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Found 15 results

  1. CatboykieLeague

    F1 2019 HSAL XBOX LEAGUE Season 1

    Are you looking for a league you can race in? Are you wanting some competitive and fun racing? Well you have come to the right league. Welcome to High Speed Apex League. Where we will be doing a whole F1 season with competive and fun racing, There is some requirements to this however. Join the Discord server. Send one of the head admin's the time you set around Silverstone. Follow the rules which will be on the #rules section of the discord. The race settings will be. Short qualifying 50% race Thursday at 7pm UK time Hope to see you all on track, Good luck 😄 https://discord.gg/6qUMCQ9
  2. iDramaticss

    CSR League racing sign up 7 DAYS LEFT!

    Xbox one CSR League still spaces left! every Monday 8pm UK time.
  3. Viper Online Racing is hosting a f1 season on PC! We are a new league and after having run a smaller series, it is time to host a big f1 season! We are looking for drivers from all skill levels as long as you are a clean racer. The races will be held on Wednesdays at 20:00 CET each week. With the first race starting on 12 February 2020. We use the following race format and lobby settings: · The race format is a short qualifying session, followed by a 50% race. · Manual starts only and no pit assist. · All other assist are allowed · Damage is on full. · Corner cutting is on strict. You can sign-up on our discord: https://discord.gg/8KPd7jt We will also answer all your questions there! We hope to see you on the grid! The VOR staff team
  4. On the 10th February I will hosting my next Formula season league. Every Monday 8pm UK Time. There will be a discord chat. I have 13 driver seats left with just under 2 weeks left. F1 Cars. Strict corners, 25% and short qualifying with full damage and race stewards also. The platform will be Xbox one. Teams Available: Racing Point, Red Bull, Renault, Williams, Toro Rosso, Alfa Romeo and Haas. Anyone who has a mate they would like to be a team mate with then by all means. Stewards will be watching closely for dirty driving intent so Bans and Warnings will be issued. Discord chat - https://discord.gg/2b9X9DN Get ready for lights out.
  5. iDramaticss

    F1 League drivers wanted...

    I have 13 seats available for my next competitive league On Xbox one. It will be done on Formula 1 2019. 25% Races and one shot qualifying. F1 Cars, Equal standard. Damage on full and corners on strict. Every Monday night 8pm UK time.
  6. ApexOnlineRacing (AOR) is a well-established league throughout the Sim Racing Community, known for providing some of the most consistent and professional leagues on various racing games. We strive to deliver a fair, competitive and high standard league racing experience to support out racers to become or stay Esports Champions. One of the racing games AOR organizes leagues for is one of the most popular rally games in the gaming landscape, DiRT Rally 2.0. It so happens that AOR has recently opened the sign-ups for the 2nd season of its official AOR Rallycross Championship on this game. This Championship sees you face off against other drivers on the same platform, in front of a live YouTube audience, over a period of 3 months. In these 3 months you'll visit all 13 Rallycross locations that are available in DiRT Rally 2.0 in the 2019 Supercars*. League Format Heats In order to accommodate for the livestream of every race, all races will be run in a separate lobby, with variable start times depending on the order and amount of the races. For Heat 1 the grid will be set according to randomized Heat Placements on the appropriate Event Schedule Thread. Both Heat 2 and Heat 3 will have their starting grids based on the results of the previously driven Heat. At the end of each heat, depending on the results, Heat Points will be distributed to the drivers based on their overall race time compared to other drivers, with the fastest driver gaining the most points and the slowest driver gaining the least amount of points. At the end of all Heats, the 16 drivers with the most total Heat Points will be awarded points, where the driver with the most Heat Points gains 16 points, and the driver with the least amount of Heat Points gets 1 point. Semi-Final After all Heats have been driven, the top 10 will move on to the Semi-Finals. The grid of these Semi-Finals will be decided as follows: All uneven numbers will be placed in Semi-Final 1, and all even numbers will be placed in Semi-Final 2. The only exception to this rule is when there isn't an officiator present in either Semi-Final. The starting grid will be based on the overall Heat Standings, with the highest placed driver in the Semi-Final starting from Pole Position. Once the Semi-Finals have been run, the top 2 of each Semi-Final will move on to the Final. On top of that, all Semi-Finalists will be awarded points based on their finishing position, with the fastest driver gaining 6 points, and the slowest driver gaining 1 point. Consolation Final After the Semi-Finals have concluded, there is still one open spot in the Final. To decide who gets this final grid slot in the Final, the drivers that placed 3rd and 4th in each Semi-Final will face off against each other in a Consolation Final, of which the winner advances through to the Final. The starting grid of the Consolation Final will be determined by the results of the Semi-Finals. Final At the end of the event, the remaining 5 drivers race against each other in the Final, of which the starting grid will be decided by the results of the Semi-Final. The winner of the Final gets an extra 8 points, whereas the slowest driver gets only 1 extra point. Drivers'- & Constructors' Championship Each event adds up to the Drivers' and Constructors' Championship, and as with all Championships, the one with the most points at the end of the all 13 rounds will be crowned the Drivers' and/or Constructors' Championship. If you're interested, feel free to sign-up here: http://aor.social/DR-RXS2 * DLC is not required for the official events, but is required to be able to practice.
  7. Looking for an experienced commentator for our Tier 1 races every Sunday at 4pm EST, 9pm GMT. Paid position, pay will be determined based on your experience commentating up to 15$ a race (For roughly 1h-1h15 of work) Interested? Join our Discord and message ISRL_Nightt. https://discord.gg/xyaJVDt
  8. Realnmk

