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Found 17 results

  1. As seen in some early access footage i can confim that the cockpit views are completely unusable in night and rain conditions because you can´t see anything. I remember Project Cars having an separat Exposure setting for onboard views. Not sure if that would work in GRID but something has to be done to fix this asap if it´s not already adressed in the day one patch. Brightness in the cockpits is messed up at daytime too. And all that with default brightness setting... Lowering or raising does not fix the issue and also messes up all other camera views...
  2. Game is unplayable for me. I have no problems with other games, including Dirt Rally 1. Almost all times the game just closes and drops me back to the desktop without any messages after it finishes loading the track. I managed to get past it once with Windowed mode and then switched back to Fullscreen from the "garage" section before the race. After that it worked a couple of times, but now it does't work again. I tried Windowed borderless and Windowed modes and I got the camera flying above the track for 2 or 3 seconds and then dirtrally2.exe stopped working. Memory usage is very low, it was 2GB for the game and I had 4 GB of free memory. Very annoying, cant play the game. I have a fully updated Windows 10 version 1809 and the latest 19.2.3 AMD drivers with a Gigabyte RX460 4GB VGA. I'm on the Medium Graphics settings preset and have 8GB of DDR4 RAM with an Intel G4560 processor. A couple of times I got the Dirt Rally 2.0 bug report window after this and sent the crash report. Hoping for a fix soon 🙂
  3. My question is how do I disable Stereoscopic Rendering on Dirt Rally. I don't need VR for the game to render 2 screens. Here's a screenshot. I can't hover over the option, I can either go to quality or benchmarks. I have tried the settings files but says "false" in all of those but ingame clearly it's not false. This does not happen on my desktop nor any other PC that I have tried this game on. Only my laptop. This gives me very low fps for the GPU I have and seen other benchmarks online and I can see ingame a rendering glitch which has to be related to this render setting. Does anyone know a fix to this? Thanks
  4. Patch 1.12 has ruined the glove textures. The textures are low quality and have been downgraded from the previous patches. The textures are terrible on all cars. F1 and F2. This is noticeable in all game modes. This is on a regular PS4.
  5. I noticed that the Data Displays in the cars cockpits sometimes work and sometimes don´t. This can easily be reproduced by loading a event a couple times over and over and you see that the data display sometimes works and sometimes not... Or sometimes they can´t even decide between work or not to work LOL
  6. Hi All, Wonder if anyone has had this issue and knows a solution or hopefully this post can serve to make Codies aware of it. I have a Logitech g27 wheel and I am having a problem where it disconnects when the wheel is centered and I have to wiggle it a little bit to regain control of the car but down straights and mid way through corners (if i'm i'm straightening up) it disconnects and stuff my line up. Obviously very frustrating. I have scoured the internet and found nothing relating to G27's specifically or for F1 2019 on this issue yet. It fixes itself between sessions. So quali I can have issues but not in a race (can be the other way around). When I had the issue in quali disconnecting the wheel from my PC and re-connecting fixed the issue. But then it was back for the race and the same solution did not work a second time. Instead I tired re-saving my controller scheme set up (after changing the FFB a few notches) and that appeared to fix it but by then my race was already ruined. Anyone else experiencing this?
  7. @BarryBL please check that in order to fix that problem. Thank you. A short description of the problem: A driver must give up position to another driver who were in other point of the race Platform you’re on (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam): PS4 Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner): 1.20 Game Mode, including if it was Single Player or Multiplayer (Time Trial, Career, Grand Prix, Custom Game etc): Multiplayer lobby (You can see at the hole video how I create the lobby) If in Multiplayer, how many players and how many AI?: No IAs, 9 players start the season. What happened in the lead up to the problem?: nothing special. If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving: no Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc): Wheel: Podium DD1 and Clubsport V3 If you have any videos or screenshots, please share them. If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears: Vinni camera: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/544823257?t=0h27m32s Salvalorenzo camera:
  8. Hello I saw a bug in the game, i was shocked. And i have a question, are you going to udpate the car in the game thank you Seydou
  9. Has this ever happened to anyone else, and if so how frequently does it happen? This happened to me before the start of the Chinese Grand Prix in Career mode. I think it was about 8 of the drivers pictures that got screwed up.
  10. I have experienced an annoying bug since day 1 of Grid 2019 on PS4, not sure if it affects other platforms or not but is definitely an issue on PS4. For whatever reason no matter what I've tried I cannot change my race number from the in-game profile options. I have asked alot of my other friends playing Grid on PS4 who all say they have the same issue.
  11. @BarryBL As you can see in the video below the driver end up listening the sound of the game, and we needed to restart the game in order to continue with the championship.
  12. sephiroth86

