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Found 7 results

  1. ShahRiyaadh16

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    Codemasters have created yet another unique game to add to their franchise. Formerly quoted as “the best F1 game to date.”  Codemaster has created a spectacular game with the help of its new  features, the return of the interviews, the development of the R and D tree, the development of classic cars, the graphics, the visibility enhancement and so forth. All of these elements have made this F1 2018 game amazing.  However, with every game there’s always room for improvement. In this discussion I will be stating a few ideas for the next F1 2019 game and I hope some of you reading will be able to give ideas to improve the franchise.  - Story mode, starting at go karts and making your way up through the categories (F4, British F3, European F3, F2 and F1). Gives a real life style feature of working hard, in order to get to the top.  - Crashes need to be slightly more realistic  - New and more realistic TV cameras when viewing or reviewing a race etc - New and more realistic TV camera views of the introduction to a practice, qualifying and race session.  - The people need to be more realistic, maybe EA sports can help. This year compared to last year it was pretty bad. Daniel Riccardo does not look like Daniel Riccardo on this years game. - The return of Thursday press conferences   - Being able to roam around the paddock area  - Being able to interact with other drivers whether it be on the track parade, paddock or racing facility  - The introduction of team orders, if your not in a world championship position or your driver number 2 you will be told to move over. It will hugely effect the atmosphere of the team, factory and it might effect the R and D’s, whether you decide to let your teammate by or keep yourself infront of your teammate - Marshals actually come out and clean out the debris instead of it disappearing - More analytical information such as, steering angle, speed across a corner, graphs and so forth  - Introduction of in game commentary for various languages. So like if you select your language as Spanish you will have Spanish reporters etc.  - More enthusiasm from the commentators, they sound dull compared to real life commentary  - Be able to open DRS fully. The DRS has two open flaps. One is at like 45 degrees let’s say and the other is at 90 degrees - Punctures need to be more realistic, they need to delaminate first then blow up and then shred - More first lap incidents  - Along with those rare big crashes in every session whether it be in the practice, qualifying or race session  - Be able to get sponsored or be sponsored and as a result gain in R and D points - Manually enter the pits  - Manually drive into your pit box - Be able to vary engine modes - Winter testing and in season testing. Not only would it enhance the performance of the car but potentially next year or next season the car could be at the back due to the amount of R and D points you have at the end of the season and so forth.  These are some of ideas that I had. I still have more but I want to be able to read other people’s idea.


    Hey gang! I am having a great time with Micro Machines, but I feel there are a few things missing or unbalanced. @ChristinaMc Recommendations: - Race mode with no weapons - Include additional weapons vs just a nerf gun and hammer - Online play really drags when you have to quit after every event. I feel it should instantly find another match for you with the option to quit, not force you to quit.  - Some sort of story mode would be neat. (Like the originals) - DLC - This is a game I would be more than happy to purchase additional content for. (Didn't know you could pre-order this through your site so if you want to throw those exclusive skins at me I wouldn't mind XD) which leads into my next bit.... - More tracks and cars. I know there is more than this, but I usually only see the same 4-5 tracks every time I play (races specifically).  - Server connectivity. I believe I have just about 5 hours in and I have disconnected during matches 8 times. Not that big of a deal, but it's always when I'm winning XD. I have 100mb Internet with direct line so I'm pretty sure it's not on my end :P. - It is very obvious that all the vehicles drive differently so I would love to see some vehicle stats when selecting your car. - Points - I'm not sure if there is a system in place since no matter what position I finish in I always get at least 3,000+ XP. I suggest having dynamic point values for each position finished (1st 3000 2nd 2500 3rd 2000 and so on) , the amount of people you blew up, style points for using short cuts (maybe),  and so on. Plus Side:  - I love that you don't have to wait for a fully lobby and can play against AI. - Drifting and controls feel great once you get used to the vehicle you use. - Vibrant art and fun track design Either way I am enjoying the game greatly. There just appears to be a lot of missed potential. We talking Mario Kart/party game with friends good potential. Best regards, NESSNESMASTER (XB1)
  3. Hi guys, I am currently having trouble with my wheel. I am pretty sure it is a hardware problem, something to do with a sensor. Everytime I turn my wheel left and then right, the first slight turn right (after turning left usually) causes my wheel (ingame) to turn left all of a sudden until I turn it a bit further right which then it corrects itself. I have a video of what it looks like on device settings. Whenever it jolts left, that is not me turning left, I was turning the wheel slowly. I'd prefer to not send it back and if possible I am happy to open the wheel and solve the problem myself. Here is the video - https://streamable.com/rx38h Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. At present I have the McLaren Formula Wheel from Fanatec with CSR on XBOX One X which has several buttons a POV and paddles for Manual Clutch. Does anyone know if there are going to be any improvements/additions to the button mapping options in game setup, what’s the point of having all the mapping options in the game if you can only map 6, I would like the option to be able to have a pit limiter button, drs, rear view, menu, pause, fuel up/down, Radio Talk, ERS to state just a few. I had the same issue when I had the Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. 
  5. Now that we know that the teammate bug and the aesthetic department of F1 2017 isn't going to be adressed anymore after we had to hold tight during several weeks of absolute radio silence and the fact that Codies still didn't give an official reply to the stolen '02 Ferrari model or to what they are currently working on to be patched, it seems as if the development cycle of F1 2017 is very likely "almost" finished leaving behind yet another year that will pass into oblivion. Truly sad indeed. What are your thoughts, will you be buying F1 2018 or do you believe that it's time for a boycott to give Codemasters a unified answer to their questionable practices? Let us find out together!
  6. Satine

