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Found 36 results

  1. FMP_Gianlucac88


    Hello everyone, @Faya I would like to know the criterion for assigning boxes in online lobbies. It is unacceptable to find, without undestranding in advance, another (different from yours) car in the pits, causing a serious waste of time and credibility for the grand prix. Is there a criterion or method of assigning boxes to players? Thanks! Video for the episode: bug pit.mp4
  2. sakimix

    Game crash

    Hello i have a problem since few day i want play f1 games but with f1 2019 directx 12 crash without message and f1 2019 directx 11 and f1 2018 same error with direct 3d. The new pilote of nvidia change nothing, remove overlay steam too and try some solution of several forum nothing work.
  3. This bug has been present since 2010, but why is such a huge margin left between cars in the pit lane? Why has it not been addressed? During a 25% race I was 12th before a pit cycle, pitted ahead of four or five cars, but had to wait for every single one to pass my stationary car after the stop was complete! I lost at least 10 seconds to a car I was wheel to wheel with, and by the time everyone had stopped I was 19th! Can't cars just be released when their stop finishes, and temporarily ghosted if there ends up being an overlap?
  4. callumgarton

    Game crash

    Anyone else having the same issue where you boot the game up and when you press start on the title screen the game crashes and dashboards. xbox one x, 4K HDR on. Update: re installed the game completely, tried different resolutions and still does not work the game will not go past the title screen. similar bug to PC version.
  5. I have had this problem multiple times now and so has my friend with whom I'm playing on the PS4. We have our own league, set on private and full qualifying. We experience no problem in Q1, but in Q2 I suddenly hear nothing but some bird sounds. This makes it impossible to get to a competitive lap time. We have seen this problem now 4 times in 9 races, in two different leagues. Anybody else have experienced this really annoying bug?
  6. I noticed that if you use any female driver/avatar your helmet has a weird visual glitch. Does anyone else have this glitch? I changed my driver to female and went to the highlights, and the close up shots of the driver showed this weird glitch. I then changed to another male driver and the glitch disappeared and later I selected a different female driver and the glitch reappeared. Here's the proof of the glitch happening.
  7. Tonight, in the last race possible I made this time on the event ( in the file ). But this morning I went to see if I had my rewards and nothing, my time and points are disappeared, like I didn't do any race. 😞 Is this a bug?? Any other one got the same to me?? I'm not cheating ahah!! =D
  8. In career mode 50% Williams gear box last only 3 races. Is this a bug?
  9. PineappleBuster

    Fix/Adjust these things.(PS4)

    I've been playing F1 2019 quite a while now and really enjoy it. It's the best F1 game of codies so far. But there are a few things that really frustrate me. 1. Pit release doesn't always respond when releaaing the clutch. A lot of times you need to wait 0.2s longer for it to respond otherwise you'll need to release the clutch again. I've been recording clips and looking at replays if it's not me being impatience, that's not the case. Flashback is not a option as it leads to the next issue. 2. Using flashback past the pit entry will grant you a 5 second time penalty. I don't know if this is intentional, so I'd like to have a answer to this one. 3. (SP)AI will ignore your position at corner sequences. For example; Paul Ricard T4 into T5. If you manage to get next to someone around the outside of T4, they'll follow the racing line, regardless how much you are ahead. Same for all other similair corners. For multiplayer it's normal and I'm used to that, but during singleplayer modes not.
  10. navarreitor

    Possible BUG

    Hi I tried the weekly event and in my last lap, when I run P2, a couple of (put here what you want) ruins my race. Now I already repeat it but when I was waiting I discovered that instead 100 AI the info said it was 40. I close the game and restart it and then all was ok (100 AI) At the end of the race checked it again and the misinformation was there again. On video: Info OK, before the race: 0'00'' Wrong Info at the end: 33'05'' regards
  11. iBallisticjdog

    USA Career mode [ZX]

