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  1. Looks incredible! I’m going to try something with my TV settings to make it closer to this. Currently Portimao, for example, looks far too bright and contrasted.
  2. A detailed description of the issue. When using a controller I’m finding that I’m so slow when going through hairpins due to the game not allowing me to put enough steering lock on even though I’m much slower than I need to be. It’s as if the games steering assist is controlling it too much. The assist is good in some parts but for hairpins and tight corners it is very restricting. It’s particularly an issue around the lowes hairpin in Monaco, the hairpin after the bridge in Singapore and the tight sections of other circuits such as Suzuka. Report Code N/A Platform? Xbox Series X
  3. My mistake, tagged the wrong CM staff member was meant for @RedDevilKT . Apologies.
  4. If the issue has been able to be replicated/ fixed? Having issues joining online sessions now too
  5. Thought I was the only one this had happened to and Id be stuck with it! Hopefully it gets fixed
  6. I came out of the F2 career mode and then sat on the menus until the new items came into the store. I then looked at it in store, went over to customisation and created a design 3. From there I then created the colour combination of white/black/red and then purchased it from the customisation menu which takes you into the store. Sponsors on the car were Kompass, Ludo industries, Avax and Xenon. I have not deleted any career saves as of yet and had not watched any highlights up until this point. This design is my third one on the menus. I just have the one driver p
  7. No worries at all, just wanted to make you aware
  8. Been and play tested the damage. You can get rear wing damage that affects the car but it isn’t visual. Same as floor and sidepod damage. Front wing damage is sometimes visual and has no effect other times it’s not visual but has an effect 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. A detailed description of the issue. So I just purchased the new Leaf livery from the item shop, customised it and set it as my new livery. I then went to see how the sponsors had affected the suit and noticed that I no longer had any sponsors on the suit and that my driver was now Carlos Sainz with his number and face but not his helmet etc. Went into time trial to fix the issue and it was displaying my name as Sainz. Report Code Platform? Xbox Series X Game-mode? Menus, time trial. What troubleshooting have you tried? Tried restarting the game, but no luck. Any
  10. A detailed description of the issue. When driving close to the car in front (Lungaard) the Richard Mille sponsor doesn’t fully render and flickers slightly before rendering in full. I have yet to notice this on other cars. Report Code XXTX-JSGT-CTJS-GGEF Platform? Xbox Series X Game-mode? Driver career Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. Added below. How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possible. Feature race of the F2 d
  11. I have this issue on Xbox Series X. Here’s a video to show it. I was initially in replay mode then flashbacked to in game and the shadow goes from crisp and sharp to a pixelated mess FullSizeRender.mov
  12. I got held in the pits for presumably straddling the sausage curb at the final corner of silverstone for floor damage too nice touch, Damage to the front wing doesn’t always appear on the MFD however and I’ve not had any floor, side pod or rear wing damage yet... Also before anyone makes a joke about straddling a sausage curb... yep I know... not my proudest moment.😂
  13. I can confirm on the Xbox series X controller the steering assist is rather strong. I know it needs a degree of it for it to be smooth and precise but when you get to a hairpin you can’t cut to the inside on exit or take a different line. It simply won’t turn the wheel enough.
  14. A detailed description of the issue: When driving into a braking marker board as you approach the stadium section, the car moves to the side rather than goes through it. Report Code EXBX-XAJJ-GKVE-GTJG Platform? Xbox Series X Game-mode? Braking Point What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. You can avoid the marker board of course. Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. Added below. How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicat
  15. Just out of curiosity what’s the changes in Abu Dhabi?
  16. The only line of dialogue in the race intros now is Davidson talking about race day nerves and the day you don’t have them...😴😴😴 No idea why they’ve removed the commentary lines for the race and other sessions... Braking Point must really be memory heavy🙃 In all honesty seems as if we’ve traded a lot of little features and details for a 7 hour non repeatable story.
  17. Yeah I did find the use of sponsors in the podium pass strange. Wouldn’t be so against it if they used partners such as DHL, aramco etc in the pass and then let you use them on the car but ‘licensing issues’ probably stops that🙃
  18. I think this year we need to get the ability to adjust the size of sponsors on the car, helmet and suit. It looks really poor when the sponsor doesn’t sit right on the car. Just allowing us to rotate and scale it would be sufficient IMO, I can’t understand why this wasn’t added after most of the community asked for it last year. Same with adjusting the colours on the suit and helmet independently of the car so it doesn’t clash. Would really love to see this patched in when the circuits come along as a bit of a quality of life adjustment.
  19. I would just mute it😂 I only watched the initial episode to have a look before the game was released.
  20. Of course you have to take compression into account. I just personally think it hasn’t been optimised that much. Shadows and textures don’t seem that much sharper. Game still looks good in comparison to some titles e.g WRC
  21. Exactly that’s my thoughts too. Don’t want to bash the game by any means but when you compare the differences in other games between generations it’s really quite poor.
  22. It’s the livery used by Aarava in his my team play through. Kinda wish I could have it.
  23. Would be nice if we could arrange the calendar in a different order and have 2 of the same GP
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