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  1. Anyone have any idea how I can actually play this game? Never played an F1 game before and wanted to try this so just purchased it from steam, can't get the game to start up no matter what I have tried, have looked on the internet for multiple fixes... Pretty annoyed because instead of enjoying a new game I've wasted 3 hours trying to fix it and still haven't even been able to start the game up. DXdiag attached Thanks DxDiag.txt
  2. Hi there, I recently purchased the game and when i start the game my wheel goes 'limp' and loses all FFB, and in a race I get no FFB either. I have tried turning all the settings to max, but to no avail. The wheel works fine in AC, DR+ DR2 so hopefully theres a fix for it.
  3. I cannot race on baku and monaco map in my team mode in the game. It keeps giving an error.Can you help me please ?. I'm throwing my log records for you. egodumper.log
  4. Hi all, I mostly play ranked online races & afterwards I like to watch the race back in theatre mode. However, recently every time I click on a race to watch the menu freezes (music stops & background animation stops) and a few seconds later I get an EGO dumper report. I'm not sure what to do, I always click send a report on EGO Dumper & I've also done a Verify integrity of game files on Steam however nothing has changed. Here is the full details from EGO dumper. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Hello, when i want to play my team i cant play every circuit. It crashes when the circuit is loading. I have this problem with every gamemode. i have already deleted the save data, but it doesn’t help. Does anyone knows what the problem is?
  6. I am an Xbox user and just started playing F12020. Everything was fine for a few days until today when I opened the game, all my teams were gone! What is going on? I'll return the game and get my money back if there is no fix for this because that's just ridiculously frustrating! Hours wasted; not doing that again!
  7. when I start my team my EGO Dumper shows my a crash so I send a report but after some time it's still not fixt.
  8. Next lap invalid is really unbelievable if was my next lap valid I take a pole position but start sixth.In this game track limits are terrible F1 2020_20210424234824.mp4
  9. has anybody else had the issue of their keyboard overriding their wheel base? just started happening today, while i'm driving i'll see the button shortcuts turn into keyboard shortcuts and my DRS won't stay open. i can see it having a conniption, it'll switch between button 12 and F repeatedly while i'm in a drs zone. i have a fanatec CSL Elite and i recently upgraded my pedals to the load cell, which i'm connecting to my computer via USB. i assume it has something to do with that, since that's the only change i've made to my rig recently, but i don't know how to fix it and i haven't found any
  10. FullSizeRender.mov1) unable to access multiplayer online 2) game version 1.17 3) game mode: xbox one series x 4) Unable to join sessions in either league, unranked and ranked mode 5) it always happens 6) Reset console, opened all nat ports, tried to switch accounts, changed connection types, reinstalled the game, on my account all settings were not locked 7) steering wheel 8)ALSO HAPPENS THE USUAL PROBLE M, I ATTACH THE FOTO. ... WHAT CAN I DO? FullSizeRender.mov
  11. hello, i have a Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel and my problem is that ingame the force feedback is set to the maximum but its still very weak, its only in F1 2020, all other games i have are working fine. It feels like im driving without force feedback, on the wheel i can feel the street a little bit but the effects are very weak and low thanks!
  12. When I turn on the game the screen is black. I can't click anything. No matter whether is it DX11 or DX12 i doesn't work. Reinstalling also didn't work. The problem first came up yesterday 18.04 when I checked the integrity of files to play online cause I was playing with mod liveries
  13. I was driving in an unranked lobby yesterday and crashed out of the lobby every 2 minutes and after rejoining straight again with the Errorcode CP7, session doesnt exist anymore. I then did some adjustments on my Router and connection and in another I got thrown out of the lobby, saying Errorcode SP40, lobby doesnt exist anymore. It only happened twice then in a timespan of 1,5hr but still annoying. I used the newest version of the game (1.17) and use a wifi-connection with enough capacity to handle the game. However my Uploadspeed really seems to struggle. It changes within minutes from <1
  14. I brought the Schumacher deluxe edition for $20 from the Sony PlayStation store but when I downloaded the game, I only got the regular version. Brought it up with Sony but after several attempts to give me the version I paid for, they told me to go talk to the publisher. Kind of crappy since I brought it from their store. Whenever I try to get the Schumacher DLC's it says unavailable because I already own it (which I dont ironically as I never got that part of the game). Just frustrating.. Any help from the publisher will work. I using a PS5.
