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Found 8 results

  1. As the previous graphics discussion thread was closed because it seems it was too "clogged", I decided to unclog it for everybody's convenience in this long thread: So all the problems and bugs are clearly presented and easy to have as reference in case Codemasters decides to fix them. After seeing the game already on PC Ultra, I can assure first hand that all these issues are still present in the release version. Very noticeable problems with: Trees LODs Shadows Reflections Exposure, Contrast, tonemapping Textures loading over low res ones Pixelated textures on cars Flat lighting Is there going to be a patch on the 11th that's going to fix all these problems?
  2. jesped

    GRID Modding

    The ERP Archiver compatible with GRID 2019 has just been released at https://ryder25.itch.io/ego-erp-archiver/download/eyJleHBpcmVzIjoxNTcwOTEzMTk5LCJpZCI6ODM0MTR9.K%2bLak%2fIYkoFMZJFqv28uS7BFyT4%3d It allows to extract files from GRID's .erp files.
  3. Hi, I have downloaded and installed the 67GB Grid 2019 Ultimate Edition, and it will not start. Watching task manager, nothing GRID ever appears. I've verified the game files in Steam successfully - no problem found. Tried to run in -safemode as recommended by the README - nada. README next suggests simply deleting hardware_settings_config.xml, and it does not exist within the SteamLibrary\Common\GRID folders \ files, and I am unable to find it in My Documents or My Games. I note that the only exe file I have in the SteamLibrary\Common\GRID folder is Grid_dx12.exe which is not appropriate for my use as my system (Win7) only has DX11. Attempting to run Grid_dx12.exe produces a kernel error. Nothing in the system requirements says DX12 is required. What gives? Seems to me that my installation is incomplete despite the successful verification of my files by Steam ... Thanks
  4. Dear Codemasters, are you NUTS?! Millions of gamers still using Win7 as stable (not such as UNIX-based OS, but...) platform and DX12 not giving such pretty image and other improvements, if comparing with DX11. In fact, in march 2019, Microsoft announced that they will finally ports DirectX 12 to Windows 7. They already posted some materials on GitHub that could help developers. And how about Vulkan? P.S. I have one more thing to say: Codemasters, get ready for Review-BOMBING... Personally, I will not leave any feedback. P.P.S Sorry for my bad English.
  5. New ultrawide 21:9 or even wider 32:9 monitors were designed mainly for racing games, immersion they give perfectly increases sense of speed, it is a waste not to offer full support for it. Game detects wider resolution like 3440x1440 or 5180x1440 but: -lack of FOV slider (*except for cockpit view) -no HUD customization, all dials placed in center makes it barely usable. Without FOV option each view is stretched, with HUD elements placed in random places its a mess. So as for now game is designed only for classic 16:9. Hope to see some updates soon, thanks.
  6. You got the name wrong! Did nobody notice this before?
  7. masoncarr2244

    Grid (2019) on Nintendo Switch?

    I was thinking about Grid 2019 recently, and thought, should Grid 2019 come to Nintendo Switch sometime after launch? Why not? you can race anytime, anywhere. A Switch port would be great for Grid 2019. What do you think? Should Grid 2019 come to Nintendo Switch?
  8. Really looking forward to the new Grid game! Preordered already because I think it looks gorgeous and has everything I liked about the first Grid game and excludes everything I didn't (including Drifting, which I loathed, not a popular stance around here, as far as I can tell...) But am I the only one, after having watched some gameplay videoes, who's a little concerned about the way they've implemented this 'VIP Bonus' thing? I mean if I buy (and even preorder, in my case) the regular game, not the ultimate addition, I'd be pretty ****** if I see this little 'VIP Bonus - 0 pts.' after each time I complete a race... That's just a little too greedy from my perspective. I sincerely hope that this will only be a part of the VIP buyers' experience - NOT the rest of us.