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  1. After the weekly race USA...the time for the first was not good, i calculated manualy and i arrived at 24:24.875, but the system gave him 23:13.306, is average per tour 1:42 and me 1:38, i'm on xbox one, i finished 2nd but when the final board appear i was 3thd...mistery 😞
  2. I downloaded f1 2019 from xbox game pass but it does not connect to online services...
  3. I would like to get guidance on what I should do to get the sound of cars back in F1 2018, as the sound is gone.
  4. hi I just buy this game today, but when I install it and I can't open the game. it is black screen and crash. There is the same problem with F1 2018, I install the mod before, I try delete f1 2020 folder in mygames, it not work, and change the disk, install nvidia driver 446.14, reinstall the game, all not work. and I need to reboot the PC to close the game, I can't use manager to close it. PLZ HELP ME
  5. when i try to start the game, there is no text that says press any button to continue. When i manage to get where i can make my driver i cant see his face or anything else, also my pc is above the system requirements. Help would be very appreciated
  6. I cna log in and everything, but when I try to go into the MT it just says LOADING... and won't load. plus, I have lost all of my points, had over 19,000 now have 250. Uninstalled and reinstalled.
  7. My Friend came in at first place at last race at abu dhabi. But when he crossed the finnish line the game put him at the last place. After the race I manually changed his position to first place. But then all his points i the standings where erased. Can you help us with changing his points to the correct ones?
  8. Since a week ago, I can't play any mode that requires internet connection. The moment I join to track, my internet starts going slow and eventually, disconnects. It doesn't matter which mode I'm playing, free practice, qualyfing, race or time attack. Always happens. I don't know why, since all my PC games works properly, this one in special don't. I checked all my local archives and even updated Windows to it's last update, but the problem still getting on my nerves. DxDiag.txt
  9. In F1 2019, for some unknown reason my leagues got bugged and I couldn't enter any that were not created by me. Now I started playing 2020 and I have exactly the same error besides trying to get a friend to invite me to his league and it didn't appear as contacts. Any solution?
  10. I've been playing F1 2020 for months using an XBox controller and have never had any crashes. I got a G920 back in August and after using it for about 30 minutes it sat around until this week (that is because I have an L-shaped desk and had no way to secure the pedals). Fast forward to this week and I got a Playseat Challenge seat which I can now use to secure the pedals. Game has crashed 3 times now on me in the last 24hrs. One time it was while I was flipping through camera views in the menus, the 2nd time it was after doing like 15 laps in France and the last crash was after doing 3 la
  11. I did a 1:33.289 (I think it was .289 but it was definitely .2 something) last night on Sochi (yes I suck) and I know it was valid because it came up at the time saying 'fastest lap' in the top. However I had no delta time at all throughout the lap, only the green sector indicators above where the delta should be, for the whole time I was doing the time trials. The time came up in the session best lap times at the end with no black and white box next to it but when I went to the leaderboards afterwards it only showed an invalid lap. I had done many valid laps in that session and none of them c
  12. When I use my headset I can hear everything including Jeff, but when I switch to my sound bar I can hear everything fine except Jeff and the MFD sounds. When I go to radio output device its on main output device, I cant hear him through that. I can hear him through my controller but he is no where loud enough and I would much rather hear him through my sound bar. The only other option is headset but obviously that wont work using a sound bar. I have no idea why this has happened or how I can fix it, my audio is all fine but I just cant hear jeff, any help will be appreciated.
  13. Since playing F1 2020 on the Ps5 the voice commands are incredibly frustrating to use, probably only work 5-10% of the time? I’m not sure if its a Ps5 issue or just the headset issue. I’ve tried all sorts of different settings but nothing helps. Using the official Ps5 Headset. It basically makes the voice commands useless.
