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  1. Is it only a soud problem? Did you notice a change in engine performance? If not, This is very worrying, it would mean that the game is not really tested before its release.
  2. Bono00

    "Pars fermé" bug

    I have activated the "Parc fermé" in My Team mode but I can change car settings before the race. Is it known bug??? F1 2020 Deluxe édition on PC Windows 10
  3. Bono00

    Time Trials Bug

    Same issue here on Deluxe Edition PC windows 10 directx 12 vers 1.03
  4. Bono00

    Parc fermé not working properly

    I have activated the "Parc fermé" in My Team mode but I can change car settings before each race. F1 2020 Deluxe édition on PC Windows 10 vers 1.03 My team mod CSL Elite wheel The bug appears every time even if the qualyfications are in dry conditions and race too. Normaly the rules are that you can only change the front wing, fuel, and brake bias. Regards.
  5. Bono00

    "Pars fermé" bug

    No no Even if qualy is dry and race dry too, I can change set up. And if I'm not wrong if the qualy is dry and race wet you can only adjust wings, not suspensions IRL.
  6. Bono00

    "Pars fermé" bug

    Ok so we can report it. 😉
  7. Ok It works fine now with this new driver pack, thanks a lot 👍
  8. Thanks to follow your products during this strange period. I will try this hotfix and let you know if this help to solve the game crashing.
  9. Hi guys, can you tell me where can I find my speed trap in free practices???
  10. Bono00

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    Manual pit stop, It will be great if we have to possibility to stop by ourselves on our pit. Helmet View Real Tyres choice and not simply the 3 same choices for each Race. Fix the AI qualifying laps big improvement when you forward the time Manual Control behind Safety car There is a lot of little improvements that can make the game more realistic but first of all they need to fix all the bug that follows this game since the 2015 edition (For example, In French language enginier speak to me like I was a female)
  11. Bono00

    BUG on AI Qualifying LAPS

    Last test I made yesterday I was 7th after my first run in Q3 in MOnaco Only Riccairdo and the 2 racing point could pass me . I get out of the stands just before the AI, I block them in their 2nd run, there was only 50 seconds left so it was impossible for them to perform a 2nd lap, The session ends and they still managed to improve their time and I finished last of Q3 .....
  12. Sorry to come back with that, but the problem still exists since the 2018 edition. Whenever you advance your time in qualifying or in free practice, the AI goes crazy. For example, during the FP1 in Mexico, I made a 1.16.1, I was 7th. I advanced the time and at the end of the session, I was in 18th position. I restarted the session, I made a 1.16.2, 8th, I did not advance the time, I waited for the end of the session and I went on the track at the end of session to don't have the end session black screen, the result was I remained 8th. Whenever the game simulates AI times, they achieve incredibly faster times. The game is incredible but it's very borring to wait for the end of each session without advanced the time. Thanks
  13. Bono00

    BUG on AI Qualifying LAPS

    Yes I already do that, and it's really boring, I don't know why it happens, I Think it's due to an update since the 2018 version, because in the previous games (2015-2016-2017) it never never happened.
  14. Bono00

    BUG on AI Qualifying LAPS

    Avoid simulation ??? you mean Simulation mode for "Damages" ?
  15. Bono00

    BUG on AI Qualifying LAPS

    Sorry but f1 game is not so realistic. How can you explain when I didn't advance the time the AI didn't go faster????? From the begining To the end you can improve your laptime around 0.3 0.4 second not 1 or 1.5 second.
  16. Bono00

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Try in 50% races. It works for me.