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  1. Shablam420

    What you want to see from GRID

    To add to above. Driving games should be better on steering wheel. Grid 2 was garbage, in general, but even still with the wheel. Why spend money on a wheel when you can drift better and faster on a pad. We don't want to drift. We want to race.
  2. Shablam420

    What you want to see from GRID

    Absolutely agree. You cant get a room together of proper racers because there is always that 1 person that will do whatever to win. Drifting is garbage. Grid 2 should have been named Grid Showdown. Not sure if I can chance another let down. Codemasters is going backwards with almost all their games. Cant host league races cuz no one interested in a demo derby league. F1 2013 is great but no one bought it because of damage done to all other codemaster games. May just wait for ps plus to give it free. Will rent it to give a try but not getting my hopes up.