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  1. JRBarmaz81

    Announcing F1 2015. [Blog Comments]

    Unbelievable!!!! - no safety car - car's setup limited - no carreer - i like pro season...but how many people can play this level?!?! And most IMPORTANT: why the f1's official game have the worst multiplayer system ever seen?!?! Hopper session mean that you hope to play?!?! Luckly the custom invitational lobby work...but...ehehehe... how do i meet people if there isn't a FINDER?! Genial!!! Next time i'll wait before buy a game the first day.and i agree with bommer...50£! PLEASE FOR US,AND FOR YOURSELVES, DO SOMETHING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!it's like a ferrari(toro rosso is more appropriated) with a simca's engine!!!!! For all the ps4 players my account is JRBarmaz81...join to race!