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Found 8 results

  1. Good afternoon! I have a big problem with Dirt Rally online for several days. from Racenet disconnect me after one race in any online mode. I checked my Internet connection, it’s good. I'm reinstalled the game and checked the files - nothing helps.
  2. The green bar (which shows how much input you give to the throttle) in the HUD doesnt stay on full, even when I physically dont lift the throttle. This has lead that my Vmax is 10-15 km/h slower than my friend, On the same setup and tires. My collegue reported that it compromised my Acceleration and my max speed. I am using a Logitech G920 wheel, idk if its driver related or game related. My collegue even said that he also had the feeling of beeing "extra slow" a few days ago, so maybe he had the same problem. I attached a clip in offline grand prix mode, so its not only in online racing but also in Offline racing. F1_2019_2019_07.19_-_17_07_02_05.DVR_Trim.mp4
  3. I just can't start a league in multiplayer mode with realistic F1 2019 cars performance. This is very disappointing... And in unranked mode, you can set everything like in F1 2018, but after you exit the game, you can't back to it because there's no save game... so you need to start all over again... how can you do that, Codemasters? A multiplayer championship was "state of the art" in F1 2018. Very exciting and challenging... now is just dust... Can you fix this? Otherwise, F1 2019 was just a bad investiment to me and my friends...
  4. Same circuit, same driver, same session, results speaks for them selfs ( DISGUSTING, dont deserve to be in the stands spectating, let alone on the same circuit racing ), only difference was car ( still top team cars ), however still doesnt justify the time difference when you consider the tyres used, Cockpit 1:31 Tyres Soft TV Pod 1:28 Tyres Hard ( Lap Delta +1.355 SEC 🤢 ) Personal preference, REALLY For all those that say thier is no difference in laptimes, its just personal preference SUUURE IT IS X Files the truth is out thier, your just to scared to look, and am not doing your homework.
  5. ScailerSugar72

    Red Flag in F1 2019

    Please add Red Flag into F1 2019.In F1 2012,13 and 14 there was.So why from the wintage 2015 is not there?
  6. I paid extra for the legends Edtion so I wouldnt have to see Lewis Hamilton's mug on the on front cover, I dont know what version of the game was in your stream, but it showed Lewis mug for career, If its the same photo for all versions, it needs to be changed, or what am I paying extra for.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFoiG63-GdI Apologies for the majority of the forum for the foreign looking view, but bielve it or not this is what a F1 driver actually see's wilst racing, all info he/she needs is on the steering wheel or avaible via engineer. F1 2018 was advertised as the most authentic simulation, cant say I noticed, Codemasters will F1 2019 have accurate steering wheels with all info ?. Microphone compatibility so we can talk to our engineer for race updates ?, Will opacity have adjustment 100-0 this year instead of 10 ?
  8. Hi I just seen a video on YouTube of F1 2019. and pit realise lights and still not visible from cockpit cam, can you confirm either way if this will be fixed before realise please, I want to pre order but if cockpit drivers are going to be ignored again this year, makes sence to wait until its on sale.