    F1 2019

    Hey there! Are you interested in exciting Wheel to Wheel Racing with full and competitive grids? The W2W F1 2019 league is looking for drivers to join our community and create exciting and memorable races with us! Sign-ups are already open and will be until 10.02.20 Races will be held on monday evening 21:00 CET We will hold evaluation races so you can get to know some of the guys and to better understand your pace so we can put you in the pack closest to your pace! All tiers have active stewards and will be livestreamed and casted! If you'd like to know more or have any questions make sure to join the discord at https://discord.gg/yj5XY4q and direct your messages @Real or the @admin tag! Hope to see to you soon!
  9. VRL is an European based racing league mainly focused on F1 2019. It was created in 2019 by me (Lightcruiser) and some other friends. -------------------------------------------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/mnzu879 Sign ups have opened in our discord! Make sure to join! -------------------------------------------------------- Side Information: PC Only league! Main Formula 1 league (Wednesday's 20:30 CET / 19:30 GMT) Session Options: Qualifying: Short Qualifying Race Distance: 50% Quick Weather: Dynamic Session Start Time: Official Race Settings: Car Performance: Equal Parc Fermé Rules: On Collisions: On Vehicle Damage: Reduced Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car: On Rules and Flags: On Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict Formation Lap: On Race Starts: Manual ERS Mode: Manual/Automatic Assists: Allowed (Yes) or Not Allowed (No) ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes): Yes TC (Traction Control): Yes (Medium) RL (Racing Line): Yes AG (Automatic Gearbox): Yes PLA (Pit Lane Assistant): No PSRA (Pit Stop Release Assistant): No If you enjoy close, competitive online league racing and wish to challenge yourself against successful drivers, or if you're completely new to online league racing and wish to give it a try, then please contact us on Steam/Discord! If you want to know more about our league then please comment below! You can sign up by joining our Discord wich is linked below! -------------------------------------------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/mnzu879 Sign ups have opened in our discord! Make sure to join! -------------------------------------------------------- Or contract me here to get involved! Twitter: @LightcruiserHD Steam: Lightcruiser Discord: Lightcruiser#1553
  10. Overtake Racing League This is a brand new league eager to start its first season. Our main priority is consistent turn outs to races and clean and fast racing We are also looking for a commentator and a steward Races will take place on weekday evenings time and specific day is TBC Please Join the discord and complete the sign up form https://forms.gle/uYgFm5fDdbwXpNsp7 https://discord.gg/ZVDebz4
  11. LucarioF1

    [PC] [EU] Amateur Racing League (ARL)

