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Found 31 results

  1. I’ve bought the Super Deluxe Edition with S1 to S4 and downloaded all the content but in the events menu it still tells me I don’t have the Season Pass 4. It shows the D+ symbol and sends me to the Xbox Store. I can access the content fine in Time Trial and I can buy the cars and use the tracks, but not in the Events (Daily, Weekly, Monthly). Any way of fixing this? Best Regards.
  2. We are looking for commentators to join our commentary team for VFL F1 we race on Friday nights at 10pm UK time Console Xbox 1 x full time main Commentator 1/2 Co-commentators Experience doesnt matter, you can have alot or none at all. We dont mind if just starting out and looking for some experience at starting somewhere Contact me on discord Original96#2115
  3. Aparow3


  4. Looking for additional Drivers to join our Xbox National League Tier 2. Lobby open Sat 9:30-9:40pm, Race Start 10pm GMT Sharp. Also looking for Commentators / Broadcasters / Streamers Also need coordinators for our Regional League and also looking for Stewards within all our Leagues. If you think you can help out, then join our discord channel for Trans-Nation: https://discord.gg/RcKE6zR All these position are available in preparation of the commencement of our Leagues in January. If you do wish to drive in our league please join our discord and fill out our Registration form below. Please make sure you fill in all aspects of the form when applying. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1915qZx-i6APuZdYI_IRacjddCDJh7hB3Iw3Ez0nn8dA
  5. Race Spec F1 Esports F1 Regional Leagues - Season 2 (Tuesday Nights) Season 2 of the F1 Regional Leagues is launching on all platforms (XB1, PS4, PC) in January 2020, and sign up is now OPEN! With 10 leagues and more than 200 drivers involved, it's the place to race on Tuesday nights! The three F1 Regional Leagues include the Euro Series, Pacific Series, and Americas Series on all platforms (PS4, XB1, PC). Check the banner below for the Tuesday night race time for each F1 Regional League (bottom left), and the Championship Details (bottom right). Get involved through the link below and join the biggest cross-platform championship in F1 Esports! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP or JOIN OUR DISCORD Season 2 key dates 📅 Tuesday 7 January 2020: Pre-season testing and race at Spain 📅 Tuesday 14 January 2020: Round 1 - Australian GP What’s new for Season 2? With 10 leagues across all platforms in Season 1, we’re striving for bigger and better in Season 2, and aim to have at least 13 leagues. Season 2 will see the introduction of the Squad Championship, the biggest combined constructors championship in F1 Esports with more than 200 drivers involved across all leagues and platforms! More flexible race times for each league with the race time adjusted for individual leagues to the preferences of its drivers where possible. More race broadcasts than ever - Where there are multiple Tiers in a series, race times will be staggered where possible to allow for more race broadcasts on YouTube and Twitch. Driver of the day (DOTD) vote for drivers after each round in every league. The Squad Championship - The BIGGEST cross-platform championship in F1 Esports! Every driver who competes in Season 2 of the Regional Leagues will be allocated to one of the ten F1 constructor Squads to drive for them for the whole season. Changing Squads is not an option! The top 10 highest points scoring drivers for each Squad every round will have their points added to the Squad Championship. Each Squad will have an assigned Squad Captain who nominates one driver to be the “Double Points Driver” before each round to score double points for their Squad in that round. The driver who contributes to their Squad’s points tally the most over the course of a season will be nominated as the Squad MVP. A running total of points for the Squad Championship will be kept to see which Squad is on top after each round. With the introduction of the Squad Championship the team you drive for matters more than ever... When you sign up you'll be able to select your top 5 team preferences, so choose carefully as you will not be able to switch teams. Drivers will be allocated to Squads via their team preference submitted through the sign up form, with drivers getting priority based on their championship finishing position in Season 1. New drivers will be allocated by a first in first served basis. So get in quick if you are new! Squad allocations for Season 2 will be announced between pre-season testing at Spain and Round 1. So grab your mates and join us for a massive season of great racing in 2020. Sign up through the link below or join our Discord to get involved. See you on track! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP or JOIN OUR DISCORD
  6. Hello and Welcome. This is a new league in the process of forming a grid with season starting late January/early February 2020. (Date TBC) If you are interested in registering, please join the discord server and follow the instructions provided by the Welcome BOT. https://discord.gg/6aUc5k2 League details are as follows: Car Performance: Equal Qualifying: Short (18 min) Race Distance: 50% Weather: Dynamic ______________________ Race Settings Parc Ferme Rules: On Collisions: On Vehicle Damage: Full Ghosting: Off Safety Car: On Rules and Flags: On Corner Cutting: Strict Formation Lap: On Race Starts: Manual Tyre Temperature: Surface and Carcass (Simulation) ______________________ Assists Restrictions Braking Assists: Off Anti-Lock Brakes: Any Traction Control: Any Automatic Gearbox: Any Pit Assist: Off Pit Release Assist: Off Dynamic Racing Line: Corners Only ERS Mode: Manual ______________________ Day/Time Sundays Lobby 9:00pm Short qualifying 9:15 pm The race starts immediately after Qualifying ______________________
  7. UORDarkGhost

