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  1. AnthonyLee59

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Off-topic Discussion Thread

    You would think that the driver changes would be something that would be easily fixed...
  2. AnthonyLee59

    Next patch

    Also the rear flashing brake light thingies on the backs of the cars?
  3. AnthonyLee59

    Patch Notes for 1.06 – Discussion Thread

    Need to bring the laptimes in line with real world lap times...Pole in Hungary was 1:14... in game its something like 1:18 or higher.
  4. AnthonyLee59

    Turn off "tooltips"... Is there a way?

    But then I dont have access to important information like lap times or positions etc..
  5. AnthonyLee59

    Turn off "tooltips"... Is there a way?

    Nup..I couldn't find anything like that... There is a HUD modification section where you can drag various items on the hud around and make them invisible if you choose...but I still get a "tooltip" when DRS is enabled and press escape if I want to know more...
  6. I want to turn off the tooltips that appear all the time... like when the race starts and bottom right it says "Hold in clutch and maintain rpm" and also when DRS is enabled there is a "Help" screen that pops up.. I want to get rid of those things.