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Found 17 results

  1. DRC - DiRT Rally Championship https://www.dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/39043 Open for everybody, so everybody who feels like participating can do so, no matter how active you are in the forum, and you will not be kicked if you might be inactive for some weeks (As long as you're not cheating of course). If you have ambitions for winning regular participation might be helpful though. On to the rules: Every DRC-Season will consist of all Rally locations, including DLC. One Season has to be completed with the same car! Every event (rally) will
  2. Hey guys ! Have a look to this club : OFFICIAL WRC https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/408412 Created for world rally championship fans 😎 following the official yearly calendar 🗓 with R5, the closest to Rally1. 12 events 🌍 : 2 days with 12 stages and all weathers 🌪️ Maximum simulation 💪 : assists disabled, forced cockpit camera, hardcore damage, unexpected moments and short services ⏱ See you soon in the ditch 😉
  3. Welcome to the official DiRT Rally 2.0 Club; the largest one in the game with around 20,000 members! Whether you're new to the game, an esports competitor or somewhere in between, this is a place that welcomes one and all as we take on massive rallies around the world. 🎫 Join The Club 🎫 https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/179040 📕 2021 Championship Information & Stage Details 📕 https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/News/2021_club_championship
  4. Hello my motorists! I created a club aimed at the "not so alien" drivers who just enjoy the game after the working day is done and kids are in bed Assists are enabled and cockpitview is not forced. Would be well happy if a few people would join the club, first championship is up and running. Just search for "Global Rallyfans" in the club section. See you on the stage or hit the following link: the club: https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/377197 our discord is also up and running: https://discord.com
  5. Hello fellow DiRT Rally drivers, SxS is excited to announce it's first ever Stage Rally Season on DiRT Rally 2.0, due to start on 27/09/2021 Our first Rally Season will include 12 races, in 3 diffrent car classes. Events will be on for 1 week from Monday to Sunday, every event will consist of 4 short stages. The last Stage of every event will count as a Power Stage rewarding the Top 5 with extra points (5-4-3-2-1) The first 4 races will be in the "R5" class, the following 4 in the "Up to 2000cc (4WD)" class and we will be finishing it of with 4 races in the "Group A" class.
  6. JRC 2001 Live will have the fastest drivers drive against each other in the '01 cars on 11th of December. The event will have 9 rallies consisting of 1 stage each. Rallies will award drivers points based on the '01 point system (10-6-4-3-2-1). The event will also have car draft for the Teams' Championship, where drivers get to choose their cars for the event. The whole event will be live streamed by ninko on JRC's Twitch Channel. Time: 11th of December, 18:00 GMT Platform: PC Cars: Peugeot 206 Rally, Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 and Subaru Impreza 2001 Qualifying
  7. Hello everyone, A special season is starting next week in Junior Rally Championship (JRC) and now is good time to join. JRC World Cup features 9 challenging rounds where we will find out the world champion and the fastest DR2 nation. The specialty of World Cup is its nation based team. We will use the in-game flags so you don't need to sign up anywhere. Season features 3 different modern car classes; R2, R5 and R-GT. You can freely choose your cars for the rallies but the OP cars (Fiesta R2, Fiesta Mk2 R5 and BMW R-GT) are banned so don't choose them. Each of the car classes wil
  8. Hi all! We're a very small Dirt Rally 2 community that is looking for a few new drivers. We intend to run this league with a maximum of 48 drivers to keep it manageable and cosy. We have our own fair scoring system with Power Stage Points. We also have our own Dirt Rally 2 high scores at https://turn7racing.net/highscores/dirtrally2. For more details about this league see https://turn7racing.net/leagues/view/dirt-2.0-2000cc-s6-season-of-speed-multi-platform, our Discord: https://discord.gg/GE3W8bE. Starts 20th of october! The first week end the 27th of october! Detail
  9. You all are invited to the... 💥 Spanish Tapas Campeonato 💥 Join: https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/395778 - 4 nations, - 2 stages each one - A Virtual Prize for the participants! 😛
  10. How to Enter: To take part, join the Jon Armstrong Rally club in DiRT Rally 2.0. https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/179043 Rally Details: Competition Details: Club event starts at 00:00 BST on July 13 Club event ends at 08:00 BST on July 16 No entry fee, simply load up the game and if you have the Wales DLC you can drive All cars allowed, as are tuning setups When the event closes, the Leaderboard will be analysed and the Top 10 drivers from Estonia will be contacted These Top 10 drivers will
  11. https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/386141 Welcome to RWD Legends, a club open to everybody, dedicated to RWD cars of the past. Championships will rotate between H2 RWD, H3 RWD and Group B RWD. H2 RWD Championship is currently active and ends on July 2nd! - 6 events - 4 short and 2 long stages - The duration for each event is 1 week - Service area at SS1 and SS4 - Hardcore damage active - Assists disabled Open for suggestions and changes to the format. Feel free to contribute.
  12. @PJTierney Can you please have a Look at our Club , we have started Championship No. 3 , but the Dirtrally2.dirtgame that keeps track of everything is still showing the result of Cahmpionship No. 2 We have completed (2) Rallies so far in Championship No. 3 , with all the individual Rally Results reflecting , but if you want to check to Championship results, it only Shows No . 1 and 2. Please advise ?
  13. Hi guys, FPR is an ACC league that recently opened a Dirt Rally 2.0 section. We're doing 6 stages per week, in beautiful locations such as Poland, Spain or Argentina, and with a good variety of cars. Most players are beginners / casuals, so it's all about having fun and sharing our best or funniest runs with each other ! Our first week is Poland in Group A cars, and it ends this Saturday ! If you are interested to join, here's the link to the discord. You'll find all the infos there. https://discord.gg/ceSYATWN Hoping to have you on board !
  14. Our resident rally driver at Codies, @jonny174, now has a DiRT Rally 2.0 Club of his own, so feel free to join it 🙂 Join Club Some of you may have been in this already and are wondering why. Well, this used to be the Expert DiRT Club, up until its most recent Championship concluded. Either way, I'm sure Jon will do something with this Club in the future so hop on in and keep an eye out in-game whenever he sets something up 🙂 And for those who don't know Jon (though given this is the Codies forum most will), here's a video from his You
  15. Team XI F1 racing community is looking to expand into Dirt Rally 2.0 We are currently running multible F1 leagues Next month we will host our first GT Sport League And we would really appresiate people who want to help us shape our Dirt Rally 1st league with theire feedback You can watch our live streams on our you tube channel Always Actively recruiting in F1 2020 GT SPORTS DIRT Rally 2.0 Thanks for your time Always enjoy Racing with friends Join our Club https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/372881 Emai
  16. Hello there, If anyone is looking to join a club on DR 2.0 I am currently looking for members for Dominion Rally. I am hoping to have monthly championships with one event per week and 6 or 7 events each. Hardcore damage is on and no assists, both experienced and beginners are welcome (after all, this is my first venture into online racing). And if there is interest, I may make a discord where we can share setups, replays etc. Thanks all! https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/373348
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