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Found 7 results

  1. As I was simply playing my team career I was advancing the time to go to the next GP weekend from the British GP to the Belgium one. As the season break came i pressed continue so i would continue through the days... After that instead of having a button to advance the time its just plain and I cant do anything to continue... I can move through the menus and interact with everything EXCEPT that button. I am playing on PS5. I have tried to get out and come back to career mode, closed the application and reopened it several times and nothing changes, I even deleted the game and reinstalled it🤩..
  2. So yeah, as the title says, I just lost all of my save data on F1 2021. Everything from volume settings, camera settings, wheel settings, Helmet and Race Suits, and my Single player Career modes, have all been deleted. for a bit more info, I had been doing a Multiplayer lobby with some friends, before the game suddenly completely switched my Xbox off, a problem I'm aware is still affecting the Xbox game. I restart everything and load back in the game, only to find everything in regard's to my Save Data and saved settings have been reset, except for 2-player career mode stuff. I'm try
  3. Second Season in F1 2021, this issue also came up in my first F1 season in the 2021 game. Race: China (2nd Race of season) Secondary Sponsors: Asiatic Dynamics (Score 20 Constructors' Championship Points During a Race Week) Aii (Same goal as Above) Slingshot Fuel (Achive a Podium FInish) So the issue is I came in 1st in China, my second driver Nico came in 7th. So 1st is 25 points, 7th is 6 points which means I more then meet the 20 points needed for Asiatic and Aii, and since I took first I should ha
  4. Hello, I have been enjoying F1 games from you for a while now an firstly they are fantastic. I have over 95 hours on F1 2019 and 70 hours on F1 2020. As of earlier this week I have been getting an Ego Dumper crash right before any race session. the only temproary fix I found was that If I logged into a new game, backed out and then reloaded my save then I could successfully log into a session. The crash happens immediately after the track loads or a session ends. it will crash in between practice sessions, the individual qualifying sessions, and the races themselves. I have tried a numbe
  5. A detailed description of the issue. I am playing MyTeam at the Mexico Grand Prix. I went to the pit lane to complete my stop but the car kept heading towards the pit wall and bugging out. I have all assists on for pit stops I.e. at the pit lane entry the game takes over etc. The car kept crashing and eventually went along the pit lane without making the pit stop. At pit exit the car went straight over the white line, on to the racing line. Not sure if it is relevant but I also had engine issues at the time, hence the smoke behind the car Platform - PS5
  6. Hello Codemasters-Team, I am facing the folowing problem: A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I can not continue in MyTeam. The Clock spins, but nothing happens. I can stop/start it but I still can't pass the 1st December, Platform PC What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.12 Game-mode? MyTeam We need to be able to make your problem happen internally
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