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  1. GENERAL QUESTIONS What platform do the new Codemasters forums use? The new Codemasters community platform uses the Vanilla Forums, one of the world’s leading community platforms. You can read more about Vanilla Forums at vanillaforums.com. Can I still access the old forums? No, the old forums have been archived away and are no longer accessible. CODEMASTERS/RACENET ACCOUNTS, CODEM AND PAS What is a Codemasters Account? The Codemasters Account system is used to access all Codemasters online services including the forums and Codemasters RaceNet. If you already have an account with us for one of these services, you can log into the new forums using the same account details. If you do not yet have a Codemasters account, initially you will need to set up a new Codemasters account using this system. The new Codemasters Account will then allow you to access the Codemasters forums, Codemasters RaceNet and other online services or games that may be introduced in the future. I have a Codemasters RaceNet account already! Great! You can use your existing account to access the new forums as your Codemasters Account is your “passport” across all of our online services. I have a CodeM account. What will this mean for me? For now, you will need to setup a new Codemasters Account, just hit the “Register” link at the top of the forums to get started. What if my new Codemasters Account is banned from the forums? It's important to note that as you will only have one Codemasters Account moving forward, any penalties received, whether from an in-game ban, a forum ban or other misdemeanour on a Codemasters online service could result in your being banned from all online services. With that in mind it's worth thinking twice about what you're doing before you do something that gets you in trouble. Will I get to keep my existing forum name? Display names are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. The sooner you create your new Codemasters Account, the more likely you will be able to secure the name you want. NEW FORUM FEATURES Mentions To mention someone specifically in your post, you can put an "@" before their username. Mentioned users are notified so they can quickly jump into the discussion. What is ranking? Interaction, positive contribution and participation earn reputation and when certain levels of rank are achieved, you could earn more privileges and perhaps even become a super-user! Badges Badges are fun “tokens” that are awarded for crossing thresholds, or for fulfilling certain criteria. How many will you collect? Reactions Underneath each post are a series of small icons called “Reactions”. These allow you to share how you feel about other people’s posts and content. Positive reactions promote content and earn members reputation points. "Best of" The Best of page helps you find the community's best content by browsing a fun, infinite-scrolling page. Content shows up on this page if it receives positive reactions or if it is promoted by an administrator Notifications Just like on your favourite social media platforms, we have a handy notification system that keeps you abreast of anything that you care about happening in the community. Even if you haven't left the forums, there are in-page notifications at the top right to keep you informed about what matters to you. You can change these settings at any time by clicking on the Account Options in the top right hand corner of the page then select “Preferences”. Auto-save Vanilla auto-saves your content as you are entering it so that you can close the window on purpose or by accident, and your hard work will not be lost. Private messaging You can have private one-on-one discussions, or you can bring multiple people into the conversation. Embedding tweets and videos If you drop the URL of a tweet or a video into a post, the software will automatically embed the tweet or video into your post. Spoiler tags How do I cover text up so as not to spoil things for others? Simple, just use the [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] tags with no spaces. [spoiler]Ta daaaa![/spoiler] We hope you enjoy the new forums and tools at your disposal and look forward to seeing your contributions and activity shape this into an even more useful, helpful and friendly community. If you have any questions, just let us know!
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