  14. Hello Recently I lost parts of the data shown in the superlicense, such as races played, wins, etc. Is there anyway to recover the data lost? Thank you
  15. During Split screen multiplayer offline, only when using F1 classic cars, the P2 Player starts with a lap of advantage: P1 starts at lap 1/5, while P2 starts at lap 2/5. I'm using the F1 2020 version 1.14 on PS4. The problem happened several times while playing in split screen, only with F1 classic, on a 5 lap race. I saw the issue only on the track of Austria so far. We are both playing with the gamepad. I attach a couple of screenshots: first one shows that the P2 seems to start the race with another car almost over it. Second one shows that after the race start, as soon
  16. Hi everyone, I keep getting this issue where I get a 'Migrating Host' message and all the people in the same lobby as me get disconnected while playing in unranked lobbies. It happens in practice/qualifying/race and with anyone that is hosting as well, meaning this issue has happened with different people hosting the lobby. Details: I am using a wired connection; I have tried using both Dx11 and Dx12 (in admin mode); I have re-installed the game; I have went around trying to find a solution but can't seem to find any and it is really frustrating because I wa
  17. The speed of the car doesn't reach what it should. My problem comes from the last update, without updating the car it managed to reach 300km now only 200.
  18. Hi guys, I just downloaded the schumacher edition onto my PS4 and when moving between time trials or finishing races, the game will get stuck on the screen 'connecting to online servers'. The only way to deal with this has involved turning the game off and restarting. It's incredibly annoying. I have both 2017 and 2019 and neither presented with such issues. It seems this appears to be an issue. Any ideas? Many thanks
  19. So, I've googled and searched with no proper result. Why am i constantly in spectator mode ? I join while 'in lobby' show, ready up - no good I join a qualifying session, no AI cars to connect to ( if this is even possible ) Am I missing something very basic, and if so what ?
  20. The Logitech G29 option button has no effect and same with hand controller. I have checked my new PS4 and updated software to 8.03. Need help.
  21. Hello I am playing the pilot career mode and when I select on my windows which device will reproduce the sound of the game no matter which one I choose, the radio and the dialogue do not work. And when I go to the audio settings and set the audio output from the radio to be the same as the one I am using, the one I am using does not appear, I have version 1.14. An error code appears but it changes when I close and when I open the game again but the code is ABPP-TJVT-GGDV-HTVG
  22. if you minimize and expand the game, then the game crashes. Steam. 1.13 [05-12-2020 23:32:33] - ################################################## [05-12-2020 23:32:33] - EGO dumper [05-12-2020 23:32:33] - processId=15804, threadId=16004, exceptionPointers=000000000014BEB0, buildId=704326 [05-12-2020 23:32:33] - ################################################## [05-12-2020 23:32:33] - Suspending threads of process 15804 [05-12-2020 23:32:33] - tempPath=C:\Users\Smile\AppData\Local\Temp\ [05-12-2020 23:32:33] - dumpFilename = C:\Users\Smile\AppData\Local\Temp\704326-20201205-233233.dm
  23. Hello! Hello. I bought this game, but I couldn't play it for a minute. As soon as the privacy contract appears on the screen, the game crashes and "Ego Dumper" appears on the screen. The game runs on Windows 10, I7-8700k and AMD Rx5700 Xt and 16Gb of Ram. I tried running the game in dx11 mode, to no avail. I have checked the integrity of the files and everything is ok. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here: I start the game using the "Play" button on Steam (dx12 and dx11). The game starts (both in dx12 and dx11 mode), but cra
  24. - Every now and then my controller doesn't have any vibration feedback. This is only on F1 because I have tried other games and it works just fine. - PC - 1.12 - Whenever the controller vibrations are needed - Yes. - I believe if I Alt-F4 the game in the menu, then try to boot it up again without restarting the PC, it happens. - I tried a different controller, another wire, a different USB slot, restarting the game, changing the settings on and off, restarting the pc and smacking the controller on my desk really hard. - Xbox One S controller - I can't
  25. Hi, my game always crash when i want to play splitscreen.(PS4) I play on steering wheel T150 but i tried splitscreen with two DS4 and it still crashing. Anyone have the same problem ?
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