    Forum Rules

    The aim of this forum is to encourage debate and discussion about Codemasters games. It is a broad topic and open discussion is welcome. Forum Guidelines Summarised These Forum Rules of our message board can easily be summed up with this statement: ‘You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this Forum to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violate of any law. You agree not to post any copyright protected material unless the copyright protected material is owned by you.’ These Forum Rules are clear and Codemasters’ Community Team does enforce them. However, these Forum Rules do not preclude a good debate, argument or some witty banter. We are more than happy for people to discuss matters on the Forum which will raise strong opinions, just don't ever express your opinions in an abusive or overly aggressive tone. High spirits are fine, abuse is not. Active discussion is encouraged, however spam or Post Count Farming will not be tolerated. If Codemasters’ Community Team feels you have overstepped your mark and broken the rules it will use its sole discretion to lock the offensive Thread, Comment or Posting;send a warning explaining how you have broken these Forums Rules; reserve the right to ban the user for a period of time or permanently; In more extreme circumstances we may: bring legal proceedings against you for the reimbursement of all costs on an indemnity basis (including but not limited to, reasonable administrative and legal costs) resulting from the breachfurther legal action against you; and/ordisclosure of such information to law enforcement authorities as we reasonably feel is necessary. We exclude our liability for all action we may take in respect of breaches of these Forum Rules. The actions described above are not limited, and we may take any other action we deem appropriate. Rules The following are rules of conduct that you must comply with when using the Forum. You must comply with these rules and any other instructions that Codemasters Community Team may give to you from time to time. If you fail to comply with these rules of conduct your Thread, Comment or Posting may be terminated and/or your forum and/or game account may be suspended or terminated. The Forum is moderated at the discretion of Codemasters Community Team. Please note that these rules are subject to change from time to time and for the avoidance of doubt in the event of a change in the Forum Rules by virtue of a localized version, the English version of the Forum Rules shall prevail. Children 1. You are not permitted to use this Forum if you are under the age of 12. 2. Use of the Forum by Children (those over the age of 12 but under the age of 18) is subject to the consent of their parent(s) of guardian(s). We advise parents who permit their children to use the Forum that it is important that they communicate with their children about their safety online. Children who are using the Forum should be aware of the potential risks to them and of their obligation to comply with these rules when using the Forum. Content Standards These content standards apply to each part of a Forum as well as to its whole. The content standards must be complied with in spirit as well as to the letter. Codemasters Community Team will determine, in its discretion, whether a Thread, Comment or Posting breaches the content standards: A Thread, Comment or Posting must: Be accurate (where it states facts).Be genuinely held (where it states opinions).Comply with the law or regulation applicable in England and Wales and in any country from which it is posted A Thread, Comment or Posting must not: Be defamatory to any person.Be obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory (also known as "flame baiting" and/or "trolling"). De-rail the original topic of the OpYou shall not use sexually explicit or harmful language including the use of misspelled or punctuated words to insinuate, represent any of the above. (Also known as "masked swearing").Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.Disclose the name, address, telephone, mobile or fax number, email address or any other personal data in respect of any individual.Infringe any copyright, database rights, trade mark or any other proprietary right of any other person.You must not re-post private messages on the Forums without the express consent of the sender.Breach any legal duty owed to a third party, such as a contractual duty or a duty of confidence.Be in contempt of court.Be likely to harass, upset, embarrass, alarm or annoy any other person.Impersonate any person, or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person.Given the impression that the Thread, Comment or Posting emanates from Codemasters or any of Codemasters partners if this is not the case.Advocate, promote, incite any third party to commit, or assist any unlawful or criminal act.Contain any advertisement or promote any services or web links to other sites.Contain links to other sites which breach any of the above.Use short messages for the purpose of moving threads up the Forums, known as “Bumping” or adding to your post count.Be made to "Name and Shame" other users or players.You will not partake in personal arguments with other members of the community on the forums. If you have problems with other members either resolve your issues in private via PM or email, or use the "Ignore" feature of the bulletin board system in order to ignore that person.You will not purposely provoke other people in order to start arguments, also known as "Trolling"You may not post information on game exploits or bugs that can be used to take advantage of any Codemasters online system/game, nor may you post any links to websites that contain such information. All posts of this nature will be deleted and the poster will be banned immediately. If you are aware of an exploit, please send a PM to a moderator or send an email to us at codem@codemasters.comAny posts containing links to RMT (Real Money Trading) sites/gold selling/account selling sites will be deleted immediatelyYou may not post any material that mocks, denounces, ridicules or disparages any religion, belief system, lifestyle choice, race, gender, sexuality or nationalityYou may not post multiple copies of the same thread across various forums or cross-post the same comments in multiple threads in order to get your comments "noticed".You must not "spam" the forums. Spamming is defined as the abuse of electronic systems to post unnecessary or irrelevant messages, or non-contributing postings.Please note that all postings must be in a supported language for the forums they are posted to. I.e. if posting to English language forums, only English must be used, etc. Any posts in languages not supported will be removed immediately. 