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Found 4 results

  1. A detailed description of the issue. -Ok so I posted a report some time ago about laggy/choppy ffb on Logitech G920 on Xbox one, and it has happened again after the new update. So I can describe it as a input, laggy thing but it has nothing to do with it because before the patch it worked just fine. I can’t play online because it’s just unplayable and irritating. Earlier before the update the FFB worked sometimes weird but mostly good and quitting a group chat solved the bug but not this time. I tried unplugging the wheel and again and again but nothing 😔 Report Code: CECA-STBS-BDGP-GCEG Platform? - Xbox one s Game-mode? -All of them [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. -Doesn’t matter [ONLINE] Were you the host? -No What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. -Like I said: unplugging the cable and plugging it back in, restarting the game. Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possible. -The problem just occurs out of nowhere and I cannot get rid of it…
  2. Method of Reproduction 1. Front End>Customisation>Any Design>Edit>Sponsor Decals 2. Scroll through sponsor options Result: "Jingshen" or "Sudu" aren't present in the free customization choices. However, in "My Team", if the team has a high enough acclaim, both appear in the sponsor choices list, but there also could be more sponsors from the list that are missing. Platform: Xbox One 4/4 times, repeatable.
  3. Description: I run the game in 3440x1440/21:9 aspect ratio/Full-screen. When I view a replay or race highlights from the Home screen, the highlights are not displayed in that resolution, but instead I have two black bars on each side of the screen (apparently there is no ultra-wide support in highlights/replay mode?). After exiting the highlights/replay and jumping back into a race or time trial or any other on-track activity I am stuck with the wrong (non-ultrawide) resolution. Changing the resolution in the settings etc. doesn't fix it. The only solution is to exit the game and re-start it. Report Code: ATXJ-TSVT-PXXH-DTMG Platform: PC Game-mode: Any DXDiag: See attachment. Motherboard: ASUS TUF GAMING Z490-PLUS WI-FI LGA 1200 Intel 10th Gen ATX motherboard // MBASU00281 Troubleshooting attempts: Attempted to change resolution to a different one and back to the one I want / attempted changing aspect ratio / attempted different game modes Screenshots/Videos: None, but can provide if needed. How to reproduce: 1) Run the game in the resolution and aspect ratio I specified, in any game mode and drive on track. 2) Go back to home screen and go to theatre and view a replay or race highlight. Note that the aspect ratio/resolution is not maintained in replay/highlight mode and there are now two black bars on each side of the screen. 3) Go back into any racing session on track (MP/Time Trial/GP/etc.) - The aspect ratio/resolution will be the same as in replay/highlight mode and there is nothing that fixes it except for a game restart. DxDiag.txt
  4. Can't pit on Austria in My Team career mod. Look at the video in the link below, couldn't upload it because it was too big. Tried to pit one lap before but was the same thing, tried to do one more lap maybe i could pit next lap and the same thing happened in the next lap, the lap on the video. I had to retire because of this bug. https://youtu.be/_c77hRK9K98
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