    United Online Racing (Xbox)

    Hello, I am the owner of the new racing league UOR. We have a unique system of Team Principles and driver contracts. We use this system to prevent much movement of drivers between teams so we have some form of stability. We race on realistic cars as it is a realistic league. If all seats are filled in F1 we have F2 to race in for the lower categories of racing. If you wish to join please leave a comment. We would love to bring you onboard into the UOR racing league.
  8. Another Level F1 are currently in its 4th season, preparing for our 5th and we always do our best to get things right for the drivers which can be explained in more detail on our forum. Season 5 officially begins in the new year, but you're welcome to try out in the remaining season 4 races before Christmas to get a feel for how things work, and if this league is for you you're welcome to register! We race on the XBOX. http://anotherlevelforum.proboards.com/ We run Full Qualifying sessions with 50% race distances, and the only assists we ban are braking assist and all pit assists. Our race days are Monday[Tier4], Tuesday[Tier 3] and Wednesday[Tiers 2 and 1] starting at 8pm GMT. all races are streamed live on Twitch, and archived on YouTube. Headset required, but not mandatory due to needing to hear instructions. Ability to understand English essential. All drivers will be subjected to a pace test before being placed in a tier so if you're looking for another league to join, then you're welcome to apply. Please respond here if you're interested, or visit the forum and message via XBOX gamertags in the information and we look forward to potentially racing with you !
  9. MRCJelleMelle

    F1 2019 MRC League | PC, PS4 and Xbox

    Dear reader, I'm Jelle from the F1 2019 league: MRC We are a racing league that competes with all class racers! We also work with different platforms. So do you have a PS4, Xbox or PC? You can always go to our league. We race every Monday at 8:00 PM CET Our league is also well divided into the different class drivers and there is always a demand for more drivers! Our moderators are always ready and we hope to see you soon in our league! Practical information: Website: https://www.mrcesports.com Discord: https://discord.gg/ZMW6VFT Twitter: https://twitter.com/MRCeRacing
  10. Hello, I am looking for people to race with in GRID 2019 on Xbox from at least 2000-2200 CST. Sometimes I am on earlier and later especially on weekends. I completed the career and would like to link up with some regulars for multiplayer. I am not a pro by any means and am just looking to have some fun with other people that try to be fairly clean racers. Emphasis on "Fun". Hope to link up with people soon. Xbox Live GamerTag: CarbonEvolution
  11. Fury Touring Masters: Start Date - 26th October Race Days - Saturdays 7pm Uk time Car Classes: Touring Car (TC-2) -Ford Focus TC-2 -Subaru WRX STI TC-2 -Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR -Audi RS 3 LMS Race Format: At each meeting we do 3 races with NO qualifying. The races last approximately 15 minutes each but in laps The grid for the races run like this: Race 1 - Random Race 2 - Race 1 Grid Reversed Race 3 - Event Standings Reversed Point Standings: -2pts for fastest lap in each race -Races (20,17,15,13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1) Schedule: 1. Silverstone International - 14 laps - 26th October 2. Indianapolis Road - 12 laps - 2nd November 3. Okutama GP Sprint - 19 laps - 9th November 4. Sepang South - 17 laps - 16th November 5. Sydney Druitt - 15 laps - 23rd November 6. Crescent Valley National - 15 laps - 30th November If you would love to compete make sure to join our discord here: https://discord.gg/vpKsnaX And make sure to fill out the form in #series-sign-ups to get registered! See you on track
  12. Currently half way through our season and looking top up our driver list due too few people losing interested, so have a few spaces available on both sides Xbox is currently in its 8th season with 3 leagues on the go Ps4 is currently in its 1st season running 1 official league and a reserve league. We run our leagues on fridays at 10pm GMT, short Qualifying starts at 10:15pm and a 50% race soon after If you are interested then please join the server links to which console you are on and sign up on the server. If have any issues and want to contact me Skype: live:e80898d9078882f6 Discord: Original96#2115 ------------------------------ Links to our f1 servers below Xbox : https://discord.gg/ge3ANhT Ps4 : https://discord.gg/fWyaYEk
  13. AndyJPeters


