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  1. Tiametmardak

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I would like that the AI drivers do scandals before races or after. So they get race bans or something like that. Also manager mode would be cool. Engeneer mode also. So you can do deeper car setups. And get to make a design of how the car will look like the next season.                 
  2. Tiametmardak

    Difficulty settings

    I used to love driving on legendary difficulty on F1 2012. It was very realistic driving from the AI but not too hard or impossible. But 2013 legendary difficulty is ridiculous. I can't get inside top 5 in a Ferrari or a Red Bull. Some might say that I'm a bad driver. But how did I manage to get consistant podiums and wins on 2012 and not on 2013. And also tyre wear on legendary for me is so bad it makes me sick.