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  1. BlueSilhouette

    Glass ceiling and how to improve

    I only have set Traction control on Medium, other assists have been turned off. At the moment I'm focussing on Spain. What I feel is that the controller is vibrating in - especially - the fast corners as I struggle for optimal grip. Pointing the left stick forward while turning reduces this effect for a little (but makes it also a lot harder to make smooth corners). By this effect the car loses a significant amount of precise time. It occurs on all circuits, the exact way depending on the track layout. Any tips to reduce this? PS. Controller seems to be calibrated as it should be, given the settings.
  2. BlueSilhouette

    AI Difficulty

    Seems as a logic explanation. Which elements in the setup would you advice to adjust? So that quali pace will not suffer a lot, but the race pace will be more competitive.
  3. BlueSilhouette

    Glass ceiling and how to improve

    For over the years I have spent a lot of time in F1 games. Mostly time trials, I love to battle against my own times! Also in F1 2020. For example at Zandvoort, after some practice and custom setups, I improved to a high 1.11. Now the 'problem'.. I see other players get faster times pretty easy.. but I am stuck against a glass ceiling and don't see options to improve. What tips in setup, game settings, name it do you have that could help to improve? I play on the basic XBox One using a controller. In races I struggle against AI-level 50.. way to low for the possibilities and also experience that I feel I should have.. Is there something wrong that could be fixed?
  4. BlueSilhouette

    AI Difficulty

    That's my main struggle as well.. Some circuits I qualify on pole by +1s, but in the race can't manage to put it together.. A few laps will do, but as soon as the AI closes in, I'm directly lost. Thereby I think I have decent experience with F1 games. Used to race time trial most of the time and able to set some decent times. In the race I feel the AI level of 50 (and in which I struggle) is not in comparison to my experience and time trail times. Any tips involving these experiences in races?