    Please any chance of Bringing back MUSIC Game, or MTV Generator , I'm still collecting all the old games back , but a modern version for console I believe with online it will be huge ,make creative videos and music is a educational game For all
  14. Hey Guys, I know this has been discussed multiple times, but I never found a clear answer to this. I'm using Xbox One S with the F1 Addon and F1 2019. I got so many Buttons, I can not use because some of them are just multiple A's oder X's. This RIM is one of the most popular RIM's out there (besides Fanatec Wheels). Is there any way how we can push this topic to Codemasters and Microsoft to get this thing solved? Really I don't want to spend thousands of euros atm for a Fanatec Wheel just to have more Buttons. Cheers Juvestar91
  15. New team started up that have 8 Xbox and 2 PS racers on F1 2019. Looking for drivers to add to our roster. contact me on dxtrico@outlook.com or join our discord on https://discord.gg/zjcHatW
  16. Gaz81

    Xtreme Two racing league

    http://www.twitch.tv/xtreme_racing_league The first race every from the xtreme two Racing league
  17. RACE SPEC F1 ESPORTS F1 2019 Pacific Series - Tuesday nights XB1 drivers wanted from Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Asia and surrounds to join our Pacific Series! 5 places available! Sign up and join us for Round 8 at France next week (September 17). CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP LEAGUE FORMAT Full F1 calendar in order, with one round each week until completion. F1 2019 cars (equal performance). Short qualifying. 50% race. RACE DAYS AND TIMES Races will be held on Tuesday evening local time, check the event banner above for the race time in your timezone. HOW TO SIGN UP Sign up is easy and takes less than 2 minutes, simply click on the link below. Or you can join our Discord server and sign up later. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOLLOW US Signed up yet? Once you have, follow and subscribe to our social channels to keep up to date with the series, including: YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter QUESTIONS? If we missed any information you want to know, or if you have any questions, please reply to this thread or contact us via one of our social channels in our signature.
  18. Race Spec F1 Esports

    XB1 Americas Series (Tuesdays) - Drivers wanted!

