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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, my wheel(Pace Wheel) is turning automatically left(-100) without i doing something. The Pace Wheel worked in any F1 Game on PC(2010-2020). Every axis or Button to the left is turning automatically left without i doing something. Can someone help me?
  2. Buona sera, volevo segnalare il seguente problema: ho fatto la qualifica ad un tentativo e mi sono posizionato primo però in gara parto 7 (solo feature Racing)
  3. Help me pls. My F1 Games randomly automatically minimzes and opens my desktop it doesnt close the game. It happens every 5-10min. Onljne gaming is impossible with this issue. I use 2 monitors (i play only at one), Logitech920 and no other programm is running in the back except Logitech G Hub. It doesnt happens at other games.
  4. When starting the with a steering wheel it doesn't load and lock the console. I already disconnected the steering wheel, installed the game several times and even restarted the factory console and it still doesn't work. The steering wheel works well with other games like Grid or Forza The game charges only with control, but when connecting the steering wheel it stops working I have 2 codes: GPMT-HJMK-AKEJ-GAEG Yesterday 18/10/21 this one AABC-BCSG-AHCB-GDEG Today 19/10/21 this one 427215806_F12021.mov
  5. Report Code: DTTS-GBBC-KTXG-BASC My braking point chapter in Mexico GP does not let me take control of the car after I begin the game. Aiden asks for Caspers status and then when the lights should come on to begin the flying lap, nothing happens. I have been watching the AI race for several minutes without passing anyone.
  6. Whenever I go return back to Race to continue my progress whether it is in Grand Prix , Driver and MyTeam Career Mode or not , Damage Settings is always switched off for some reason. Usually i double checked that I do put damage on simulation but when i try a test run by leaving the game and joined back to see the Damage whether its off or simulation , its off.
  7. Hi Everyone Not sure if someone can advise but I am having issues with the wheel rotation with F1 2021 game using a logitech G29 on the ps4. All wheel settings are currently set to default with wheel rotation at 360. My steering inputs in the game don't seem to be matching up to the on screen inputs, meaning in most corners I am having to put way to much steering input in and the on screen input barely moves so I end up understeering either off the track or into a wall. I have used the G29 on four or 5 of the previous F1 games with no issues so not sure what is going on. Unfortunately it is making the game unplayable Has anyone else had this issue and is there anything i can try with settings? P.S wheel works perfectly with GT Sport Many thanks James
  8. Hi guys, A detailed description of the issue. Report Code: XAKE-VKRP-GSDH-EAJE // DMGH-CEXD-SPCA-ACJE // CVTR-VAED-ARKD-BJE Platform? PC MSI GTM965M // Mainboard MS-1791 ( DXDIAG screenshot attached ) Game-mode? careermode What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Updating pc, update Geforce Experience, restarting game, delete old F1 games. Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. No How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possible. After a few minutes my throttle and brake doesn't work anymore, also the sound/commentary crashes
  9. Hello, about two weeks ago, I created a My Team career. At that point, I had not the update to the deluxe version, but I bought it a few days later. When you start a career, you don't have to activate the legends and it says that you can activate them at any time afterwards. However, nowhere can I find the possibility to activate the legends. I would be very happy about an answer. Max
  10. I was in time trial in france, and in the last two corners the FFB was gone. I could still Drive but without FFB. And after the last two corners, the FFB is back and normal on the entire track. Every round it only happens in the last two corners. It’s the only Track i had this issue so far. Does anyone know what this is?? Playing on Ps4 with T300 and open Wheel addon
  11. In Quali, my 2020 F2 car was fitted with the purple super soft tyres. Super softs were last used in the 2019 season. Series S Single player career mode Tried restarting the session a couple of Times. See screenshot Start the single player career, end up in Baku and start Quali.
  12. Hi I have been using F1 2019,2020 and recently purchased 2021 on my PC, it has started crashing evertime i launch the game. I have tried multiple fixes from the web, including updating my driver etc. Unfortunately have not had any luck. Any input would be much appreciated. Thank you
  13. Hello!, I ghave the game from the beginning, sinds than i am not able to play multiplayer. Errorcode WD10048 What can i do? Please help, thanks Ricardo (Holland 27 july 2021)
  14. I currently use the Fanatec Formula V2 Rim playing F1 2021 on PC. When going into the Force Feedback Settings, it is recognizing my wheel as the CSL Universal Hub instead of the actual wheel rim that I have. Any Idea why this might be happening or suggestions to fix this issue? much appreciated!
  15. I play on PC and use controller, however whenever i need to use my keyboard, lets say to open steam overlay, the game crashes. It crashes for any situation that i need to use my keyboard, even tabbing out! please help solve this issue.
  16. In my career mode, I had a race at France starting in the rain and moving to dry, it's a 50% race and I started with 5 laps extra fuel and by lap 21 I'm 1.3 laps down on fuel and I haven't done anything out of the ordinary to lose this much fuel, report code is PKPJ-TAEV-PRVX-GTEG.
  17. Hello my game crashed after I went to start my 1st race in single player career mode on ps4 console
  18. Sometimes when you watch highlights straight after a race especially in F2 the game crashes then when you go back in you have to re do the GP
  19. Hello - when I put my controller or headset on mute, it makes everyone else go on mute. When I come off mute, only then I can hear everyone. I am using PS5 and Pulse Headset. Is it meant to be this way?
  20. When I play F1 2021 MyTeam on PS4, my MFD sometimes keeps stuck open. Even when I'm racing. Example: I was racing in France, and my MFD kept staying open on my temperatures. Could not get it to another mfd screen or away. Can be quite annoying.
  21. Sup guys, we've been having this glitch in this new career mode where when we activate the formation lap, after that formation lap the race is over, the winner is a random driver and we can't do anything, and in the next race is the same thing. please fix it soon.
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