    ARL is currently looking for drivers! This league is a new league that has just been created. It’s for people from all skill levels. All assists are allowed except for Braking Assist and Pit Assists. If you’re interested in joining the league feel free to join the discord server! https://discord.gg/c3QRBA8 If you have any further questions message me on Discord (Lucario#3859) Races are held every Friday at 8 PM CET
  12. If you would like to join our new F1 2019 racing league then complete this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfebjRuh1nNesgnhuNmxMVexcL3Ez2aDn2XvjOQbIqm2xVTUQ/viewform?usp=sf_link and join our discord https://discord.gg/ECVyWDu we really want to build a good community full of drivers that can race clean and hard. We aspire to be one of the biggest racing leagues available on F1 2019 and believe after this first season we can make huge strides and extend our platform for sim racers. We have simple rules we expect you to follow whilst with us. Discord Server Rules 1. No racism will be prohibited 2.No spam of chats, otherwise you will be muted until further notice 3.No arguing with steward or admin decisions 4.No immature post-race arguments 5.No private message abuse, otherwise if reported to admins you can receive a penalty, we see best fit 6.No pornographic pictures or language will be prohibited 7. If ANY child pornography is found, sent through private message or chats that has been reported or seen, the person sending such items will be kicked from the league Racing Rules and Information Race Settings Qualifying-Short (18min) Race-50% Formation lap-On Parc Ferme-On Damage-Full Safety Car-On Corner Cutting-Strict Weather-Dynamic Car Performance-Equal Ghosting-Off Session timings- Sunday 5pm UK ANY assists can be used for first season we are not having categories yet. Race Rules If you are going to leave the race for any reason, please retire the car then leave. If you fail to meet this rule it will be a qualifying ban for the next race you compete in. Other than that, you know how to race fair and clean and we expect you to do so. If you have any incidents or would like to deduct a penalty, then send a video clip of the incident through DMS to the server Admins.
  13. Du bist auf der Suche nach einer Formel 1 Liga mit Anfängern aber auch fortgeschrittenen Fahrern? Du willst Sonntagabend entspannt Formel 1 spielen ohne 500mal die Strecke trainieren zu müssen? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig! Die IRC ist eine Liga welche sich spielübergreifend bereits in der 5. Saison befindet. Wir legen natürlich Wert auf faires Fahren, wissen aber auch das jeder Fahrer mal Fehler macht. Der Spaß steht für uns im Vordergrund! Die Rennen starten jeden Sonntag um 17 Uhr und enden gegen 20 Uhr. Zwischendrin gibt es natürlich eine halbe stunde Pause. Wir fahren 2x 50 % Rennen und jeweils ein kurzes Qualifying. Bei den Fahrhilfen schreiben wir nichts vor. In unserem Discord kannst du jederzeit den WM-Stand sowie die aktuellen Quali- und Rennergebnisse nachschauen. Außerdem haben wir einen YouTube Kanal, auf dem Highlights(https://youtu.be/4kUpUkFJElk) zur Formel 1 Liga hochgeladen werden. Hier kannst du dir einen ersten Eindruck von uns machen. Wenn du Interesse hast, trete einfach unserem Discordserver bei! https://discord.gg/626Zf5X dort gibt aus auch alle weiteren Informationen und Regeln zur Liga. Hier erhältst du auch weitere Information zur Liga! Wir freuen uns auf dich!
  14. Hello I've recently started getting a few friends into playing Dirt Rally and we now wanted to try out the online leagues. After I set up our first event things did not appear to turn out the way I had expected them to and would hope someone here might have the experience to help me get this figured out. We had 3 stages and I figured I wanted to allow tuning and checkpoints for all of them so people could safely leave and resume another day at any stage. I figured I'd put a service area for the 2nd stage to see if that meant repairs before or after the stage. With the final setup looking like this: Well we were all surprised when upon entering the league we were simply thrown into the first track without any starting options for tuning or shakedowns. Once 2nd stage loaded up we did however get tuning, repairs, shakedown and "save and quit" button prompts offered up but they were all again missing for stage 3, which loaded right up as soon as stage 2 was completed. It seems weird that tuning would be tied to service area when they are both individually selectable. Is there a way to allow tuning but not repairs, can you force the pre-race set up menu to show instead of loading straight to the starting line? The setup offered by the dirtgame website were not very complex, so I feel like I must have missed something. Thank you for reading and for any insight you could share.
  15. RoastedBeef77

    F1 2019 PS4 League (UK/Europe)

    Hello there! I’m looking to start a racing league for F1 2019 on PS4. Let me know if you would like to join. As I live in the UK I’ll be accepting those who live in the UK or in Europe. Races will be 50% long. I’m unsure with the Qualifying as to whether i’ll set it to short or full. Assists, though I’m not 100% certain as to whether I’ll allow them or not, my preference is to not enable them. My PSN is RoastedBeef02 so if you’d like to join reply to this with your PSN and I’ll add members.