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    Notice board in leagues

    she never answered your question because she does not develop the game and therefore cannot answer the question hence why it was passed to the relevant team, pretty impossible to "throw my weight around" in an online forum, i simply gave you suggestions to use while you wait for a response, since you read the rules i am very surprised you never seen the one about making multiple threads on the same topic .

    Notice board in leagues

    disrespectful to say the least, i gave you options in case your "SUGGESTION" was not added, but if you are running a league then you should be looking at alternatives not relying on a "SUGGESTION" being added to the game, most leagues use the "INTEGRATED" messaging system implemented into XBOX, PS4 ans PC to communicate and yes some use third party apps like Discord, but if you read my message i never i never said you "should download a third party app to talk to people in-game" i said and quote "just use group chat or discord" i merely suggested 2 ways you can communicate in the time being, now Faya already responded to you stop being so demanding on the team they will be very busy right now looking through bug reports ect so just move on instead of demanding more answers from them.

    Notice board in leagues

    I don't personally see why notice boards would be needed just use group chat or discord that's what everyone else does.

    Notice board in leagues

    *she* is not the person that implements changes stop being so impatient, what makes you think they "have to" answer your question, you made a suggestion that has been passed to the relevant team so leave it at that

    Notice board in leagues

    @PureDriving be patient, the forums are very busy right now with the game releasing fully today, i am sure it will be sent to the relevant person as a suggestion there is no need to keep posting.
  6. just got my email for Xbox thanks can't wait to help make a difference
  7. has the Xbox emails went out yet or have all emails now been sent?
  8. So an F1 driver doing laps in time trial on a game that isn't out yet isn't testing then 😂 OK....... I would see your point if it was a time trial at Baku but it was at France he was driving, all the F1 drivers are some kind of testers they are the only people who know how the cars should drive and feel which is a good thing people just need to be patient I would assume that we will here something maybe by the end of the week
  9. What and you think they don't have internal testing? They are clearly going through people's applications to find the most suitable testers for the job, but at the same time they will have a team in house testing the game as well as the F1 drivers that go and test the game Daniel Ricciardo was there yesterday or recently anyway I believe, also I do believe a lot of people leaked a lot of info about the beta in previous years so they may leave for good reasons, you really got to watch who you give the beta to some people here treat it as early access to the game Instead of testing it that is the people who ruin it for others.
  10. Normally by email but I believe that Faya will update the post with more details when the participants have been selected ☺