    RACE SPEC F1 ESPORTS F1 2019 Americas Series - Tuesday nights XB1 drivers wanted from North, Central and South America to join our Americas Series! 6 places available! Sign up and join us for Round 8 at France next week (September 17). CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP LEAGUE FORMAT Full F1 calendar in order, with one round each week until completion. F1 2019 cars (equal performance). Short qualifying. 50% race. RACE DAYS AND TIMES Races will be held on Tuesday evening local time, check the event banner above for the race time in your timezone. HOW TO SIGN UP Sign up is easy and takes less than 2 minutes, simply click on the link below. Or you can join our Discord server and sign up later. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOLLOW US Signed up yet? Once you have, follow and subscribe to our social channels to keep up to date with the series, including: YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter QUESTIONS? If we missed any information you want to know, or if you have any questions, please reply to this thread or contact us via one of our social channels in our signature.
  19. I run a team of 8+ drivers and we are looking for a new league to join. We are mostly xbox drivers but do have 2 ps4 drivers. Please email me on DxT_Hobo@outlook.com if you have space for us in your league.
  20. Hi guys, Anyone else having an issue with connecting to the online ranked sessions on Xbox One? I have played nearly every day for over a month, then on Sunday I tried to log in I couldn't connect, with the error (my best recollection of what it says) "Cannot connect due to multiplayer ranking statistics being unavailable. Please try again later". Every day since I have received the same error when trying to connect and I haven't been able to play since. I should state that I was kicked out of one session just prior to this, which I thought was unfair - I was coming last because I got taken out, but I was lapping as fast as the front runners. I got blue flagged even though I was an entire 2 turns in front of the leading pack. Please help!
  21. Is this achievement bugged? Mine has stuck at 96% but if I check the leaderboard for each circuit I have a time posted, including on each of the short circuits. I can't work out which one the game thinks is missing! Is anyone else having this problem? Faya, can you help?
  22. I have received a update/patch for FUEL on xbox one x, just wanted to know what was in the update, X enhancements maybe? I know that backwards compatability is over on xbox one, dose that mean enhancement patches are too? MW2 was also updated but that's for a different forum.
  23. We just did an unranked race around Australia with 16 or 17 people. All those outside the top 10 were allowed to change tyres in the menu on the grid but as soon as the formation lap started we were put back onto a compound identical to what we used in qualifying and our strategies were reverted to the default suggested one. (I couldn't tell if it was a fresh set of the same compound or the actual set I qualified on; the first time I checked tyre wear was after a significant spin.) In my case I qualified 12th on softs. The default strategy was a set of softs onto hards. I changed that to starting on mediums going to softs. When the formation lap started, I was back on softs. The guy in 14th did the exact same as me. The guy in 13th had qualified on mediums and elected to start on hards; when we pulled away for the formation lap, he was back on mediums. Lobby settings: Track: Australia Distance: 50% Qualifying: Short Formation lap: On Damage: Off Parc fermé: Off Safety car: On Corner cutting: Strict Cars: 2019 F1 cars Performance: Equal AI: No AI drivers Has anyone else seen this happen? I didn't find any similar reports when I searched. Is anyone able to reproduce this? We're going to try to reproduce this again later in the week but it's hard to get that many people together to test it. If this is a regular, recurring thing it's detrimental to race strategies for anyone outside the top 10.
  24. PumaSpec

    (XBOX) LF League Commentators.

    Over at http://www.spectrumf1.com we are heading into our 3rd season and are looking for 1 or 2 league spectators. You will be invited to the league and need a passion for League Racing, watching and commentating on each race and qually session. Qualification and Race one starts at 8pm on Thursday 8th August and then every Thursday after that. Hit me up on here if you're interested.
  25. Hi guys, I apologize for making a post generally similar to the one I did somewhat recently. But among all of the things I'm sure you're working on atm, us wheel users (those of us with g920's at least) still don't have settings such as Wheel & Tire Friction that PC players have had for....years now, that I was prayin would make it into DR2. I mean, I love love love the Dirt Rally games. Unfortunately there's no other way to play a rally sim, without having to sacrifice graphics, usability, and/or the ease of use and breadth of content. So I'm a bit stuck, and that brings me back to the ffb. I know from PC that lowering the Wheel Friction can improve the info you receive, lower the amount you have to fight the effects in frustration, and let you increase, ie, Self Aligning Torque so you can finally fight the wheel, and the stage, and car like Odin intended : D Oh, and lowering Tyre Friction would maybe make it possible for me to straighten out the wheel after gently correcting a huge lurid slide without somehow inexplicably causing that minimal amount of steerin wheel nudging to either fling me off into the weeds as if i had instead bounced the wheel off the lockstops in the opposite direction, pirate-style....or have to rip my wheel clean off the old table it's attached to. Which I've seen withstand not only my pitbull (moose) Jack launching himself onto it, but 2 grown human beings falling into it (I was definitely wasn't one of em ;] ). Yet lil old Dirt Rally 2 is too much for it, haha. I'm in a bind, is my point. This game is fantastic, but regardless of stages n cars added (thank you for Wales and the Porsche E>), a little tweak to allow us the option to simply alter the same parameters as our PC brethren would be amazing. Please and thank you, for everything! I'm typing this entirely on a Click N Type onscreen keyboard btw, because my keyboard can't swim for whatever reason, clicking on each letter individually. This took like 45 minutes to type out lmao, just to give ya some idea how important this is to me. Cheers!