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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, Platform: XBOX I had been playing the game without any issues, had a qualifying session in my team mode and after that jumped right into the race. The race started and the throttling, handling etc. was super weird. I have noticed that the game automatically turned on the assists. I got to the settings menu and shocked to see that certain menu items (including assists) have disappeared. I quit the game for a couple times, replugged the inputs on the console and hard reset the console; however the problem still persists. Help pls, the game is unplayable right now. Th
  2. Hi good afternoon, I'll make it short ... I transferred my PS4 data to the PS5. My character data has been adopted on the PS5 version of F1 2021 but the career scores are completely missing. But if I start the PS4 version via the PS5, then everything is there... Do I have to start from scratch now if I want to play the PS5 version of F1 2021? Help.
  3. can anyone tell me if patch 1.13 was released today as I am at work and cannot verify??? I just found the a link below online and it says "today". Can someone please confirm this for me so I can call the wife and have her complete the update for me???? F1 2021 Update 1.13 Patch Notes for PS4, PC and Xbox One (updatecrazy.com)
  4. I just bought the game on Steam (Windows 10) but whenever I start it up I get to the title screen where it says "press any button", and whenever I press a button the game freezes. I get the "f1 2021 is not responding" message followed by a crash. This has happened every single time without exception, so I've never been able to get past the title screen and make it to the actual main menu itself. I've already tried all the solutions in the troubleshooting guide (reinstalling/updating drivers, DirectX and all related software, reinstalling the game, rebooting the game in safemode, checking the i
  5. A detailed description of the issue. - Game crashed when racing on Mexico in Grand Prix Mode (details are are attached in DUMP zip. When trying to play Grand Prix mode now the game instantly crashes to desktop 100% of the time. Report Code. - "ReportCode": "KAMG-BBXC-PXBR-DDVG", "Exception": "C0000005 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0000000041BD1A49", Platform? - PC/Steam Game-mode? Grand Prix What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. - Reinstalled the game, lowered graphics settings, ran in safe mode, tried tracks in all other game mode
  6. Just bought the game to play with my PS4. Under the graphic setting it shows me this error report code: report code TBDV-DXXJ-VXGK-EAKJ All the text has an annoying king of white lines under each word. Could you help me please?
  7. Hi all, I need help I do not know where to report my report code. I was looking everywhere but contact on codemasters I didn´t found. So I put it here. The code is: EGBV-CRKD-BMDA-HEEE. Please fix this I would be very thankful. Thank you. Sorry for my english.
  8. Can't join online lobbies, get the error: "Failed to verify integrity of game files. Access to online features are restricted." I've seen that this usually happens when people install mods, but I've never touched mods or downloaded anything related to the game. I was joining plenty of online lobbies yesterday with no probably and suddenly today I'm getting this error. Only thing that may have affected it is the fact that I installed my Thrustmaster T300 wheel yesterday but it let me use it in the online lobbies yesterday so I don't know :/. Report Code: Not sure what that is and can't fin
  9. A detailed description of the issue. When I was racing in Spain I turned on ERS at the start of the race and I couldn't disable it. Report Code. RCPA-ERKG-TCKM-PEKG Platform? PS4 Game-mode? Online-Social Play [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. 3 [ONLINE] Were you the host? No [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard. What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Goi
  10. Hi I’ve got DBVB-EMAP-RDBV-GTEG showing at the bottom corner of my screen,what is this and what do I do with it ?? Thankyou in advance for you help 👍
  11. The game crashes everytime i use my keyboard for somehting, like tabbing out or opening steam overlay. PLease help
  12. Been playing the game for a few days so far have I have had numerous bugs and I have collected a list from what I have observed so far: 1. ERS button when it is put to 'hold' press it doesn't work well it actually prevents the car from changing gears so only option is toggle now 2. AI sometimes jumps the start without penalty 3. Inconsistent AI difficulty between tracks (this was an issue on most f1 games in the past) some races they are easy and some difficult - This is playing and comparing tracks with MY OWN SKILL level I find tracks like Bahrain I can finish top 3 and Spain,
  13. Hi there, The logitech G923 True force wheel isn't an option in this game yet. Does anyone know if the wheel will be added as the features the wheel offer would be ideal in the game.
  14. F1 2021 [ PS4 ] Hi, these are the bugs/issues I have encountered myself and others have forward to me. These issues have been online/offline, career, with and without AI, with and without other players and with different settings. All these can be replicated by simply playing the game in any mode - Unfortunately these have all been recognised since the Standard release date. PC v PS4: The PC version of the game has a significant difference in handling, a more stiff and understeering feel to it. Tyre allocation: You can not select your weekends tyre allocation in any mo
  15. No Force feedback in any mode SJHR-BBDG-GVAC-CSJE PC All of them (Report code from time trials) Offline Update drivers, firmware, reinstalled FF
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