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  1. I am really finally starting to enjoy this game. There are so many "In Game" cars to buy, I don't bother with any DLC really. I really like how they all handle and sound different. Most sound really good, and my Fanatec Elite wheel feels really nice with the game. I love using the H-gate with clutch when applicable. So much fun, but not so fast.(for me anyway) The little things, which I think are kinda big things, really surprise me they get it wrong. One thing that really bugs me is when in Street mode in San Francisco, what I assume, is the one and only Golden Gate Bridge, (GGB) shows up prominently on the track background. It is painted a whitish "color". I can't believe it is not the world renowned iconic orange. People that are from other countries recognize the GGB b/c it is painted orange! Being white washed, I am not even sure it is the GGB, as a US citizen for 55 years.  :o  If they would had made it orange, there would be no doubt, pretty much to anyone. It's almost as bad if you painted the White House red! LOL. Is it just me being anal-retentive? What do you all think? Like I said, I love the game overall, now that CM has got most of the bugs out. I think it is good solid entertainment and am glad I bought it for sure. It has a ton of content to keep me busy for months on end, but that GGB being white washed is crazy...no?
  2. I own the Mini John Cooper Works Challenge and when I go to play this weeks Party Mode in Racenet (GAS) the only car available to use is a Mini JCWC loaner. Why doesn't my owned Mini JCWC  show up to use? Other cars I own show up to use in the Racenet Challenge.  Also I own a Mini JCWC GT, which my friend also has, and it is in my garage, but will not show up in the game.....Custom Cup, or any other mode. It is as it is discontinued or something.   ????? Also since patch I am denied access to online racing, message saying "I don't have the Downloadable content", BUT I am using cars that are featured in the game that you can just buy by clicking on the empty garage slot, which allows purchase of the car with game credits. The one other player in the lobby (host) was using the same "game featured car" It would put me in the lobby, but could not join session. The host and I had our own private race using the same car. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Zebrawire

    @ Loore Beta forums?

    @ Loore,In curiosity, when does this "Beta forum" advance to a "Official" a  "Alpha" forum, and what is the difference?  Thank you.
  4. Zebrawire

    Bought car gone

    Hello to all. I bought the Mini Cooper and put sponsors on, painted and when online in Street /hatch it was not available, but it was in my garage with level 1. This must be another glitch?  I had a loaner Cooper, but not my own. I was able to use my owned VW.  Anyone else? I bought a second Cooper and was able to race online.  ???
  5. I noticed in Time Trial you can only use loaner cars. Is that correct? I mean, it makes sense, just checking.Thank you
  6. Zebrawire

    Preorder madness!

    Help stop the madness of unfinished games being released, by holding on to your wallet.  Found this also....... http://venturebeat.com/2013/12/10/well-fix-it-later-why-do-gamers-accept-brokenunfinished-products/
  7. Zebrawire

    Peak Performance Pack

    I have never seen this pack for the 360. The last paragraph on the page says it is available for the 360. What am I missing? http://blog.codemasters.com/grid/06/peak-performance-pack/
  8. Hello to all. I bought the Grid Autosport Limited Black Edition for the xbox 360. In the box cover is a phamplet with a 25 digit code. I am again confused. Is this  code for people who don't have XBL Gold can play online  Multiplayer (XBL) or for some extra downloadable content....like the Mercedes SLS AMG coupe Black Series and Ravenwest Liveries? It kinda says both. Thanks
  9. Zebrawire

    Collisions and Damage

    I am not sure how Collisions OFF and Damage ON works in Grid Autosport. Does it mean that if two cars are in a collision, they ghost, but damage effects the cars performance? Thank you.
  10. Zebrawire

    Chevrolet Cruze...glitch?

