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Found 10 results

  1. betts715

    New league coming soon

    I’m new on the forums but I’m not when playing f1 games been competing in league racing since f1 2016 first with asr now with TransNationeSports and I’ve made an account to promote the league I will be working on, Will start as one category for first season as I don’t know how many drivers I will be able to get and I need to workout what I wanna run it like, feel free to follow me so you don’t miss the openings if your interested and follow my Instagram bbetts1 or message me on play station 4, most likely it will be based ondiscord as it’s free and a gd app
  2. BennyF1

    R&D System 2019

    Is it just me or is the R&D system way too fast this year? I mean a maxed out Alfa Romeo at the end of season two (5 seconds faster compared to beginning of season one)?! Why should I play the other eight seasons? 2018 was also that fast... but the R&D system from 2017 was perfect... they should add an option where you can choose between "quick", "regular" and "realistic" for the R&D system. Besides all the great improvements they made for carreer mode.. this really annoys me.
  3. So i noticed that putting a quali time on the board in the week events when using some assists adds seconds to that time. So lets say i drive a 1 minute 50 then it wil be on the board as 1 minute 52. Why this and not just give points for the time and subtract points for the assists used. Instead of changing the time. That would make it easier to compare the times on the board.
  4. PixelVagabond

    F1 2019 Photomode

    Now that patch 1.05 fixes the shutterspeed issue here's my first photo.
  5. I really hope so, some of them are pretty ridiculous, even for my suspended disbelief.
  6. Hello all! Chicane Online Racing is a well established online racing community rapidly approaching our 7th Season on the Codemasters F1 games! Sunday 21st July marks our opening race for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. I am looking for drivers to fill the grid of our Tier 3 league. This is the league for everyone, and allows most assists! Tier 3 is all about giving people who have been rejected from other leagues due to pace and/or assists and giving them an opportunity to get out of ranked lobbies and into a competitive environment. In Tier 3, the following assists are allowed; - Braking Assist - OFF - ABS - On - Traction Control - Medium - Racing Line - Allowed (Corners only) - Gearbox - Manual (With suggested gears if required) - Pit Assist and release - off - ERS Mode - Automatic Our schedule is a full F1 calendar starting on Sunday July 21st. Each race is two weeks apart but there is a few double headers. Each race starts at 7PM UK time for all 60 drivers from each tier. If this sounds like something you want to take part in, then please join our Discord Channel and we can give you more information, and get you set up for the season ahead! Link - https://discord.gg/SSQpw9z When joined, please ask for an F1 Moderator and we will assist you. I look forward to meeting you! Thanks. Jamie.
  7. Codemasters please tell me you have thought of visual bodywork customisation for the multiplayer car? They really look kinda basic right now. Not up to the standard of the top teams this year. Imagine being able to buy a front wing that’s a bit like a sauber and rear wings with different slots and various bargeboards and sidepods etc... It would make for greater customisation and also works as another avenue for the microtransactions.
  8. Hallo F1-Communitiy! Wir von der Katzes Racing League suchen für unsere F1 2019 - Saison nach weiteren Fahrern welche Lust haben regelmäßig an unserer Rennen teilzunehmen. Seit F1 2016 fahren wir nun jährlich eine Saison in welcher wir auf fairnis, spannende Zweikämpfe und stets auf eine volle Lobby einiges an Wert legen! Unsere Community wächst seit dem ersten Rennen langsam aber stetig an und umfasst derzeit etwa 50 Mitglieder aufgeteilt auf 2 Ligen. Dennoch legen wir unser Augenmerk zu 100% mehr auf die Quali- anstatt Quantität. Wenn du bei uns mitfahren möchtest solltest du mindestens 15 Jahre alt sein, über ein Headset sowie Lenkrad oder Controller verfügen und Sonntags ab 19:00 Uhr für ein 50% Rennen mit kurzer Qualifikation Zeit haben. Das bietet dir die Katzes Racing League: Einen YouTube-Channel mit allen Rennen sowie Qualifikationen von Liga 1. Livestreams der Rennen unserer Liga 2. Ein durch unsere Reservefahrer dauerhaft volles Fahrerfeld Einen 40 Slot Teamspeak 3 Server zur Kommunikation Eine eigene Rennleitung der echten F1 nachempfundene Rennleitung Regelmäßige Wettkämpfe mit anderen deutschsprachigen Ligen. Faires, spannendes und zweikampflastiges Racing über eine volle Saison. freiwillige Trainings vor den Rennwochenenden Eine erfahrene und hilfsbereite Liga und Administration Wenn dir dies zusagt solltest du noch mit unseren Fahrhilfen konform gehen. Bremsassistent: Aus ABS: Aus Traktionskontrolle: Mittel Getriebe: Automatik Boxenstop-Assistent/Freigabe-Assistent: Aus dynamische Ideallinie: Kurven ERS-Modus: Manuell Wenn wir dich überzeugen konnten würden wir uns über eine Bewerbung mittels Kommentar unter dem Post oder >>adden<< auf Steam sehr freuen! Bis dahin allzeit gute Rundenzeiten!
  9. Overfl0w

    F1 2019 Images

    F1 2019 is being shown in an event, this are the images that are leaking to Twitter. Will be updating with more images if I see them. Theater mode + Super License and Leagues: New office (Sponsors in Helmets??): Multiplayer Customization: New meeting room?: Cockpit Cam (HUD update, improved graphics and ¿more info in steering wheel screen?): F1 Legends Edition includes: - Senna and Prost - Their cars - 8 invitational events in the career - 2 themed multiplayer liveries Main menu? (thx to @AORGrzesiu for commenting it): Open Career?: Different HUD color depending on the car: F1 2019 Gameplay Onboard in this channel: (F1 and F2) https://www.youtube.com/user/f1fanatic2
  10. TheSevillista87

    F1 2019 Cover Concept

    Hi guys. After the "big announcement" of F1 2019 (including the covers), I decided to make some concepts about how the cover would have done. Following the style and colors used this year by Codemasters, I made some changes to the concept. I added the Hamilton and Vettel cars, reflecting the rivalry of both this year as we saw in the past. These cars are kept in the rest of covers of different countries, although it could do in a V2 the cover of each country with different cars, depending on the country and its local driver. I hope you like these concepts, the whole project is in my Behance profile. I would appreciate a constructive opinion to try to improve in future projects. Here some covers that I made: (These concepts are made by me without the intention of obtaining income with it, I only do them by hobbie).