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Found 1 result

  1. What's up everyone, Ghosty here! Codemasters have shown us in their live stream on YouTube how the customisation will look like in F1 2019, which will be released on the 28th of June (in two weeks). You can find the video down below as I will post timestamps with each feedback & suggestion that I give. I welcome everyone to post suggestions of their own here if they have any. I myself will focus mostly on the driver customization but there is something I would like to be added in both driver and multiplayer car (mpc) customisation. 1) Let's start with the driver profiles (14:20 in the video): One thing that I expected from the customisation options of F1 2019 was the ability to finally change the eye and hair colours of the individual profiles. There is only one profile that we have seen in the video, which appear to be all from the previous titles, that almost looks like me. Almost because the hair and eye colours do not match. A really frustrating thing even for casual players. We all want to identify ourselves in the profile that we customize. 2) Moving on to the Suits (15:33 in the video): When I was watching the video for the first time I was really happy to see that there are many different suit styles to choose from, however, my reaction changed to disbelief when I realized that it is not possible to change the colours of the individual patterns of the suits. They are all locked in colour! Why?! My disbelief turned into massive disappointment when I realized that the many "different" styles of suits were nothing but the same in a row with just different and locked colour combinations. Look at 15:39: The first two rows have the same styles. The only differences are the colours and the stripes on the side of the arms. Two of them are even supposed to be paid for with the "C" points! Ridiculous! It is just a cheap and lazy way to make you believe that there are many different suit styles while in reality there are not so many. Why is it not made possible for the player to change the colours of the patterns? 3) The exact same goes for the Gloves as well (16:14 in the video): Here the first three rows are all the same! You cannot change the colours either. Why? That is what "Customisation" stands for. To have the ability to change things like colours of the individual patterns of suits/gloves, just like in the helmet and mpc customisation. Why is it not made possible for us here as well? What is the point of custom liveries if the suit/glove style and colour combinations do not match? It just bewilders me how the game was advertised to be one of freedom of customisation after two years of development when you cannot even change simple things like hair, eye and glove colours yourself. 4) Moving on to my final suggestion, which is for the MPC customisation (17:35 in the video): I am super happy that we finally have the ability to edit the liveries of the cars to give us more of an identity on the tracks. It has the same system as the helmet customisation: You have the Hue, Saturation and Luminance, each with their own sliders. The thing that bothers me is that there is absolutely no accuracy in the customisation of this system in its current state. For example, it would be absolutely amazing if you could edit the levels of Red, Green and Blue (RGB) of a colour. It would allow the player to use the exact colour that he wants to have for the base of his car. Another thing that should be added are percentages to Saturation and Luminance so that the players can know exactly how much they have changed without having to use a ruler to measure the changes ^^. This and the RGB levels are important for friends or clans who would like to have an identical car livery like an IRL F1 team while playing online. These additions can also be used for helmet customisation as well as suits and gloves if they are ever to become customisable. For reference, I have created an edited version of a screenshot that I have taken from 16:14 in the video. There is also the default as it currently is in the game for comparison. I don't like to say these kind of things but I came up with these ideas within 10 mins after watching the video while it apparently took Codemasters two development years to come up with basically nothing as an addition to this editing system. DEFAULT MY VERSION EDITING Conclusion: It is awesome that Codemasters finally go further into customisation but if you are going to do it then you have to go all-in. As the colour customisation currently is there is still a lot of room for improvement. I hope that the community managers pass this information to the development team as well as to the director of the game, Lee Mather. I pray that it also really reaches them and that they take the time to look at it carefully because small changes like these can change the gameplay dramatically and definitely positively for all kinds of players. As for the gloves and suits, I hope that, if they do not become customisable through colour changes done by the player, CM adds more styles with patches down the line. We have see nothing from the premium ones so far so I hope that they are great at least and that they are not too expensive. For all of you who have read through the entire post I thank you for the time and again welcome you to add your suggestion down below. Thank you!