree with this, spec races would be best for this. I guess they do it so all the cars get used and players can use what they want.
  3. GBPolesitter

    Audio loss

    Just lost audio when going to track for Q2. Had to go into flashback for it to come back. Console: PS4 Game mode: career Track: Bahrain I used the flying lap function to get out on track and noticed there was no audio as soon as the car was out there had to wait until the countdown had finished to flashback and regain audio
  4. GBPolesitter

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    Oh boy here we go...
  5. GBPolesitter

    Who is gonna start a new career after performance update?

    I haven’t started career mode yet so no need to restart! Can’t wait to get going though
  6. GBPolesitter

    Tyre selection

    This year the tyres aren’t marked with different colours. No matter what compound they are it will always be red is softest compound, yellow is medium and white is the hardest. For instance at Monaco I believe the C5 was the soft compound which is equivalent to a hyper/ultra soft of previous seasons.
  7. GBPolesitter

    Day one patch?

    I play GP mode and multiplayer but career and championship is just pointless with tyre scaling ruining the race
  8. GBPolesitter


    It’s the format of the series. The feature race is longer and features a mandatory pit stop the other is a sprint race is shorter and doesn’t require a pit stop.
  9. GBPolesitter

    Day one patch?

    Its just a bit irritating imo. Many of us are stuck in limbo waiting for the patches so we can play a realistic career with car performances. Not only that but anything less than 100% races are ruined due to tyre scaling issues.
  10. GBPolesitter

    Tyre wear scaling in qualifying needs to be removed

    Just jumped on and decided to do the F2 2018 championship while I wait for the performance patch. Bad idea. Set the race lengths at 25% for both and got round to the sprint race to notice that due to the scaling muck up in practice and qualifying I had no tyres less than 80% wear and would not be able to even complete 4 laps of the sprint race. This needs fixing as soon as possible it’s making the game unplayable for those who aren’t doing 100% races.
  11. GBPolesitter

    Inter-team Driver Transfers CONFIRMED for F1 2019!

    I wonder if when we get the 2019 F2 season added post launch those drivers could somehow come into career. Be great to see a retiring Vettel replaced by Mick Schumacher
  12. GBPolesitter

    HUD can be modified as you wish?!

    Awesome stuff! Must of missed this thanks!
  13. GBPolesitter

    HUD can be modified as you wish?!

    Hopefully the devs add it on console. Not sure what there stance is at the moment though.
  14. GBPolesitter

    Petition for HUD customization for consoles

    Come on guys let’s not feed the troll
  15. GBPolesitter

    Legends Edtion Career Photo

    These forums never cease to amaze me...