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Steering Wheel






Found 8 results

  1. I had a discussion with my friend about 5 second stop-go penalty. I know that you can get it by hitting another car behind the SC but are there any other ways how you could get it? 
  2. Hello everyone, F1 2018 and Codemasters Formula 1 games in general are really good, plus there are things that would be cool and leave the game better and more complete, here is my list of these things !!  1- New physics, car suspension and post-crash: Whenever you hit your car, it seems that the suspension gets rid of the car and gets thrown on the track, and the wheel is only attached to the car by a cable, it would be cool if, depending on how you hit, the wheel gets bent depending on the beat, and it would be nice if we could break the rear wing, obviously it would not be so easy when the front wing, but anyway, and if after you hit and have terminal damage, , you would not be able to accelerate and you would have to stop at the corner of the track, and when the car would stop, you would lose control of the car and a flashback or the options "Abandon the race" or "Restart the race" would appear as and normally. In addition to that when you play or hit the rear wheel of a car, several times in real life the car that received the ring would run, but many of those times YOU ARE WHAT, in older games like F1 2012 the car you received the touch is that wheel, as it should be.  2- Career Multiplayer: Normally you have the normal career mode, you create your pilot and play against real-world bots, try to get points, victories, titles and etc, and if you want to play something minimally like the career mode with your friend , you need to create a multiplayer room, but it would be much better if you could create a real multiplayer career mode, players picking their teams, running, accumulating points, doing interviews and such.  3- Starting at Pitlane: It would be cool, depending on what happens to you in the standings, you can start at pitlane.  4- Official helmet customization: It's kind of annoying to have just a few helmet options available, even to customize them, it would be really cool if you could upload cape skins to use, and other players can see them on online matches.  5- Some more classic cars: It would be nice to have some more classic cars, like: Renault R29 (2009), Ferrari F2012 (2012), Ferrari F2001 (2001), Ferrari F399 (1999), Ferrari F310B (1997), Toro Rosso STR3 (2008), Toyota TF208 (2008).  6- The return of the classic tracks: It would be nice if the classic tracks, such as those in F1 2013, tracks like Magny Cours, Valencia Street Circuit, Imola and others were in the game.  7- Red Flag: I know that not everyone likes it, but it would make the game a little more realistic.  8- Manual Post-Race: Automatically when you finish a race, you can no longer control the car, it would be nice to be able to drive your car to the pitches manually. 9- Random Pit Stop failures: The name is self-explanatory, during a pit stop, there may be errors, disrupting your race.
  3. Hello Guys, I'm a bit confused in some way AI races in historical quick race modes. My issue is if I choose one of the '02-'04-'06-'08 cars the AI is always faster, i mean has better acceleration and better top speed even on 70% difficulty level. Cause it's a quick race or called grand prix mode I don't think AI uses spec settings for each tracks. Is it any way to figure it out why they are better? If I choose oldskool cars like 74 Mclaren or Ferrari I'm in party with them on higher difficulty level but with the old gen (2001-2008) cars I' cant be faster only in corners. Has anybody experienced the same?Thanks for the help!
  4. ShahRiyaadh16

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    Codemasters have created yet another unique game to add to their franchise. Formerly quoted as “the best F1 game to date.”  Codemaster has created a spectacular game with the help of its new  features, the return of the interviews, the development of the R and D tree, the development of classic cars, the graphics, the visibility enhancement and so forth. All of these elements have made this F1 2018 game amazing.  However, with every game there’s always room for improvement. In this discussion I will be stating a few ideas for the next F1 2019 game and I hope some of you reading will be able to give ideas to improve the franchise.  - Story mode, starting at go karts and making your way up through the categories (F4, British F3, European F3, F2 and F1). Gives a real life style feature of working hard, in order to get to the top.  - Crashes need to be slightly more realistic  - New and more realistic TV cameras when viewing or reviewing a race etc - New and more realistic TV camera views of the introduction to a practice, qualifying and race session.  - The people need to be more realistic, maybe EA sports can help. This year compared to last year it was pretty bad. Daniel Riccardo does not look like Daniel Riccardo on this years game. - The return of Thursday press conferences   - Being able to roam around the paddock area  - Being able to interact with other drivers whether it be on the track parade, paddock or racing facility  - The introduction of team orders, if your not in a world championship position or your driver number 2 you will be told to move over. It will hugely effect the atmosphere of the team, factory and it might effect the R and D’s, whether you decide to let your teammate by or keep yourself infront of your teammate - Marshals actually come out and clean out the debris instead of it disappearing - More analytical information such as, steering angle, speed across a corner, graphs and so forth  - Introduction of in game commentary for various languages. So like if you select your language as Spanish you will have Spanish reporters etc.  - More enthusiasm from the commentators, they sound dull compared to real life commentary  - Be able to open DRS fully. The DRS has two open flaps. One is at like 45 degrees let’s say and the other is at 90 degrees - Punctures need to be more realistic, they need to delaminate first then blow up and then shred - More first lap incidents  - Along with those rare big crashes in every session whether it be in the practice, qualifying or race session  - Be able to get sponsored or be sponsored and as a result gain in R and D points - Manually enter the pits  - Manually drive into your pit box - Be able to vary engine modes - Winter testing and in season testing. Not only would it enhance the performance of the car but potentially next year or next season the car could be at the back due to the amount of R and D points you have at the end of the season and so forth.  These are some of ideas that I had. I still have more but I want to be able to read other people’s idea.
  5. At present I have the McLaren Formula Wheel from Fanatec with CSR on XBOX One X which has several buttons a POV and paddles for Manual Clutch. Does anyone know if there are going to be any improvements/additions to the button mapping options in game setup, what’s the point of having all the mapping options in the game if you can only map 6, I would like the option to be able to have a pit limiter button, drs, rear view, menu, pause, fuel up/down, Radio Talk, ERS to state just a few. I had the same issue when I had the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. 
  6. RowanCrook

    Xbox One X Enhancements

    I’d love DiRT Rally to be Xbox One X enhanced! It would look amazing in 4K with HDR! Would you like this?
  7. Now that we know that the teammate bug and the aesthetic department of F1 2017 isn't going to be adressed anymore after we had to hold tight during several weeks of absolute radio silence and the fact that Codies still didn't give an official reply to the stolen '02 Ferrari model or to what they are currently working on to be patched, it seems as if the development cycle of F1 2017 is very likely "almost" finished leaving behind yet another year that will pass into oblivion. Truly sad indeed. What are your thoughts, will you be buying F1 2018 or do you believe that it's time for a boycott to give Codemasters a unified answer to their questionable practices? Let us find out together!
  8. Hi guys, I am currently having trouble with my wheel. I am pretty sure it is a hardware problem, something to do with a sensor. Everytime I turn my wheel left and then right, the first slight turn right (after turning left usually) causes my wheel (ingame) to turn left all of a sudden until I turn it a bit further right which then it corrects itself. I have a video of what it looks like on device settings. Whenever it jolts left, that is not me turning left, I was turning the wheel slowly. I'd prefer to not send it back and if possible I am happy to open the wheel and solve the problem myself. Here is the video - https://streamable.com/rx38h Thanks for any help in advance.