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Found 4 results

  1. DRWC – DIRT RALLY WORLD CUP https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/222220 Hello all WRC fans, Real world WRC 2020 season start this week, so i made new WRC2/R5 race club “DR WORLD CUP”, there we aims to follow the real WRC 2020 calendar, as good we can. The DR WORLD CUP is international WRC2 rally racing series for everyone. Race results and championship standings will be shared via this forum and Fb-pages. DR World Cup is open for everybody, no matter how active or good you are in the series. Welcome to enjoy the first season! DR World Cup on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DRWorldCup/ Rules: DR World Cup -season will aims to follow the real WRC 2020 calendar. Race dates match with real life WRC 2020 calendar. Note. Some rally locations have had to be changed. Including DLC. Used R5 car class (WRC2). Dirt Rally 2.0 take care to race results and championship standings. Race results and championship standings will be shared via the forum and Fb-pages. Every rally event will last for 4 days. Each Rally will consist of 12 Stages. SS1, SS2, SS5, SS8, SS10 and SS12 will have Service Parks. SS1, SS3, SS6, SS9 and SS11 will be a short stage. SS2, SS4, SS5, SS7, SS8, SS10 and SS12 will be a long stage. Assists are disables. Forced Cockpit Camera are Active. Hardcore Damage are Active. Restarts are disabled and any kind of cheating is illegal. Works cross platforms, PS4, XBOX, PC & PC VR Join the club and enter into rally events: https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/222220 Sorry for my bad english 😄 Cheers Moguzi (also founder of ”4WD Suomi-Sarja” -club) https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/191499
  2. SAULOM117

    Broken score championship club

    First of all, I am Brazilian and I don't know fluent English, so I am using google translator and hope you can understand me and disregard errors of agreement in writing. I created a club called "WRC Brasil", it's been two championships and I don't understand the scoring system very well. Can you ask me any questions? Question 1: Is this the scoring system? 1º - 9pts ; 2º- 6pts ; 3º- 5pts ; 4º- 4pts ; 5º- 3pts ; 6º- 2pts ; 7º- 1pts ; 8º- 1pts ; 9º- 1pts Question 2: Is there a bug with our championship scoring system? We can only see the sum of the two championships that have already taken place and by my calculations, these scores do not match the scoring system (which I reported in doubt 1). Question 3: Is there any way to see the individual score of each championship? If so, how? We can only see this table in the attached image
  3. Hi, it would be great if individual driving assists could be allowed or disabled for club championships. For example, some people don't have a shifter and would like to use automatic transmission, but may still want to prevent ABS and traction control from being used in championships. In the same way, it would be good if we could restrict the allowed camera views by enabling/disabling each view individually, e.g. to allow cockpit and hood views, but forbid external views. While you're at it, you could also allow multiple car classes per championship, allowing us the enable/disable each class in the same way as the assists and cameras.
  4. As administrator for my club, I attempted to create a new championship for my league - and it somehow bombed out during creation. Now it looks like it only saved one stage/leg, and I have NO idea what time-frame it saved for. I would like to delete and re-create it, but I don't see an option to be able todo so? Am I missing something? Sadly I can't even just 'ignore' it and create another championship alongside it, as it blocks and states I can't run another championship until the other is completed. Links: The 'broken' championship that I would like edited or deleted:https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/181874/results/championship/2/event/0 The club: https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/181874