  15. Hi guys! I recently bought f1 2020 and a thrustmaster TMX, i used to play rfactor back in time, so i have a lot of expierence. My issue is : My car lost all its grip in the middle of the corner, however, I use perfect speed, and steering wheel angle, my car just stop turn in the middle of the corners. I tried every settings and its doesnt work. If there is any solution share with me please! 😞
  16. I’ve just started season 2 in my team (late I know) but in season 1 I got a few podiums and a win whilst playing on 107 AI difficulty and got my car to about 6th best on the performance chart. Start the new season and my car is now 2nd best in performance, but suddenly feels like the car does at the start of season one. I’ve got hardly any grip, I qualified P19 at the first round where as my new teammate (Gasly) qualified P3. I couldn’t even complete the R&D programmes because my car was just way too slow so I don’t know what’s going on but something isn’t right because I was doing fine
  17. I just recently bough the game on PS4. I am playing MY TEAM all 22 races. I got to race 6/SPAIN and received this code 6 times. I reported through the PS4. I did the six hour full initialization last night. Finally redownloaded the 59+ GB game and attempted to load back into that race weekend and received this error again. I decided to start a different MY TEAM using 16 races and skip the SPAIN race. In the 1st race weekend it it had this same error code. I AM SUPER ANNOYED about this situation. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
  18. After patch 1.17 I can't connect to any multiplayer session now. I can join the lobby and select a session but can never connect. Same for leagues I have tried multiple network connections (home nbn and hotspot to iphone) with no luck. Any ideas? This is on PC using steam account
  19. I cant play, game always crashes i tried everything i found on this forum but it doesn't work. This is the message leaved by ego dumper [09-04-2021 19:35:24] - ################################################## [09-04-2021 19:35:24] - EGO dumper [09-04-2021 19:35:24] - processId=11472, threadId=984, exceptionPointers=000000000C9EF150, buildId=746942 [09-04-2021 19:35:24] - ################################################## [09-04-2021 19:35:24] - Suspending threads of process 11472 [09-04-2021 19:35:24] - tempPath=C:\Users\LUCAFR~1\AppData\Local\Temp\
  20. In my pilot career, I encountered this big problem When I start a season everything is great! but then the following season I have enormous problems with the ERS supply which in all the circuits in certain points of the track disappears for the ENTIRE race. I would like some solutions to solve this problem because I can't go on like this. Thank you very much .... I await your reply !!! I
  21. Hi guys, so I've been having issues ever since I bought F1 2020. I have a G29 wheel and basically, whenever I'm in an unranked session, the wheel occasionally freezes input into game, then jerks back into life (it'll lock in a straight line), and also it constantly feels really jumpy and twitchy and will slightly pull off to the side in short bursts every so often. I can't understand what would be causing these problems. I also use Assetto Corsa and have never experienced these issues on there or any other driving games. And what's even stranger is that in single player and ranked lobbies, it
  22. Hello, to everyone, im a PC-steam player whit steam, my game crash when i load carrer mode, i tried directx 11 and only can driver for a few seconds before a EGO dump Crash, in directx12 it crash before the Load is complete, i tried to reinstall the game, update all drivers, etc, My pc is an r5 2600 and 16gb at 3000mhz, whit an 3070, this is the EGO dump Problema Antonioikki F1.txt El puto fallito .txt
  23. I have tried deleting cache, turning off only-read, run as administrator, contact steam, EVERYTHING! i got messages saying about a problem about the dx12 app or something like that, no corrupted files found too, i tried reinstalling it multiple times, god please help me. pd: i tried checking files integrity and it showed like everything was ok. platform is PC, steering wheel is a logitech G27, i can't know the version, the problem started since i installed camera mod by G2_70, please let me know if i'm missing any information... if you need to dm me on discord: pain..#0739
  24. Hi, can anybody help me with my game? I play on pc(Steam) and when I want play multiplayer like as ranked, unranked or league, I can´t join to any lobby. I have still connecting session on my screen and then it give me a error. I try to reinstall game, verifity intergity of game and it still not working. Thanks to help.
  25. this is what’s happening I would like a fix as it’s unplayable right now it’s a digital copy of f1 2020 on Xbox series x this happens in real time in races time trial and in every other mode but the best example is in replay cam with multi coloured pixels popping up and black waves covering the cars I would appreciate a fix as i can’t play the game at the moment thanks it also happens in all weather as well.
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