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Steering Wheel






Found 11 results

  1. Hello Codemasters and Forummembers, Probably everybody have heard the news about that Codemasters took over Slightly Mad Studios and this brings up something i hope for future F1 games. In Project Cars 2 Pad players are able to use the Motion Control of the controller. That means by moving the Controller like a wheel. Something that helps in my opinion the Pad players. Not only is it more precise. It makes it more enjoyable, at least for me. Driving with the Analogstick in F1 bothers me a lot and hurts my thumb 😂. Changing the Fuel or ERS setting for example during race is a bit hard since you are all the time with the thumb on the stick. I saw already some Topics about this and there are many players hoping that it would be implement in the games but nothing changed yet. I hope someone of the the staff members read this especially @Fayaonce answered in old Topics that it is noticed.
  2. Steff900427

    Racestart with PS4 Controller

    Can someone tell me how I get in F1 2019 with the PS4 controller a good race start? I just can not get it and after the start every half of the field pulls past me. The tires are always turning around like this because you can never regulate the gas as with a steering wheel and pedals.
  3. So i got this issue that my dualshock 4 controller does not get recognized as such by the game on PC. It gets recognized as being a xbox controller. While steam does recognize the controller correctly. I tried deleting all data already and tried to find a way that i could change the required device thing. Is there someone that knows how to solve this?
  4. Is there a chance that we can get diffrend leaderboards in hotlap modus for controller and steering wheel or maybe a distinction between the two?
  5. Hi all, Just wandeering if anyone would like to share the maximum ai difficulty level they are currently running whereby they are still competitive/having fun? With all assists off though. In Career atm I'm using an Xbone Controller (of which the rumble triggers aren't working/aren't featured yet, I think) and the ai are at 80%. I guess I'm outperforming Riccarido fairly comfortable in the Renault atm. But I honestly think 85-90% will be the max though, As I just tried the e-sports event and could only just about catch up to Perez in P6 there at 85%. So just want to gauge how bad I am. Or just want to make myself feel better with my assumption that all the top leaderboard players are using wheels.
  6. ROMAN582


    I just bought a brand new wired xbox controller to connect to my pc to play F1 2019 but every time i turn left it does not want to turn left at all and its delayed. turning right is fine but left im having so much problems
  7. I just bought a brand new wired xbox controller to connect to my pc to play F1 2019 but every time i turn left it does not want to turn left at all and its delayed. turning right is fine but left im having so much problems
  8. Hello everyone, Today i bought F1 2019 from steam. Since it said alle controllers accepted. So i succesfully setup the game working with my ps3 controller appart from one problem. The problem is that when i go into controler calibration mode i see that pushing the L2 button gives a gradual changing signal. The R2 however only does 0 or 100% no matter how far it is pushed in. Is there somehow you can get this button to behave like the L2? I want to assign the R2 to the throttle but behaving like a on/off switch i cannot. I hope someone had this problem before and knows how to tackle it.
  9. JeyKing92

    Steering with Controller

    Hello. I am new in this game and playing it now on my Playstation. I am asking if it is possible to add a steering setting where you can steer with the movements of your controller like in GT Sport? I dont play the game a lot and looks kinda dump in my living room to buy a actual steering wheel. I like the function in GT Sport a lot and want this in F1 😕
  10. Hi guys, just want to know your opinion: I'd like to know how much quicker you can go on a wheel or how fast can you go playing on the pad. In time trial in Hungary I set a 1:14.468 using a normal PS4 controller. You can always find a tenth here and there but I don't think it's possible to find 0.7 secs. What's your opinion? PS That's my 1:14.4... I really can't improve that lap time
  11. Who would like the option for speed sensitivity in the controller input settings? Currently the more speed you carry the less sensitive inputs become, to such a point that you can vigorously push left & right going down a straight without almost no input at all. This issue is amplified if the wheel dampening setting is set med-high hence the reason I have to turn it off. Turning this off gives me no right trigger vibration on my xB1 elite GPAD. Not having this option is the biggest negative for me on this current tittle. The lack precision and counter corrections can not be made the way I would like and that I can do in other racing tittles such as AC, ACC, PC2. Furthermore deadzone = 0 is not 0 as there is a buffer zone. I really hope CM introduces this option in the future.