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    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Off-topic Discussion Thread

    You would think that the driver changes would be something that would be easily fixed...
  2. AnthonyLee59

    Next patch

    Also the rear flashing brake light thingies on the backs of the cars?
  3. AnthonyLee59

    Patch Notes for 1.06 – Discussion Thread

    Need to bring the laptimes in line with real world lap times...Pole in Hungary was 1:14... in game its something like 1:18 or higher.
  4. AnthonyLee59

    Turn off "tooltips"... Is there a way?

    But then I dont have access to important information like lap times or positions etc..
  5. I want to turn off the tooltips that appear all the time... like when the race starts and bottom right it says "Hold in clutch and maintain rpm" and also when DRS is enabled there is a "Help" screen that pops up.. I want to get rid of those things.
  6. AnthonyLee59

    Turn off "tooltips"... Is there a way?

    Nup..I couldn't find anything like that... There is a HUD modification section where you can drag various items on the hud around and make them invisible if you choose...but I still get a "tooltip" when DRS is enabled and press escape if I want to know more...
  7. Got my email just now...Thanks Codemasters!! Can't wait!!
  8. STILL waiting to hear from someone on how I get back to using the DX12 version after the game has updated... ANYONE?
  9. Just wondering why there are no sub sections for different platforms? I have answered so many peoples questions only to find they are on PlayStation or X-Box as they have not specified which platform they are on! Cant be that hard to have a "console" subsection and a "PC" subsection as they both have unique game properties and different problems.
  10. Thanks for that.. I have tried using the DX 12.exe it starts but it does not show the "WORK IN PROGRESS" banner at the top..so I am unsure if its the DX 12 version or not. I have installed a 2019 mod from Race Department so not sure if that has a screen that overrides the banner or not..
  11. I am tending to agree with you.. I also play Assetto Corsa Competizione and the forums there are well structured with specific sub forums for different aspects of the game and the devs and moderators are constantly on answering people's questions. Codemasters seem to spend more time on Twitter tweeting about the REAL F1 than where they should be on here helping us with our problems.
  12. AnthonyLee59

    f1 2019 intro to game

    See this is the thing Ive been complaining about with these forums for years... THEY NEED A SPECIFIC SUB SECTION FOR DIFFERENT PLATFORMS OF THE GAME.. They need a console section and a PC section...this thread just proves my point entirely!
  13. AnthonyLee59

    F1 2019 Intro ???

    https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2019-intro.25872/ This one is pretty good..
  14. Beginning to wonder if anyone still reads or cares about this thread at all??
  15. AnthonyLee59

    f1 2019 intro to game

  16. Can anyone tell me how to get back to the DX12 version... My game has updated to 1.6 and even when i press the DX12.exe version its not working... THANK YOU!
  17. Anyone? Hello is this thing on?
  18. As of today my game has started to suddenly crash to desktop with no warning or error messages. The game will freeze for about 6 - 8 seconds and suddenly quit to desktop. Have verified files with steam...deleted hardwareconfig.xml.. limited framerate to 80 fps.. there was a Windows 10 update yesterday so maybe that's causing the issue... but I see that I am not the only one with this problem. UPDATE:: I tried the normal version of F1 2018 (not DX12) and the game ran fine...was able to do many many laps without crashing the game to desktop. Maybe its a DX 12 problem as there was a windows update yesterday I think. UPDATE 2: Just tried the normal version and ran about 20 laps no problems... ran the DX12 and it crashed to desktop before I got to the first corner. 100% a DX 12 version issue. Update 3: Seems no matter what I try I am now unable to play in DX12..I try using the DX12.exe but the game version says 1.6 and no "WORK IN PROGRESS" sign above... also tried putting the code into the beta spot for it and no luck... how can I get back to the DX 12 version?
  19. I too have the exact same problem... Game has been working fine for weeks / months and since yesterday..it crashes to desktop...no error messages just CTD. Have verified the files in Steam etc etc but still happens. Deleted the hardware config.xml..ran the game in benchmark mode and it worked fine... started a quickrace in Melbourne and on corner 2 the game froze for about 6 seconds then quit to desktop.