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Found 20 results

  1. dreampage

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    I know this has been discussed before but yesterday I played more Career mode and I found something completely off. I hope you can see the attached photo. It is the end result of the New Zealand rally in "Clubman" tier. Yes, I'm the Hungarian dude in second place. But there is something absolutely incredible going on there if you look at the final times. How come there is one AI that completes the rally (6 stages) 1 minute 20 seconds faster than any other AI cars? How can it be so much faster when it's only "Clubman" difficulty? I would agree I must be a noob if every AI was faster than me but you can see I completed the rally quite well, I beat all of them (I won 3 stages out of 6) but yet that one AI is ridiculously faster than all the others. Like that S. Bernard was from another tier completely. This is what makes Career mode so hard to enjoy. You go extremely well, in the green, you win stages but then the game decides that one AI is 1:20 faster than the rest, and 0:36 faster than you. How does the game simulate these times? And why does this happen at even the second difficulty level? On a different note, I was playing in Free Play as well and it is ridiculous. I put the AI difficulty down to minimum (1/100)! When I drove the R5 VW Golf, I could win any stage with huge amounts of time, I mean even more than a minute. Obviously not a challenge. However, at the same difficulty I switched to the H2 FWD class (VW Golf) and I lost every stage, the AI was way too fast, even on the minimum difficulty setting. Something must be glitched in this game because there's no way there's so much difference in my driving between different classes. This makes the game completely unpredictable, random and very hard to enjoy.
  2. Aparow3


  3. NALStudio

    Multiplayer Careers?

    Would it be cool to have a career mode witch is (almost) same as the normal career mode, but you can invite a friend on your team and the press will evaluate you compared to your team mate. It would also be cool if you need ti agree with your friend about what to upgrade next and stuff... I think this idea could be improved, but it just came into my mind like 5 minutes ago.
  4. JanKondler

    Simulated times

    Hi @BarryBL and others I'm just reporting a bug which is here I think since you can upgrade your car in career mode (2015,2016) Everytime when session is simulated or fast forwarded (Out in Q1, DNF in race) results of (Q2,Q3, rest of the race without me) Is simulated like season 1, race 1 perfomances. Example: Mercedes in season 3 is 7th in perfomance charts, far behind top 5 in every aspect, I'm driving for Alfa Romeo (10th perfomance). When I'm out in Q1 for example possition: 17. Mercedes is on 14,15. After simulated Q3 they are in first two rows. Are you guys aware od that problem? I can send you some pictures or videos with this issue Maybe hot fix will be to let us spectate the rest of quali or rest of race I dont know So skipping and fast forwarding (also auto outlap) is an issue I know simulation cannot be 100% perfect but maybe something like :engine upgrade means -0.1 in simulated times +- 0.03 Hopefully its right thread 🙂
  5. In my career mode, since the 1.15 patch, the AI race starts are WAY MORE OP than they were before (and they were MEGA OP) But then in Grand Prix mode, they are way more balanced. Am I the only one with this issue or do you know if there is any way to fix this??
  6. When I sign in to my account on the xbox 1, my name is listed as the user, but all of my in game items such as career, customizations, car set-ups, etc are my brothers. I can change the helmet, suit, etc logged in as me and not change anything when he is logged in. There are three people who use this xbox, all have their own accounts and all play F1 2019. two of the three accounts have not been affected. Any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. Hi guys, When I saw the first time a news about a new GRID game I was really excited and my first thought was remembering Race Driver:Grid (and not Grid 2 or Autosport). I told to myself: I need to have that game at day one, so I bought a key istantly (my platform is PC). Now, 2 days after the game cames out I need to write this because I'm a little disappointed about the Career mode... I'm an italian 30-years-old (near) boy and I play with Codemasters games since the time of Colin McRae Rally and Toca 2 back in the late '90; about racing game Codemasters was the best in that time and play their games was fantastic for a child that loves cars... Anyway, back in 2008 Codemasters cames out with Race Driver:Grid, an awesome and amazing racing game, the best in that times that a PC player could play. For me this game had the best Campaign/Single Player mode/Career mode that a racing game that a player like me wants in a Racing game: - Start as a driver that obtain money racing with other teams; - Earning money until you can get your own team with the best choice of liveries, sponsorships, cars for the categories... only for reach the top as a driver and has a team! - Until your team continue to grows up you could assume a teammate and continue to choose sponsors for the high amount of money (or aesthetic maybe) that you can earn by winning a race, make a 1-2 and so on... - Continue racing with head-to-head race to Ravenwest... What a lovely game, really... nowadays a game like this is what I've expected when Codemasters announced a new GRID, forgetting the bad (imho) Grid 2 and Grid Autosport games. Unfortunately, it's not like this... The career mode is a "flat" mode where you can choose the events only for earning money to buy new cars for compete in other events, without the possibility to choose sponsor and the greatest things that you could do in a 2008 game made by the same developer... a backward footstep... I repeat, in my honest opinion, Race Driver:GRID HAS THE BEST CAREER MODE OF EVERY MOTORSPORT GAME ever launched til today. I think that a remastered of the original GRID (with new graphics, new cars and new tracks) will be better than GRID 2019... But I know that, unfortunately, is impossible because of the licenses... The only improvements I make on the career mod of Grid is something like this: - You start back in the 2008 (or another past year) as a simple talented driver that has to race with other teams to earning money for buying an own garage to fix the old racing car of your father (something like a film, but it isn't necessary of course) and then create your own team to compete in old stock cars (maybe) races choosing the sponsors for earning more money and livery as you wish; - The last race of season is again the "24H of Le Mans" (a 15 minute race or something like with day-night timing) like Race:Driver Grid; - As the years pass by you unlock new cars (for example: back in 2008 there wasn't a Nissan 370z or the Subaru BRZ, or the new Ford GT, the new Porsche 911, the Ferrari 488, prototypes and so on...) that you can buy for your team to compete in other events... - Your team continue to grows up until you can assume a teammate, buying a professional garage, new sponsors... - A rival team (like Ravenwest) invites you to haed-to-head races to win update for your "old" cars or their own "new" cars and a lot of money... - Continue to race until you reach the top as a driver and as a team and when you finishes with gold medal all the events of the career. That's my Motorsport Career Mode dream... I know that requires a lot of time and resources, but if you remember the 2008 game... it's not so impossible... Do not get me wrong, mine is just constructive criticism, take it only for what it is, just an advice. PS: Sorry for my bad English and for the long explanation.
  8. MPHGP817

    Way too much rain!!!!!

