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  1. I have TrackIr working in F1 2021 on PC but it is very jerky when looking left / right or right / left. In the trackIr software it is running and tracking smooth but in the game its quite jerky and laggy..
  2. Im on PC with a wheel. Why would I need a controller? Oh! wait...TO TAKE SCREENSHOTS!! lol I must have one somewhere..I have 6 kids with consoles.
  3. That does not help me be able to take screenshots on my PC..please see my above post on why I am unable to take screenshots.
  4. So I guess nobody is taking screenshots on PC then?
  5. SO here is my problem.. I seem to be unable to map ANY button to ANY arrows that might make use of the highlighted section in the screenshot. I try to map arrow keys but it says I am unable to map them to a controller or anything that has a preset setting. (or something like that) I have tried to use the up down left right arrows on my keyboard (doesnt work) tried mapping them to my d-pad directional buttons on my T300 wheel..nothing. Can anyone help with this please? I am on PC.
  6. There does not seem to be an option to turn it off or on..just Medium or High but not OFF?
  7. Thank you.. I am trying to make screenshots but am unable to work out how to assign buttons to move the camera forward / back and left and right. I am using a Thrustmaster T300 wheel and do not know how to assign the buttons for this movement...can you help please?
  8. The one problem I have in taking screenshots is that I am on PC, NOT console. I have all my buttons assigned to my T300 wheel. I can for the life of me not figure out how to move the camera from side to side... I can move it up and down but not from left to right..I can not find anywhere in the control setup menu about assigning buttons for this. I can not figure out how to assign the camera to go forward / back / left and right. Can someone help me please?
  9. But the translation of the word "Turkei" from German (top of the screen) IS TURKEY!! Turkey.
  10. Under graphics settings......LOL
  11. This worked for me with my T300.
  12. https://androidgram.com/f1-2021-game-force-feedback-ffb-not-working-broken-for-many-players-fix-suggested-by-devs/ This fixed it for me.. T300 user here.
  13. Can someone please tell Codemasters that in 1964 a guy called Douglas Engelbart invented a thing called a "MOUSE" that allows PC users to navigate the screen without the use of a keyboard. 99.9% of the games I play use this humble invention to navigate through the menus in-game. Get with the times Codies! Please.
  14. Performance patch in October? So F1 2021 is being released early? Come on guys it cant be that hard to tweak the performance of the cars..Really..months and months?
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