    Loss of level and money

    I was level 76 and have 2 million in cash but I’ve been reset to level 1 with zero cash all because it said something about your entitlements have changed and season 1 is now available
  13. Hello, Has anybody already experienced that? Since F12019 Release 1.08 there is no rear light flashing in dry time trial mode. Looks like a minor bug to me. I did not check it out with all cars - I can proof the issue with the 2019 Ferrari. (PC version, Windows 10) Thanks
  14. @BarryBL All was fine when suddenly mi throttle was off as it was become the pit limiter. Maybe was a bug when my front left tyre was 50%, maybe was a bug about rain for no sense reason. Who knows!!!??? When I went out to the box the throttle was fine again.
  15. EDIT: I’ve honed in on the main issue, so i’ve updated this post with more accurate description of the problem. I'm playing the game on PC (Steam) with a PS4 controller, initially I was running it through DS4Windows (emulates an Xbox controller for compatibility reasons) but later via the built in Steam controller configuration, the issue persists no matter which way you do it. What's happening is the suspension vibration/feedback is reversed; the controller constantly vibrates when on a smooth surface, and the vibration fades/stops on rougher surfaces or when hitting bumps or going over jumps. Basically working backwards. It's especially noticeable on smooth tarmac stages, the controller just never stops vibrating. Going into the menu and turning off suspension vibration stops the issue, but then you basically have no road feel. Tire slip, crashes, and engine vibration are all working correctly, it's just suspension feedback that’s backwards. I really don't think this is an issue on my end as I have no problems in DiRT Rally 1 or DiRT 4, or any other PC racing game for that matter. So I can only assume this is a bug that’s gone unnoticed for quite a while. Hoping this can be fixed in a future update!
  16. Maybe the key problem is that all of us request information about SC in the thread which are not focused on it, so I opened that thread in order to the new Developer Liaison @BarryBL who is taking our feedback, thoughts and comments to the team, as well as keeping us updated on different bits about the game like new patches and any information passed onto him from the developers tell us anything at this respect, good or bad, whatever it is... Now its time to show us how a new codemasters developer works in adverse conditions @BarryBL silent is not allowed on this thread!!! Thank you!!!
  17. JanKondler

    Simulated times

    Hi @BarryBL and others I'm just reporting a bug which is here I think since you can upgrade your car in career mode (2015,2016) Everytime when session is simulated or fast forwarded (Out in Q1, DNF in race) results of (Q2,Q3, rest of the race without me) Is simulated like season 1, race 1 perfomances. Example: Mercedes in season 3 is 7th in perfomance charts, far behind top 5 in every aspect, I'm driving for Alfa Romeo (10th perfomance). When I'm out in Q1 for example possition: 17. Mercedes is on 14,15. After simulated Q3 they are in first two rows. Are you guys aware od that problem? I can send you some pictures or videos with this issue Maybe hot fix will be to let us spectate the rest of quali or rest of race I dont know So skipping and fast forwarding (also auto outlap) is an issue I know simulation cannot be 100% perfect but maybe something like :engine upgrade means -0.1 in simulated times +- 0.03 Hopefully its right thread 🙂