    My career mode is glitched every time i load it up the game just shows a field of grass that crofty starts talking for a microsecond then game crashes If anyone has any idea how to help please let me know Thanks
  12. So I know Baku is a race with lots of crashes happening normally, but this went a bit to far. https://youtu.be/mQMOHysC424 After this clip I flashbacked, and the same crash happened over and over. I had to restart the race. Just for info, it's F1 2019 on PC via steam on Windows 10 Pro 1903 using dx12 with a ryzen 1600 and a gtx 1070. I was doing a 50% race in my first season of career mode with McLaren (I am the last car on track in the video) If you need any more information to track down the reason for this bug I am always willing to help @Faya!
  13. ENGLISH/INGLÉS I have the game since the day of release and both the DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 versions do not work. Like the comments. In the beginning of the races I do not hear what the commentators say, even if the subtitles are there, and during the race the engineer speaks to me and he is not heard either. I have a PC with Windows 10 updated. I have already tried several times to check the Steam files of the game and it says everything is Ok. The sound system I have are a Logitech G533 Gaming Headset. Thanks for the help. SPANISH/ESPAÑOL Tengo el juego desde el día de lanzamiento y tanto en la versión de DirectX 11 como de DirectX 12 la radio no funciona. Al igual que los comentarios. En el comienzo de las carreras no oigo lo que dicen los comentaristas aunque si están los subtitulos, y durante la carrera el ingeniero me habla y tampoco se le oye. Tengo un pc con Windows 10 actualizado. He probado ya varias veces a comprobar los archivos de Steam del juego y pone que está todo Ok. El sistema de sonido que tengo son unos cascos Logitech G533 Gaming Headset. Gracias por la ayuda.
  14. AORGrzesiu

    Strange sound

    Strange noise, I do not know what to call it. I have it on all track. It rarely happens on a wet track. Sound "lags" but I have all time 100+fps without drops. Nowy projekt.mp4
  15. callumgarton

    Liquid black screen bug

    This liquid screen affect happened during a career mode race one the Xbox one x. version 1.03 Please see attached file/video IMG_0984.mp4
  16. Hi All, Wonder if anyone has had this issue and knows a solution or hopefully this post can serve to make Codies aware of it. I have a Logitech g27 wheel and I am having a problem where it disconnects when the wheel is centered and I have to wiggle it a little bit to regain control of the car but down straights and mid way through corners (if i'm i'm straightening up) it disconnects and stuff my line up. Obviously very frustrating. I have scoured the internet and found nothing relating to G27's specifically or for F1 2019 on this issue yet. It fixes itself between sessions. So quali I can have issues but not in a race (can be the other way around). When I had the issue in quali disconnecting the wheel from my PC and re-connecting fixed the issue. But then it was back for the race and the same solution did not work a second time. Instead I tired re-saving my controller scheme set up (after changing the FFB a few notches) and that appeared to fix it but by then my race was already ruined. Anyone else experiencing this?
  17. al18p

    multiplayer (ranked)

    when I search a lobby for the ranked I spawn solo in the lobby Can you help ps: when I expect nobody join the lobby
  18. I have done plenty of testing on this and I am 110% confident that the braking line does not work properly. What I mean by this is that the color of it doesn’t indicate the correct amount of breaking you need to make the corner, but only if ABS is on. It works as intended when ABS is off. Also, the breaking in general just feels awful, also when using ABS. The initial braking is fine, but as the car starts to get slower, it feels like the breaks just disappear and it takes forever to slow the car down as much as you need to.
  19. SpazldRust

    FFB not working

    Hi there, My FFB is not working at all. Am on v1.03. All game modes. Using a TS-PC with 488 Challenge wheel. Works on all other games, most notably works in Dirt Rally 2.0 perfectly, not sure what is happening. Any help? If you need any other details, let me know. (Yes, I have made sure FFB is enabled.) Thanks, Pierre
  20. First of all loving the multiplayer cars, its a very welcomed addition to the game. However... Can we maybe do something about having random pitboxes in online races while using the multiplayer car? Suggestion: Add an option in league racing to make customs teams consisting of 2 players and a fixed pitbox. Something like this would promote league racing with the multiplayer over the real teams. Anyway the new game is a great step forward for both career and multiplayer racers, Keep up the good work Codies!
  21. NeoCawte

    F1 2019 graphics bug

    This is the first time i have bough an f1 game and I was really exited but when I started playing the screen went black and white when I was of the track, including in the garage. Because of this I can't do a race without the screen going all funny. Can some one please help me so I can play the game
  22. I have just downloaded F1 2019 and the camera will stay in these positions, I can't find anything in the settings to change this any help? Also the accelerator is always on 25% activation and the brake pedal is also always depressed, this is using both wheel and pedals and an Xbox controller
  23. In F1 2018 and 2019 there is a problem with the career mode status not updating when offline. It says like but if you are offline the counters don't go up in career mode. This means it doesn't save my career stats. Could you fix this please as it should update properly when offline and not connected to the internet.
  24. FFB is gone on v1.2.1 with a Logitech Formula Force GP. If I switch the device type to Controller from Steering wheel, I have FFB, but its so bad, because it is optimized for gamepads.
  25. This is the third event in a row where some people get a free sector. For the Spain event, people are getting times below 1 minute. Totally impossible. Why does this keep happening? Can this be solved once and for all? This takes the fun out of events, and that is just about the last thing that is fun in the game at the moment.