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Found 11 results

  1. LottaLava

    Cockpit view problems

    In this video we can see or we can´t see the track and inside the car because its too dark, even the dashboard is completely black! Could add a button to cycle the car´s light?
  2. No ffb at all on Grid when using a thrustmaster tx on Xbox one. Adjusting the sliders from 0 to 150 makes no difference. No vibration no centering force no ffb at all. Anyone else. Checked my wheel on other game so it's a grid issue. Been racing on a wheel for many years so I know it is not a set up issue. There is no ffb whatsoever coming through the wheel. Needs a fix asap UPDATES 9 October So after firing up fh4 to test my wheel then going back to grid my tx locked at 360° which although too twitchy owing to low dor - I suddenly found I had some feedback coming through the wheel. Anyway long story short I have done a firmware update on the tx and am now running at 900° and although still weak there is definitely more centering force and road feel. If that could be dialled up I think this will be a great game. Not sure if this helps anyone else just sharing my thoughts.
  3. Pinkeve22

    Start Bug

    here The Story:I Restarted the race cause I flip the F1000.when the race loaded up,suddely,i started way ahead. Platform:PC(Steam) Game Version:Not sure cause it dint show on my game but,i got the latest of the game Game Mode:Grid World Series Finals: F1000 Not sure if the bug is reproduced but.im sure this will be abused. no error code.just ingame bug used the dualshock 4 controller video of it:
  4. Rishabhhx

    F1 2019 qualifying bug

    My game is v1.12 , its been 6 races and every time if I eliminated in q1 every top 10 drivers start with medium tyres, but they should start from soft as every trying to get in 10, it is understanding that top 3 team may gamble with medium but mid field cars which are in top 10 are starting with medium tyre,it’s frustrating as I could not get most out of my race strategy. Is anyone else having this pls reply.
  5. Hello all As alot of people I am extremely happy that GRID 2019 has become a reality and finally I can play an up to date GRID game! That being said and like all games it doesnt come without its issues, through my short game time I have come across a few bugs and a few Improvements/features that I feel the game needs or lacks following on from previous titles. Bugs: The first bug I have encountered came in a pro truck/stock car race. As the race set off I noticed that the side view mirror reflection was displayed out of the wing mirror. This isnt an issue because let's be honest most people focus on what's in front but more of a quality aspect to the game, as the race went on the wing mirror became damaged and overlapped the display with the side view still being displayed behind it. The second bug comes from online races. I have encountered this a good 10 or so times so far. Upon all players placing on the grid the game then notifys me that its synchronising and then counts down from 3. On most of these occasions players have started racing on the 2 second countdown (crashing into the still race ready primed grid) with some players starting on 3! That's a huge 3 second advantage if they can navigate the field before the green flag goes. Please note: this bug has been seen with a player count of 2-12 and is not isolated to any specific number of players The 3rd and final bug I have encountered is a damage one. I have my settings set to full damage and have yet to actually be damaged to a point where I have any car trouble. The only time this has actually worked is in the skirmish part before an online race. Is this just me? Or is there in fact a problem with damage being turned on. I really want to smash my car right up 😂 Suggestions/Improvments: I am aware this is a new long awaited game and there is a need on your behalf to keep the franchise fresh and different to its predecessors. However I feel like the game lacks a personal touch. By this I mean that in previous GRID games there has been a garage behind the menu where you get to see your 2 cars (player car and teammates) on and off a ramp with the decals applied as the camera revolves around it. This gives a sense of importance and I felt like I had a proper team and garage to look after... this is lacking in the 2019 version. It feels much less personal and if I'm honest boring. I miss this! All I have to stare at is what I would describe as a windows 10 tablet menu.... not interesting in the slightest and almost feels rushed and extremely linear without that personal GRID touch. Oh and theres no Le Mans... Along with all of the cool cars and races I saw when I loaded up the game I was upset to see the lack of drifting cars or maps. I'm sure a few people would agree that the drifting in other GRIDs felt amazing! A great way to really have fun with the car and score huge combos. The touge was also really good fun and this may be just me but I felt like that's what made GRID my favourite racing game!
  6. Patch 1.12 barcelona track with loading problem when it starts taking time or any other activity in the barcelona circuit it does not load and causes the game to close and steam error the same cause with the new season of f2 2019 the game is having serious loading problems
  7. Harryvederci

