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Found 19 results

  1. The F1 series of games support the output of certain game data across UDP connections. This data can be used supply race information to external applications, or to drive certain hardware (e.g. motion platforms, force feedback steering wheels and LED devices). The following information summarises these data structures so that developers of supporting hardware or software are able to configure these to work correctly with the F1 game. If you cannot find the information that you require, or spot any issues with this specification then please let us know below. Packet Information
  2. My wish list for telemetry 1. like penalty, a warning field in packet 2 will be welcome. Actually warnings are send only via packet 3, if you miss the packet or it is lost on the internet you miss the warning. 2. I would like to know when a stop and go is did/paid by a racer. We know when he receive one (packet 3) but never when he paid one. 3. The full list of assist used. not only abs and traction. line, breaking assist, pit, etc. 4. On a lot of league where i work with, it's forbiden to put start during the race. To detect start i use a combo when i detect that the assists change
  3. On the topic of Delta. Just wanted to share this, as I see so many people asking about the Delta. And I know there are few ways to do this. I used to calculate the delta as an estimate based on average speed and distances between the cars. Wasn't very good. I know that some people store only leaders time and position and calculate the delta from that. This is pretty easy way to get the deltas. My solution This is what I have done in my tool: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/telemetry-application.27456/ The users can set the accuracy, basically the distance
  4. Here's an initial response to your requests: Add a new, separate event for warnings in packet 3. We’ve added this to our backlog Add a means of detecting when a stop-go penalty has been served We’ve added this to our backlog Provide information about all assists used (currently just does a subset of them) We’ve added this to our backlog Add a way of indicating when a real player is in a paused state We’ve added this to our backlog Add checkpoints to help with delta calculation Yo
  5. I already searched in Google and in the Forum but I found nothing about the delta... The problem is, that at the first page I could not find a value like delta. I think to calculate this you need to use x and y position in connection to the time of the current lap and the lap which is used as reference. That makes it very complicated to calculate and I thought there would maybe be a formula for this. Or is there another trick to make it more simple, maybe I just think to complicated...
  6. Thank you for your answer, but I mean sonething else (sorry for explaining it a bit bad😅). I want to calculate the delta live, so you see while driving a lap, how fast you are compared to another. E. g. You drive trough a turn and know instantly if you did it better or not as good as in the other lap. Another thing that would be interesting for me is, how to calculate the delta to the driver in front in a race. Sorry for these basic questions, but I am completely new to this stuff😁
  7. Thanks for all of the feedback so far everyone. We're looking into some of these issues now. In terms of delta times, we're not considering adding this in at the moment as the data should exist for everyone to do what they need. As stated above, delta time has so many different approaches and uses that it isn't something that we can add in to accommodate everyone's own use case. For example, there have been requests for the gap to the car in front, pitting delta, realtime delta used in Time Trial. Even something a simple as gap to the car in front comes with lots of design interpretation
  8. LOL Lying is bad and boring. https://forums.codemasters.com/search/?q=delta &type=forums_topic&item=50942 And go read this message who is PAGE 1 of this topic...
  9. Hi, I just started to play around with the data you receive from the game. I wonder if there is a possibility to show the delta of the current lap to the session fastest. Like in TT in the game but also for other sessions e. g. race.
  10. That'll be the confusion then! So we don't actually get the number shown on the in game dash, in the feed do we? We get: float m_fuelRemainingLaps; // Fuel remaining in terms of laps (value on MFD) which shows the delta number of laps/fuel +/-, but the number to it's left is not sent as far as I can tell, so needs to be calculated to replicate it exactly. Thank you!
  11. This isn't something we plan on doing as delta time implementation is a design choice that involves specific logic to evaluate rather than an objective piece of real-time data. There are too many different approaches to this to give a "correct" delta, so we will simply provide the time and positional data for the cars and app developers can work out how they want to interpret this.
  12. While I understand this thought I don't expect everyone to read all 6 previous pages if the official documentation still states: If someone would be able to keep his first post updated or include an FAQ with stuff like "what about delta?" then this thread would only be half as long.
  13. can someone point me to resources where I can find out more about calculating delta?
  14. still no delta time driver ahead/behind?
  15. While its true there are many ways to do this I would gladly just have the data that is already in the game. You guys have obviously solved some of these questions as there is a delta in game and now live gaps in the scoring totem top left. I'd be happy just to have that data passed onto the telemetry. Isn't that a case of just copying the internal values to the telemetry packet?
  16. Now, calculate delta time between sector time and best time for sector. I think that this is a good info. However, this doesn't work in Time Trial, because we don't have best time for sector
  17. I would have introduced for crossing the delta instead of a 5-10 sec penalty stop & go penalty which will take place in boxing or it will be added to you
  18. Is there something you'd need delta time for? Maybe there's something else that could provide you the functionality that you require.
  19. Hi, is there any possibility to have "DELTA TIME" in UDP telemetry ? Thank you Walter
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