    I’ve had more rain sessions and races in the last FIVE race weekends than in the last decade of real F1. Every practice and qualifying sessions save two practice sessions were wet. On top of that the rain doesn’t seem to affect the AI, perfect acceleration, perfect braking, and perfect cornering ability.
  9. Hi Friends, I know it sounds a tad too late to put this topic up but I love the F1 2017 game so much, especially the career, still playing it over the F1 2018 which I had bought last year. So I've always played at 85% difficulty but I realized it's not right. For eg; started a new career with Sauber at 85% again. I was able to qualify in 7th. Didn't like it. I started a new career again with 90% AI difficulty & qualified in 15th. I was about 1.3 seconds faster than Wehrlein. Was about 2.3/2.5 seconds behind Vettel in 1st. 19th was the set goal for my qualy. What would be the best gauge to ascertain AI difficulty in career? 1. Since I always start with Sauber, should the AI difficulty be set so high that I finish in 15th - 20th? 2. At 90%, I'm still able to maintain 1.3 seconds to Wehrlein. Should I set the difficulty to where teammate is much closer to my time? Hopefully I find an ideal solution from Someone who's tried & tested this. Experience is the best thing.
  10. BennyF1

    R&D System 2019

    Is it just me or is the R&D system way too fast this year? I mean a maxed out Alfa Romeo at the end of season two (5 seconds faster compared to beginning of season one)?! Why should I play the other eight seasons? 2018 was also that fast... but the R&D system from 2017 was perfect... they should add an option where you can choose between "quick", "regular" and "realistic" for the R&D system. Besides all the great improvements they made for carreer mode.. this really annoys me.
  11. I would like to see an in depth career mode just like in WRC 8. I only bought that because of the career mode but turned out the game itself sucks so im staying with DR2. I really liked the idea behind the whole management stuff. There is so much options to go in deep in this aspect, sponsors, staff management, R&D, special events (unforseen things that force you with a choice). A lot of this coming from Motosport manager, if i could mix up the 2 games that would be the dream but i know its impossible. Atm ingame there is no real career thing, you just hop into an event and there you go. Maybe the devs can make it into a DLC for year 2 (btw do we know anything about year2 dlcs?) I would pay a lot for something like this.
  12. There is problem, not only in 2019 version with times simulation. After you are out of the session in q1 ai made like 4 sec slower time in q2 and q3 without any weather change. And what is even more frustrating is that if you have in you career mode williams in first place of perfomance charts and you cannot make it into q3 they will be always P15 and P14 (if you are out in q1) and p10 and p9 (if you are out in q2). Please Codies it is in game since you can upgrade your car in career mode (2016 I think) and because of that bug it is really hard to play career mode since season 2. Please please In the pictures you can see what happend in season 2 when I was 20th.. 4+ second difference Let me know if you are aware please, thanks
  13. rb240tuner

    Rookie Veteran Gauge

    Have any of you witness your rookie to veteran gauge go backward toward rookie since starting a career?
  14. I was wondering of more People are gonna restart their career mode. I think i will IF the performance table completly gets shuffled.
  15. Aljudifa

    Unrealistic Team Goal

    Ever since we have had the option to select a difficulty for the Team Goals in our contract negotiations, I've always selected the hardest goal. I have always tought these goals were quite good. Some a little more challenging than others, but never 'impossible'. But now, going in to the Chinese GP in my first season, they ask me to score 25 Drivers' Championship Points in two race weekends. That would mean that I would at least need one podium place to ever have a chance of achieving the goal. But, I am in a McLaren... How can they ever set a team goal that high? That is not a hard goal, that is a virtually impossible goal if you are driving on a challenging level and have to fight for every point. I don't mind if this happens only ones, but if I get more of these goals it would really be annoying, cause 600 RP are very welcome, certainly in the early stages of the season.
  16. Here is the thing, when I am playing career, I usually don't do out and in laps on my own, I just use "flying lap" and "back to the pits" options, and if I use those options tires are 10% to 20% worn after I did one fast lap on them, and if I do in and out lap on my own the tires are 8% worn, max. In Spain I got to Q3 on Supersoft tires, i did out lap on my own, it was the last flying lap of the session so after I finished the lap AI took over. Tires were 7% worn in that moment. I started the lap on 25% worn Supersofts, so somehow the AI that took over my car, managed to destroy my tires on a cool down lap, with no fuel to go full speed. Can you imagine the struggle in that first stint. Can you fix this Codies please? Platform is PC, Steam
  17. Playing on PC patch 1.04 with Williams in my lazy career mode (purposely slow AI on 60 so I always win). After France it was time for my next contract (season 1). I'm really sure that all perks except pitstops were on level 3. I may have clicked on them to see if there would appear a level 4 or so lol. So I clicked on the propose button and all perks changed to none, and contract value depleted, and I checked again after loading Austria, and perks are still on level 0.