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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, Anyone else having an issue with connecting to the online ranked sessions on Xbox One? I have played nearly every day for over a month, then on Sunday I tried to log in I couldn't connect, with the error (my best recollection of what it says) "Cannot connect due to multiplayer ranking statistics being unavailable. Please try again later". Every day since I have received the same error when trying to connect and I haven't been able to play since. I should state that I was kicked out of one session just prior to this, which I thought was unfair - I was coming last because I got taken out, but I was lapping as fast as the front runners. I got blue flagged even though I was an entire 2 turns in front of the leading pack. Please help!
  2. Hey guys I've been qualifying in the first Esports qualifying event for the past week and abit, but since about the 1st of August or so I haven't been able to start the event. Playing on PC from New Zealand. I can still see the leaderboards, my ranking (currently 321st on PC), and use all other online features. But it says I need to register for the event but I have been registered the past week while qualifying so dont know why I suddenly am not. When I re-register it gives me the error code "500: internal server error". Any help? Am keen to keep qualifying in tomorrow event and the rest of them.