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  1. Thanks BigLee i will keep this in mind. It doesn´t worked out so well with other codemaster games at ESL but i dont know if the admins had contact to you in the past. Let´s see what we can do.
  2. That´s it. CM thinks comparing times in Racenet is competition. It´s not! Well you can practise and check times and more.. but we want leagues, livestreams, prizes, promote player and teams. Do eSport!
  3. I will have a look on RaceDepartment. I mean in my time as an admin at the ESL there was not so much response from anywhere to do anything. If only 100-200 playes would sign up this would be a hugh start. I mean LoL or SC2 are so big in eSport. I still dont get it why not racing. The community and the publisher has to do something to make it big. It will promote companies to host events or something and you have more interest in the game itself, and people see other people fight and want to compete oneself. 
  4. they did for grid 2 yes. i was high level player there.  but i also was admin for racing in ESL and atm there is no support anymore. because i was the only activ admin and i give up this position month ago
  5. Hey Guys, I just want to ask for something in the community and for every at CM. What do you think about competitive gaming? I don´t mean like hitting good times in a leaderboard. I think about leagues and series with prizes and stuff like other eSport in SC2 or LoL. I would really like to see something like this coming to racing games because you can really compete quite well here. Any suggestions here?
  6. Will there be an overall standing from all stages (single driver) ? 
  7. I want to say that StuntmanMike is having internet troubles, so i think we can upload pics but only if he gets a working internet connection. so maybe it will take until the morning. don´t know if you want to accept that or not. would be nice   good night mates
  8. Name: StuntmanMike24Team: EURONICS GamingStage 1: 2:29.313Stage 2: 2:18.336Stage 3: 53:691 Proof Stage 1: Proof Stage 2: [video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSaCbaB8Xp4&feature=youtu.be[/video] Proof Stage 3: Name: VaddaDeathcore Team: EURONICS Gaming Stage 1: 2:34.601Stage 2: 2:24.869Stage 3: 55:505 Proof Stage 1: Proof Stage 2: Proof Stage 3:
  9. i edited my post :D  what a pity
  10. how does team rating works? i dont understand it *edit* i think i get it. what a pity... If we would have knew that you rate team like this, DeviL and me would have posted our time also.
  11. Name: StuntmanMike24  Team: EURONICS Gaming Stage 1 Time: 2:45.035Stage 2 Time: 2:30.061Stage 3 Time: 1:14.697 Proof Stage 1: Proof Stage 2: Proof Stage 3: [video_]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9VP4j5MPeM&feature=youtu.be[/video]
  12. Name: StuntmanMike24  Team: EURONICS Gaming Stage 1 Time: 2:29.989Stage 2 Time: 2:12.655Stage 3 Time: 2:56.717 Proof Stage 1: Proof Stage 2: Proof Stage 3: YouTube Video *i had to edit this post because i couldn´t post the video here. so i posted the link
  13. Well we are quite a competitive team. So we would like to drive all, but if we get slower than it doesn´t makes sense for us. What i thought was, that as a team you can split the stages on your teammates. So if anyone is fast in a special topic he can drive that. Like we wanted to do. If this is not possible we will only participate with one driver. As far we have StuntmanMike24 which had in the past many WR in DiRT3 but was inactiv a long time. Thats why he doesn´t drive his WR times. On the other hand we have the europe master of Trackmania. But let them both drive would just make us slower.
  14. Maybe i can attend. it will be 9pm here in germany.  but i am a lot slower than my mates :D
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