    Hello to all. I just bought the Chevrolet Cruze and raced  online with one friend and full field of AI on Medium. I have no car upgrades on it yet. I have NO assists on and noticed the car drives like it is on rails. I raced it on five different tracks, and I could drive full throttle weaving around corners that normally would instantly put me in a spin with any other car I have tried, and that has been a lot. It was so crazy, I thought for sure I somehow had put ALL assists ON. Not the case, I checked. Has anyone else noticed this? It acts exactly like ALL assists are ON when they are not. There was a similar car glitch in F1 2011. Cant remember the details, but it was patched after a couple of weeks. I think it was either a car setup when using Suspension set at 1-1-11-11 or it was with the McLaren car. All that does not really matter, it just came to mind. Thanks in advance for any input.  CORRECTION.....I did not buy it. It was a loaner, if it makes any difference.
  11. Zebrawire

    Online race by myself?

    Hello to all.   Is it possible to set up an online race in Grid Autosport by myself with all AI...no other real people? I have done it in FM4, but cant seem to do it unless I add one real person to the lobby.
  12. Hello to all. I have done a search and still cant figure out something that should be so basic. How and when can I buy cars? Do you have to get a certain amount of game money before they are offered? Where and when will they show up? I have the default VW in my Garage, but cannot figure out where and when I will be able to buy cars. I can't believe this is not obvious to me. I must be missing something obvious. Platform...xbox360. Thank you.
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    Hello to all. What is the little grey colored star/asterisk represent next to a players name after an online race? Thanks. :\">
  14. Hello to all. Can someone please help me with this..... I am registered with Racenet, and I can see my activity on Racenet.com in regard to Grid Autosport. When I click on Racenet in the game, it says....."Are you sure you want to unlink your account from Racenet"
  15. Zebrawire

    Unlock all content

    I saw a banner on Racenet I think that said I could purchase a code to unlock all game content. I am unable to find it. It said to go to GridGame.com....nothing. Please help. Thank you.
  16. I noticed on Codemasters Grid Autosport Official Supported Wheels Page, the Fanatec CSR Elite is NOT listed as a supported wheel for the XBox 360, yet the Fanatec CSR IS listed as a supported wheel for the XBox 360.  Also I noticed the CSR Elite WAS listed for all other platforms. Is this  obmission for the CSR Elite wheel a mistake, or is it truly a non supported wheel for the XBox 360 with Grid Autosport.
  17. Zebrawire

    xbox one

    $500 for the XBOX ONE? Don't pay that! They are nowhere near close to $500...Lot's of places are between $329- $350 unless you want that silly Kinect. I think you will see them year around from now on at $350, at Walmart, Best Buy,etc.
  18. Zebrawire

    Little, but big things that kinda bug me

    Not on the xbox 360, that I can tell. I sure wish.
  19. Zebrawire

    Little, but big things that kinda bug me

    Yeah, one of the best thing I think in the game is how almost all of the street circuits are placed on real world streets. You can literally print screen the relevant part of San Francisco, Washington, Chicago, Paris and Dubai Marina from Google Maps and just highlight the tracks in Paint (I did :P). These five locations contain only minor inaccuracies compared to real life, like purposefully widened streets and some short fictional in-game parts to connect the circuits. That's pretty interesting...cool idea. Thanks.
  20. Zebrawire

    Little, but big things that kinda bug me

    Ok,. Thanks...My mistake then. My apologies to CM. I should have done my research first.
  21. Zebrawire

    GAS Freezing

    What platform?
  22. Zebrawire

    GAS Freezing

    I have played about 6 hrs on the 360 over two sessions since the patch w/o any freezing, but I just got an email from a friend that he had a session freeze today on the 360. UPDATE.... (12/8/2014)  In fairness to Codemasters.......after talking to my friend more, he has disclosed some more info. He believes the screen freeze was possibly XBL related. If so, that is good news.
  23. Zebrawire

    My public apology.

    Why would anyone apologize to CM for all the aggravation that is 100% their fault? Geesh! That's like finding a wallet and returning it to the owner and think you have done something special. That is just normal. Nothing special about being honest, and nothing special about CM fixing all the headaches. It's CM that need to be doing the apologizing!
  24. Zebrawire

    13mb update 02/12/14

    Found it. Found the Mini JCW GP in Street. Thank you. I have not played in ages and lost my way around.