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  1. Audio keeps cutting out when in loading screen and during races etc. Dosen't happen on any other games so cant be a problem on my end.
  2. Console: PS5 Report code: SHMJ-DDRJ-CJSG-BASC Wheel: Thrustmaster t300 with the old Ferrari F1 Add-on So after the first few weeks of playing this game the ERS button is bothering me. Whenever I try to turn the ERS on/off I have to push the button 4 to 12 times before it does work. I tried remapping to a different button but without any succes. I have 2 friends who also play on the ps5 and have the same issue. one is playing on the Fannatec Csl elite f1 and one also plays on the thrustmaster t300 with the stock rim. I think that it’s a ps5 only issue since league racer
  3. I have mapped out the buttons to my Thrustmaster T300 assigning the MFD cycle button to L3. However, whenever I press L3 it cycles to the next MFD menu before quickly returning to the previous MFD menu. If you press the L3 button multiple times in quick succession you can get it to jump several menus ahead before it skips back to the one before it. This means that you can't cycle and stop on the last MFD screen. HEPR-EJDJ-CPBX-CKSP PS4 All N/A N/A Tried deleting the profile and re-mapping, but this hasn't worked. Ensured that the L3 button is not mapped
  4. I dont know why but this happens to me after every ranked race. when the race is finished it goes to something like a Temple screen with 2 same option (i think is said To Do ) and when i Click on it , game closes itself . but Fortunately the race count .
  5. Platform Xbox one S Bug 1: I have the latest update for the thrustmaster TMX and the FFB go off in every session Bug 2: the sound go off in every session
  6. Hi, I am getting a red message in the bottom left hand corder of my game when I pause it in race. The report code is: JSGX-MADJ-KGRI-MVKV I have no idea what this is, could you please let me know? Also corner cutting in single player GP mode does not even give me a warning when I cut corners off track etc. (yes, it is turned on, using the default standard settings regarding the rules) Seems to register in ranked races though.
  7. Given the Series X now has the quick resume feature, I had assumed a bug? was fixed that's plagued me for at least the last 3 F1 titles, that is, when I use another app (on the older Xbox consoles) and or other games on my SX the F1 games will just close without warning and requires restarting every time. That's a little bit counterintuitive right aha Just highlighting this issue, don't expect it to be fixed
  8. A detailed description of the issue: F1 2021 appears to have problems on my system from the get-go. Once the game is started (which can sometimes take an obnoxiously long amount of time), the game will freeze for several seconds, then resume for a few more, then freeze again. This cycle is constantly repeated, never improving. In the game menu, the music always plays - it never freezes. However, the game itself does freeze, as I cannot select anything until the game has "resumed". Also, I cannot connect to the network. I get the "Online Services Error (Error Code: 2631071469:S)" screen. Of all
  9. Please add VR support for the Oculus SDK (Most used on steam by like 75% of all VR users). I myself will not purchase your game until this feature is added and I know many others that have said the same. Dirt rally runs great in Vr so clearly you guys can do it, but choose not to. I understand if it's not profitable then why do it, but it's clear the f1 games are trying to raise the bar in a lot of areas, and this is not one of them. The cars are too fast not to be able to look at apexes!! TLDR; Everyone that races VR is probably gonna skip your game.
  10. On Xbox app I searched f1 2021 and it said download to console so I did it and it somehow is downloading on my Xbox hoe has this happend is this early access?
  11. Please, my form was filled two weeks ago.
  12. ma quanto tempo ci vuole per darmi la beta di f1 2021? perché ho fatto la richiesta un'ora fa e non è arrivato niente
  13. Hi everyone, Since a day when I try to enter into a track the game will infinitely load in the black screen saying please wait. This after I preorder f1 2021 (I'm on ps4). I also had similar issue causes by my external hdd wich sometimes unplug but thi happened way after the last time it happened so it's not caused by corrupted files I guess. Any advice?
  14. My game is anytime crashing! Help Help Help! Thanks a lot
  15. A detailed description of the issue: Valteri BOTTAS went from P7 to P4 following my crossing of the finish line, while the pilots in P6, P5, and P4 are still ahead. Platform: Steam What version of the game you are using: 1.18 Game-mode?: MyTeam What troubleshooting have you attempted?: I can't do anything, well I think... What peripherals are you are using: Xbox One Controller for PC Any screenshots or video of the issue?: Stay focused on the position indicated by the steering wheel I don't know if you are going to be able to correct anything, but it's frustrating when yo
  16. Hello, I accidentally rammed a driver out today. And he said he reports me and I am banned. Is that correct?
  17. I am not sure if this really is a problem(s) or just a function of the game and how the code runs. When in Career Mode and GP Mode 50% Race Length, when events happen, for example Yellow Flag or VSC, you get the warning, lift and slow down, then a second later you get a penalty or warning for not slowing down. I have even hit the breaks and downshifted and still get the penalty. I find it more annoying than anything else, along with getting hit from behind or the side by the sim car and I get a penalty. So I am not sure if it is really a bug or something that happens with time compressi
  18. So I have 2 Xbox’s. one downstairs one upstairs. I downloaded the Schumacher Pack on the one downstairs. However when I log on to my one upstairs (same Xbox gamer tag) the content and any game saves are missing. Help!
  19. Ok I live in the caribbean but all the lobbies i can see are europe lobbies, I'm a few kilometers from Florida. There is a 6 hours gap, I just can't play at 15pm hoping to find 5/6 muppets that will crash into me before they go to bed - PC - 1.14 - Unranked - Wireless or usb wired mobile hotspot - I have 2 videos showing the same thing despite in one of them I used a vpn that connected me to San Francisco , with no result in the game : F1_2020_-_DX12_2020_12.23_-_17_40_05.01-converted.mp4 F1_2020_-_DX12_2020_12.23_-_17_42_17.02-converted.mp4
  20. Hey guys, I'm playing F1 2020 for weeks now and never noticed any graphical bugs. Yesterday, I started working on a custom livery for "My Team". While testing this livery, I noticed that metallic effects (blue on the specular map) appear pitch black. I tested various liveries available online, in order to rule a mistake with my livery out, and the result is the same. I've attached two pictures, using such a livery: The first shows how it should appear, the second how it shows in my game. The uses livery is "Jaguar Racing Formula 1 Team - My Team Fantasy Livery" by Flitz17. Has s
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