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  1. FatalMistake465

    AI race start and team performance update??

    You wouldn't mind sharing your start procedure would you?
  2. FatalMistake465

    The Neeeum Car is not showing

    Wrong forum. This is for the DiRT games, you are talking about F1.
  3. Hi All How do I modify menu controls in DR2.0 on PC? Everything is fine apart from the game uses 'X' as the select button and 'Y' as the back button, instead of using A and B. Not a big deal exactly but if I can fix it myself that would be handy. I have found the folder with all the XML files, but have no idea which one I should modify. Thanks 🙂
  4. FatalMistake465

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    Yeah I know, that is a safe gap. Zhou and Latifi were almost bump drafting down the pit lane in F2 on Saturday. I get the feeling 2 wide isn't possible at the moment since the movement of the car pit lane seems to be animated rather than simulated. But for now ghosting cars until there is no overlap at pit exit seems like a good medium. Adapting to cars following you in to the pits when you don't use flashbacks is a little difficult. I usually run 100% races, and don't have any problem but it's the people that don't/can't play for that much time that will notice the issue more. I'm only suggesting a solution that will allow those players to get more enjoyment, and less frustration from the game!
  5. FatalMistake465

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    The thing is though, a 5 to 10 metre gap is still safe because many FIA grade 1 pit lanes are wide enough for two cars, as demonstrated at Silverstone this weekend in F2 and in the F1 with VER and LEC. Obviously there are a few outliers like Monaco, Melbourne, and the Hungaroring. If Codies want to start issuing unsafe release penalties in the game, then the player needs full control in the pit lane to allow them to avoid breaking rules. All ghosting would to is practically allow the same situation as VER and LEC in the game. I agree that it wouldn't be being 100% visually authentic, but if you're doing a 25% race and lose 10 positions because somebody followed you in and you got caught in train of slower cars, then that's not authentic either.
  6. FatalMistake465

    This is how ERS should work like in real life

    I agree. It's nice to be able to change settings, but its not as slick as it could be. Its especially fiddly on Monaco! I could be wrong, but IRL I think that the cars system can be set to target either a set SoC or SoC delta over a lap. It would be good if we could get that sort of system, where we can modify settings 1, 2, and 3. Say for example we could set 1 to be charge up 10%, 2 to be +/- 0% and 3 deplete by 20% per lap. Overtake would be on a button and hotlap would only be available in Quali with party mode. Its obviously very complex to implement but would be incredible. Right now, it just seems to be choosing the level of power that the hybrid delivers when you are on throttle, as if setting 1 is 100hp, 2 is 200hp and so on.
  7. FatalMistake465

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    To be fair I usually do full length races and that sort of solves it as there is way more variance in AI strategy, and there are bigger gaps. Its the casual players as well as those that have less free time that want to do 25% races that will run in to this time and time again. It's still a problem in full length F2 races, because the whole field tends to pit within two to three laps and the field never really spreads out like the F1 field does. I just think that the ghosting idea would allow things like Verstappen and Leclerc in today's GP to take place since the game probably can't support cars going down pit lane alongside one another (even if it doesn't look absolutely perfect).
  8. FatalMistake465

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    For crying out loud, as I have said, I won't follow cars in to the pits, but you can't adapt to cars behind you pitting when you have already committed to the pit entry. Sure, if cars are alongside my pit box dont release me, but when there is a clear gap, it's frustrating being forced to wait and watch your race go up in smoke. THAT is the bug here. For example, look at the gap between Zhou and Latifi after Dams released Latifi in today's feature race. It was less than half a car length, was totally fair and was not penalised, yet this game wants maybe 6 to 8 times that!
  9. FatalMistake465

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    Overall, this is a good game, its just a shame that it carries some legacy issues forward from previous titles that detract from the experience. This being one of them.
  10. FatalMistake465

    Changing weekend tyre allocation broken

    Are you trying to change it before you go to the next weekend? If so that is why. You have to select it in the loading screen between weekends I think. That or at least before you start FP1
  11. FatalMistake465

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    Yeah I get that. I will never follow a car or a group of cars in because it will almost guarantee I will get held. But I can enter an empty pit lane, only for a group of cars a few seconds back to follow me and cause me to lose 8 or 9 seconds at the drop of a hat. If it was occasional, then fine, it adds a bit of drama, but it affects most stops depending on race distance. Also when you time your stops to avoid AI pitting, you lose time anyway because you take too much life from a set of tyres. It just devalues the wheel to wheel gameplay which forms the vast majority of the game. Telling someone to stop moaning because they say one thing you disagree with is not what most people would call respectful. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and sharing it once is not moaning.
  12. FatalMistake465

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    Yes I'm aware of the unsafe release rule. But the game's safety factor is too high. The current situation is not authentic. We don't even driver the car during the stop. And that's fine, this is after all, a game. It's the feeling that I've lost places through a flaw in the game that is the problem here. I'd happily take a minor drop in authenticity for a gain in player experience. Teams will often risk it for track position in the real world, and cars have come out of pit lane nose-to-tail IRL and not been penalised. Currently the game seems to want a few car lengths between you and the cars ahead and/or behind. My solution of ghosting is just a possible way of improving the player experience, rather than causing them to needlessly lose hard earned places every time they pit. And a small word of advice, if you disagree with someone, do so respectfully, rather than attempting to belittle them by telling them to 'stop moaning, accept it, and move on'. A little respect goes a long way in this world.
  13. This bug has been present since 2010, but why is such a huge margin left between cars in the pit lane? Why has it not been addressed? During a 25% race I was 12th before a pit cycle, pitted ahead of four or five cars, but had to wait for every single one to pass my stationary car after the stop was complete! I lost at least 10 seconds to a car I was wheel to wheel with, and by the time everyone had stopped I was 19th! Can't cars just be released when their stop finishes, and temporarily ghosted if there ends up being an overlap?