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Found 7 results

  1. Bluestig

    Watered down damage.

    Very disappointed to know that the new grid has vastly toned down damage. The physical crumpling of chassis and frame are basically non-existent. Watch this: https://youtu.be/6sc4P4LPS9Q from 4:20. So far I’ve noticed: 1. Wheels don’t detach anymore. 2. Way less crumpling. 3. Car resets every time you roll. Where are the visceral rolling crashes gone when you’d roll 10 times after hitting a patch of gravel? 4. Mechanical damage is also toned down. I’ve yet to see a single gameplay video where someone has mechanical damage. In previous versions it was inevitable to have a wonky car at the end of the race. The visual effects like breaking carbon fiber and holes in the car are very impressive but it’s missing the almighty crunches and visceral feeling crashes. Also the camera shaking is non-existent which also contributes to weak feeling crashes. Is it because of Ferrari? Because honestly it’s not worth binning the amazing damage for them. Atm grid autosport has way better damage on the switch and mobile versions.
  2. If devs can't make better damage, could mod community make one? Something similar to Grid Autosport Great damage model, spectacular crashes, rolling cars was the main essence of this franchise. I can't stand that this is ruined in this game. I don't care about multiplayer - it's dead anyway. Someone let me know, please...
  3. Excuse me Codemasters, but what's the point that AI have better damage than player car? More I play, I'm more surprised what I can see in this game. Ai can loose wheels, can rollover (very scripted, but it is) I even saw when FERRARI car lost BUMPER in the mid race which is totally impossible for a player car If some car manufactures don't like their cars gets too damaged and player car have this restrictions, why AI cars can gets more damaged?
  4. Cordosyl

    Let's talk hardcore damage

    I'd like to preface this by saying that I love what codemasters is doing with the post-launch content and updates in Dirt Rally 2, especially updates regarding rainy weather. I'm hoping that this rant would help in getting my issues with hardcore damage mode fixed in future updates just like the rain was. When I heard that Dirt Rally 2 would feature a hardcore damage mode, I imagined Richard Burns Rally 2.0. When I'm playing RBR, I'm constantly afraid of crashing my car, because the damage model is absolutely brutal. Enter a corner too fast and understeer into a bush: you get a broken radiator, which will then destroy your engine within a few stages. Crash into a tree and you will most likely break the engine, forcing a retirement. If you slide and crash into a ditch or barrier, your wheels can break down. They can lose drive shafts or suffer from broken suspension. Wheels can even turn sideways or break off completely. These are relatively tame crashes. If you roll your car, you will not only lose heaps of time, but you'll also have to pray that you don't roll into anything solid and you keep a functional car. Now in Dirt Rally 1 and 2, I'm completely fine with the standard damage model, seeing as most couch rally drivers want near-invincible rally cars. My gripe is with the hardcore damage option, which really just feels like turning the damage setting from "Easy" to "Normal". I am never afraid of crashing my car in this game. It doesn't really matter if I hit a rock, a tree or a barrier - the car will rarely suffer damage that hurts me in the long run. Crashing feels more like a minor inconvinience than a rally-ending disaster. The worst that can happen is a tyre blowout, a double tyre blowout, penalty for resetting/hitting a spectator or broken headlights, which all just add time penalties or force you to drive slowly. Keeping your car safe from excess damage is an integral part in rallying, You can often see drivers slowing down for big jumps because they know their suspension can't handle the landing if they do it flat. And if they crash their car, they'll rarely get away with just a couple seconds added to their time. TL;DR: I want Dirt Rally 2 to be the Dark Souls of racing games, please let me adjust my experience to my liking. PS: I would love an option to enable hardcore damage in weekly/monthly My Team challenges, they're a significant part of My Team mode!
  5. Hello Devs, Despite many wonderful things about Dirt Rally 2.0, the results of a seemingly fatal crash with hardcore damage on far too often results in minimal effect on the car mechanically. There should be no reason a car can bounce off a wall of rocks, barrel roll 5x and continue on with the rally with zero mechanical issues, no less terminal damage. Many people would like to see suspensions, transmissions, and engines being significantly affected in hardcore mode with minor to moderate collisions and crashes. Having the fear of serious mechanical failure at every turn makes the game more satisfying to master at speed. There is no real risk in throwing a car into every turn with confidence at speed because hardcore damage doesn't really feel hardcore enough. If suspension or engine issues were major enough after collisions to stop one from effectively finishing a rally, it would make the experience much more immersive. It's supposed to be hardcore, but it doesn't feel realistic at all currently. Please devs, take this into account as it can make the allure of mastering a rally incredibly realistic and satisfying, and that's all what many of the fans of dirt rally want.
  6. CrispyDex

    Rear Wing Damage

    Hello Codemasters F1 community ! I was recently playing F1 2018 when I hit a wall backwards very badly, but I could go on without damage. So I was wondering why there's no mechanical nor visible rear wing damage in the game except for the DRS failiures. I remember that you could lose your rear wing in the 2010 game, but not in any newer installments of the series. Are there any problems with the teams concerning rear wing damage? Are there any other issues with it? Or are we going to see rear wing damage in the upcoming game? In my opinion it's a very important aspect to be able to damage or lose your rear wing. fffffff.html
  7. Hi devs, First thing - I love you so much, the game looks astonishing. There are some visible flaws however.. I did not play the game yet (as I don't have early access), but what I can see from some youtube videos & streams, the hardcore damage mode is not hardcore enough. You can't just do 3 barrel rolls, hit the rock, and jump to the forest from road, and still have your car running without a problem. For a refference you can look to this video by Jimmy from 3:03:35 till 3:05:00 Also you can watch Rally Sweden 2019 wrc highlight to see how long it takes to get out from the snow - how it's possible that if you end up on hte roof, it just adds 4 seconds to the time? Please make the hardcore damage mode more hardcore! Still having my deluxe edition pre-ordered and being really excited about this game, keep it up. Can't wait to do another 400 hours in this game. Thank you, Kaleb