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  1. $500 for the XBOX ONE? Don't pay that! They are nowhere near close to $500...Lot's of places are between $329- $350 unless you want that silly Kinect. I think you will see them year around from now on at $350, at Walmart, Best Buy,etc.
  2. Yeah, one of the best thing I think in the game is how almost all of the street circuits are placed on real world streets. You can literally print screen the relevant part of San Francisco, Washington, Chicago, Paris and Dubai Marina from Google Maps and just highlight the tracks in Paint (I did :P). These five locations contain only minor inaccuracies compared to real life, like purposefully widened streets and some short fictional in-game parts to connect the circuits. That's pretty interesting...cool idea. Thanks.
  3. Ok,. Thanks...My mistake then. My apologies to CM. I should have done my research first.
  4. I am really finally starting to enjoy this game. There are so many "In Game" cars to buy, I don't bother with any DLC really. I really like how they all handle and sound different. Most sound really good, and my Fanatec Elite wheel feels really nice with the game. I love using the H-gate with clutch when applicable. So much fun, but not so fast.(for me anyway) The little things, which I think are kinda big things, really surprise me they get it wrong. One thing that really bugs me is when in Street mode in San Francisco, what I assume, is the one and only Golden Gate Bridge, (GGB) shows up pr
  5. I have played about 6 hrs on the 360 over two sessions since the patch w/o any freezing, but I just got an email from a friend that he had a session freeze today on the 360. UPDATE.... (12/8/2014)  In fairness to Codemasters.......after talking to my friend more, he has disclosed some more info. He believes the screen freeze was possibly XBL related. If so, that is good news.
  6. Why would anyone apologize to CM for all the aggravation that is 100% their fault? Geesh! That's like finding a wallet and returning it to the owner and think you have done something special. That is just normal. Nothing special about being honest, and nothing special about CM fixing all the headaches. It's CM that need to be doing the apologizing!
  7. Found it. Found the Mini JCW GP in Street. Thank you. I have not played in ages and lost my way around.
  8. Thanks, I still don't understand as I was using a car that I just bought from the garage slot...the ADC Presteza-14 (Touring) Oh well. I own a Mini JCW GP (not Challenge) but cant seem to find it when playing offline Custom Cup. It is in my garage though. What discipline is it please...Touring? Is there anyone that can use it in Custom Cup? I have tried Touring/ Classic Mini Cup and Mini Cup. It simply is not there. Classic Mini Cup has the Mini Miglia, and Mini Cup has the Mini JCWC. No Mini JCW GP.    Thanks.
  9. Thanks, but as I say, neither one of us were using DLC. (see excerpt  from OP below please)I will use the "NO option as you suggest. Thanks for the info on "Party Mode" Also since patch I am denied access to online racing, message saying "I don't have the Downloadable content", BUT I am using cars that are featured in the game that you can just buy by clicking on the empty garage slot, which allows purchase of the car with game credits. The one other player in the lobby (host) was using the same "game featured car" It would put me in the lobby, but could not join session. The
  10. I own the Mini John Cooper Works Challenge and when I go to play this weeks Party Mode in Racenet (GAS) the only car available to use is a Mini JCWC loaner. Why doesn't my owned Mini JCWC  show up to use? Other cars I own show up to use in the Racenet Challenge.  Also I own a Mini JCWC GT, which my friend also has, and it is in my garage, but will not show up in the game.....Custom Cup, or any other mode. It is as it is discontinued or something.   ????? Also since patch I am denied access to online racing, message saying "I don't have the Downloadable content", BUT I am u
  11. It's clear it's not a patch making its way to everyone issue now, that was ruled out after the first 24hrs :) The team are currently investigating and we are running tests ourselves. From the info provided Touring Cars is coming up a lot so we could have a potential lead there. @ Loore...my apologies, saying that  the freezing was definitely patch related. I  may have jumped to conclusions. Now that you mention Touring Cars coming up a lot. That was the ONLY discipline I played all night with the three freezes. (Racenet BTW)
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