    Bug Report

    Hello there I just finished my race and when i got back in the datacenter i found this bug: (photo below) I dont know if this is a new one but wanted to share it anyway
  8. Hiya guys and girls at codemasters , i trust everyone is having a pleasant day , heres an offer you at codemasters can't refuse, I will work for free to fix the ffb and bugs which plague our wonderful game I mean sim F1 2019, i am currently using the ps4 for f1 2019 so that's my area of expertise , I am positive like a car battery we can change this negative view again like a car battery towards codemasters and how the tide has swept f12019 almost into a sunken wreck into the ocean , i just need your support codemasters in helping me helping you to make f1 2019 shine again , codemasters you have let yourself down very badly but I am sure we can avoid the headmasters office to redeem the once great sim F1 2019, please note that although I am only one person we have an army of sim racers wanting and willing to help in pulling f1 2019 back onto to the beach , we can rebuild or Atleast rollback to patch 1.03 ( just to be on safe side ) , if I can fix and find a solution on a lowly ps4 using t300 , theres hope for us all. thankyou guys and girls I've just wasted 5 minutes of your time . Like you wasted 3 months of mine, now do your job and fix ffb problems . Please
  9. Yes I am very angy at Codemasters, the game is not worth 60€ ... And everyone makes a blind eye. I say, let's skip the costs of making 2020 and focus on a 30€ dlc for the new season, while the programmers fix these bugs... Realistic Qualy - no more simulate season bugs Realistic tyre temps - what's up with that really? Give meaning to rivarly Try to think a way of upgrading the cars for 10 seasons, not 4 ... The tree is unrealistic Make the game free of LlLlLllllLLaaaAG SPIKES Consistent AI throughout season Better UI, DPad mashing for ERS and Fuel managment is annoying and unrealistic, give us presets to adjust the setup immediately (like real F1) Give some actual reliability issues for the player - ones that you cannot expect Make ACTUAL reliability issues for the AI, they feel scripted Stop the AI from applying the throttle immediatellly "100% - 0%" in milleseconds Stop giving AI ultimate tyre temps and unlimited ERS Realistic AI personality and driving style Make new animations Make Jeff a part of the game and not just a mechanical voice guide Make Jeff give you helpful information The car is underfueled due to strategy, someone inform Jeff Actual weather forecast Make the damn rotation switches in FANTEC F1 wheels USABLE!!!!! Practise that actually helps the team to understand the race pace Able to switch at inters even if the wets are faster at the start of the race Fix the sound DRIVER TRANSFERS- What is Kimi doing in Season 10? 50% Engine wear rate in 50% races, not 25% engine wear rate in 50% races Practise programs that are actual practise programs, not QUALY programms Speedometer that is not placed on top of the damn mirror Actual wet races with standing water Consistent AI throughout season Setup that is based on logic and not numbers from 1-12 Fix the damn interviews An actual F2 career mode Better damage model No more "happened on my screen not on your screen" contacts in online No pit stop glitches, esp in online Fix the damn ranking system Make a ban option available for stupid drivers Safety car for Ben Inform the driver (aka player) of important stuff... Like what is the optimal tyre temperature Setups that are suggested from the team Make the AI have track awareness at least in Practise sessions The ability to skip the Formation Lap, without endangering the life of my tyre temps or my setup... The game is broken. 2017 with a new reskin. I like codies - I still play Colin McRae 3 and 4 - awesome games, but right now it just feels like a massive middle finger pointing right at me... FIX THE GAME!
  10. First off, I've been playing F1 2019 for a few days now and I absolutely love it (mostly). It's the perfect blend of fun/challenging. However, there are a few bugs that are a little bit irritating. - There's been a few times I've got in to Q3 and not set a time, then started the race with around 20% wear on tyres that haven't been used? - I'm currently doing the Monaco weekend in career mode and have seen a few glitchy bits around the track, mainly around T1, exit of T11 and T18. - Also, during a few of the cutscenes the graphics take a while to buffer properly, which isn't a big deal, but thought it best to mention anyway. I'm playing on PS4, with 95% AI driving for McLaren on career mode (consistently in the top 10 as well, which I'm pretty proud of) Anyone else having any of these issues?
  11. After playing the game today I've come across some things that need to be addressed ASAP. The obvious one is the 2019 cars performances, a lot of cars are either too quick or too slow right now, I'm currently doing a McLaren career mode and it's one of the slowest cars in a straight line on the game even know it's a very quick car in real life, the Williams is miles behind in real life as well but on the game it's a midfield car it seems, they should have a huge downgrade, Haas and Racing Point are a little to fast for me as well, they should be behind Renault and McLaren on the performance chart, but I'm sure this is getting taken care of. The next thing I've noticed is the AI pacing, they have insane one lap pace but they are so much slower in race conditions and then absolutely horrendous in wet conditions, I started P20 in the McLaren because I used a wet setup (which the AI don't seem to use) and in qualifying on 107 AI and I managed to get into P3 within the first 10 laps or so, something needs to be done about the pace gaps with the AI. Another thing to add with the AI is their tyre choices, for some reason drivers 11th or below still pick the Softs and not the Mediums or Hards, also the front running cars like the Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bulls still qualify on the Softs in Q2 rather than using the Mediums. Regarding multiplayer the only thing I've seen is dirty drivers still have good safety ratings and the cars still bunny hop on certain curbs. I've also noticed a small bug with the highlights, I've purchased one of the premium livery's and it sometimes puts a default livery and colour that I don't have on the car rather than the paid livery and colour's I've selected. Have I missed anything?