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  1. Hi there, I have an issue with my Thrustmaster T500RS wheel. I can´t connect it with the game on the PS5. I also tried it with the F1 Wheel add-on without success. On the PS4 it is working. Any idea how I can connect this wheel in the PS5 game? Thanks
  2. - Every now and then my controller doesn't have any vibration feedback. This is only on F1 because I have tried other games and it works just fine. - PC - 1.12 - Whenever the controller vibrations are needed - Yes. - I believe if I Alt-F4 the game in the menu, then try to boot it up again without restarting the PC, it happens. - I tried a different controller, another wire, a different USB slot, restarting the game, changing the settings on and off, restarting the pc and smacking the controller on my desk really hard. - Xbox One S controller - I can't
  3. Delta time display turn on all the time. I must disable it in sessions. When I launch the game, it's disabled in global settings. If I lauch time attack, it's turned on again. PC Any mode
  4. Whenever i start the game i gives me a pink screen. after that i can start the game by pressing the buttons but i won't actually work. it's just a black screen with some lines. I already redownloaded the game but it didn't help. Does somebody know what to do?
  5. Antes de la actualizacion 1.12 el juego me iba muy bien y nunca tenia problema para jugar, desde la actualizacion es imposible jugar, a los pocos minutos el juego crashea, me sale ego dumper y se me cierra, llevo varios dias intentandolo, y no es problema de mi pc porque es nuevo, porfavor arreglarlo
  6. My game keeps crashing after the new patch im not sure why it was alright up to about 2 days ago and now i cant play for more than 5 minutes without it crashing i have verified game files and reinstalled and it is not helping
  7. G920 Throttle and Brake are Inverted Axis..... How do I get them Flipped? In many other games and simulators (MSFS2020 included) you do this right in the game.... It can't be adjusted in Logitech G Hub either.
  8. I’ve just bought the game and it is updated to the last version (1.08.80417). When going to race, in both career and time trial, the downshift is not working. first in the left paddle shift, that is the default, and also mapping to other button that was working, such as L2, L3 and even X. Neither handle the shift down to work. As this is not a crash, there is no error message returned. This happens when the PS4 controller is also turned on (to allow the use of headsets). Turning off the controller the shift down works. For reference, this behaviour is not observed in F1 2020.
  9. No matter how many times I re-install the language pack for voice control, it doesn't work. I've verified game data and set up speech recognition, Anybody got a fix?
  10. Have been trying to complete the f1 2021 series challenges for the emote but the Solo series challenge “take 3 pole positions in Grand Prix mode” doesn’t seem to be working on Xbox series s. I have tried different quali lengths tracks and drivers but can’t seem to get it to work. Does anyone else have this problem?
  11. A detailed description of the issue: After completing a 5 lap race, I got a game crash. The moment the game notices the disconnect, I get a 5 second time penalty for ignoring yellow flags. Report Code - not available Platform? PC Game-mode? Online social play - would probably work in ranked aswell [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. At least 15 people. Some may have been there as spectators as well. [ONLINE] Were you
  12. The default button mapping for the Logiteck G923 steering wheel is not correct. The "Menu" button is shown as being "Left Trigger" instead of the actual menu button (pictured in the first screenshot). This causes a big problem in flashbacks as the "Left Trigger" is the button for both rewind AND to open photo mode (pictured in the second screenshot). Please fix this.
  13. I can´t see xbox controls with the steering wheel but with my controller I can see the xbox controls.
  14. Me and my friend are playing Two Player Career mode and when we start Round 2 Practice 1 in Spain we get stuck on the loading screen to the point were we need to restart the game and the same thing happen over and over again.
  15. The player won the race and Felipe Massa finished second. Still the sponsor money has not been paid. You can also see the points I received. It's 43 for the race weekend. But the sponsors require just 15. Still the error. It's huge money around 1.5 million. Kindly check this error.
  16. Issue with car not turning into pit lane it’s showing error code BXEA-GXKC-VDSE-GDEG can someone please help me? Thanks
  17. f1 2021 version 1.06. Latest update. tried deleting and reinstalling and same issue still present. When I join social (Unranked) races from the browse menu. The race starts and a few laps in to either race or qualifying I get a message saying ”Communicating with online services” from there the game generally freezes and I can’t continue.
  18. Hi, I'm having an issue with my controller where if I sharply turn right then the car isn't fully registering my input and instead it straightens out the car. This is causing me to crash and is making the game unplayable. I have no issues with turning left at all. I've fiddled around with the force feedback and calibration settings and nothing seems to be making a difference. Has anyone else had the same issue and if so, is there a fix for this issue. cheers in advance 🙂
  19. So basically me and my girlfriend tried to play the 2-Player Career Mode online. When loading into the first race I the host load into the workplace normally and can set stuff up like intended. She on the other hand is stuck on a black loading screen up until I click load into next session. At that point she loads into the work place but we cant both start the session because the server is broken or something. Here is the video with it. My Report Code: SRBD-RKMM-XREH-BVMG If more report codes are needed I will repeat the bug to get more. A lot of troubleshooting has b
  20. When joining a party to talk to people I can’t have my mic in without it stuttering my game and cutting off my mic. It cuts game sound out and makes my game stutter in both visual and audio aspects. Currently can’t play with my mates on this game because of this or even talk to them while playing it. Anyone know how to fix this? It only happens when my mic has been put in and works perfectly when I come off the game.
  21. The problem I am experiencing is that there are no wheel presets only controller presets I tried redownloading the game. Updating my wheel. I tried a lot of stuff but nothing seems to work the report code is:GMPS-KSRJ-HDSG-BASC my platform is: PS5 please help me because I really want to play this game
  22. So, I just finished Bahrain Grand Prix. Come to finish first, but game doesn't seem to recognise me. So, Bottas was declared winner (he was second 11 secs behind). And I got +1 lap finish time, besides I didn't got any punishments or even warnings during race. So, a little bit about the race. One safety car was deployed. And I dissmissed my pit strategy, and was finishing on 80%+ worn mediums. Also, Jeff said that Bottas was having some issues. That was my third race in F1, so I am feeling little bit annoyed ((. Is this known and fixed in 2021? F1 2020 PC My Team
  23. Is anyone else having issues with F1 2021 crashing their pc. For me atm after rewinding it starts stuttering then my pc ends up restarting. My pc temps are below what they are for other games like modern warfare and cold War as well as f1 2020. I have had to lower graphics to the lowest for 2021 whereas the games above I can play on medium to high, I have an Amd pc so the help that was posted above for Nvidia doesn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂
  24. I have a thrustmaster T150. I play on ps5 and have played f1 2020 and gt sport my wheel still works perfectly fine there. But when a bought f1 2021 and booted up the game, I have an error code (DCBH-CXHE-HMSG-BASC) and my game cant find the wheel. I’ve googled it and cant find anything…
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