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Staff will not engage in the discussion of moderation decisions or disciplinary actions taken against members on the forums or via private message/email with other members and ask that you do not either. Any threads or posts mentioning infractions, bans, or thread/post deletions or modifications, etc. are subject to removal and may result in further disciplinary action. Abuse, including trolling, overuse, or any other misdemeanour as deemed by the administrators of the peripheral forum features such as the poll system, tags and signatures will result in infraction points being awarded. Language Please note that all postings must be in a supported language for the forums they are posted to. I.e. if posting to English language forums, only English must be used, etc. Any posts in languages not supported will be removed immediately. 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By submitting the content to the Forum, you are warranting that you have the right to grant Codemasters the non-exclusive copyright licence described above. If you are not in a position to grant such a licence to Codemasters, please do not submit the content on the Forum. Making a Complaint If you wish to complain about any Thread, Comment or Posting, please contact Codemasters’ Community Team by clicking on the “Flag” sign found on each Posting. We will then review the Thread, Comment or Posting and decide whether it complies with the Forum Rules. We will deal with any Thread, Comment or Posting which, in our opinion, violates these Forum Rules, Terms of Use or Privacy Policy as described above (see section "Breach of these Rules"). We will inform you of the outcome of our review within a reasonable time of receiving your complaint. Thank you. 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Please also see the Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy at http://terms.codemasters.com for further information.
  7. GENERAL QUESTIONS What platform do the new Codemasters forums use? The new Codemasters community platform uses the Vanilla Forums, one of the world’s leading community platforms. You can read more about Vanilla Forums at vanillaforums.com. Can I still access the old forums? No, the old forums have been archived away and are no longer accessible. CODEMASTERS/RACENET ACCOUNTS, CODEM AND PAS What is a Codemasters Account? The Codemasters Account system is used to access all Codemasters online services including the forums and Codemasters RaceNet. If you already have an account with us for one of these services, you can log into the new forums using the same account details. If you do not yet have a Codemasters account, initially you will need to set up a new Codemasters account using this system. The new Codemasters Account will then allow you to access the Codemasters forums, Codemasters RaceNet and other online services or games that may be introduced in the future. I have a Codemasters RaceNet account already! Great! You can use your existing account to access the new forums as your Codemasters Account is your “passport” across all of our online services. I have a CodeM account. What will this mean for me? For now, you will need to setup a new Codemasters Account, just hit the “Register” link at the top of the forums to get started. What if my new Codemasters Account is banned from the forums? It's important to note that as you will only have one Codemasters Account moving forward, any penalties received, whether from an in-game ban, a forum ban or other misdemeanour on a Codemasters online service could result in your being banned from all online services. With that in mind it's worth thinking twice about what you're doing before you do something that gets you in trouble. Will I get to keep my existing forum name? Display names are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. The sooner you create your new Codemasters Account, the more likely you will be able to secure the name you want. NEW FORUM FEATURES Mentions To mention someone specifically in your post, you can put an "@" before their username. Mentioned users are notified so they can quickly jump into the discussion. What is ranking? Interaction, positive contribution and participation earn reputation and when certain levels of rank are achieved, you could earn more privileges and perhaps even become a super-user! Badges Badges are fun “tokens” that are awarded for crossing thresholds, or for fulfilling certain criteria. How many will you collect? Reactions Underneath each post are a series of small icons called “Reactions”. These allow you to share how you feel about other people’s posts and content. Positive reactions promote content and earn members reputation points. "Best of" The Best of page helps you find the community's best content by browsing a fun, infinite-scrolling page. Content shows up on this page if it receives positive reactions or if it is promoted by an administrator Notifications Just like on your favourite social media platforms, we have a handy notification system that keeps you abreast of anything that you care about happening in the community. Even if you haven't left the forums, there are in-page notifications at the top right to keep you informed about what matters to you. You can change these settings at any time by clicking on the Account Options in the top right hand corner of the page then select “Preferences”. Auto-save Vanilla auto-saves your content as you are entering it so that you can close the window on purpose or by accident, and your hard work will not be lost. Private messaging You can have private one-on-one discussions, or you can bring multiple people into the conversation. Embedding tweets and videos If you drop the URL of a tweet or a video into a post, the software will automatically embed the tweet or video into your post. Spoiler tags How do I cover text up so as not to spoil things for others? Simple, just use the [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] tags with no spaces. [spoiler]Ta daaaa![/spoiler] We hope you enjoy the new forums and tools at your disposal and look forward to seeing your contributions and activity shape this into an even more useful, helpful and friendly community. If you have any questions, just let us know!