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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Waiting for the 2nd season of DR2.0 I have decided to remember old good Dirt 3. I was very happy with it back then in 2012, but at that time I did not have the wheel and used my keyboard and chase camera. Now I have Logitech G29 and wanted to try Dirt 3 with it. Unfortunately the game is no longer in Steam due to the licensing issues (so the game is de facto abandon-ware). I managed to get the game from one of my friends as Dirt 3 Complete Edition. When I tried I have discovered the issue exactly described here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/321040/discussions/1/611702631209592196 Yes, I know, that G29 initially is not supported by Dirt 3, but there are a simple fix for it: https://steamcommunity.com/app/321040/discussions/0/483368433105982953/ In the first link there is a mentioning of the official patch with the fix. But since the game is no longer in Steam I can not download it. @PJTierney @justbiglee @justbiglee1 Is it possible to check the archives and publish the patch/fix on the official support site as stand alone patch? Or maybe, since the game is abandon-ware it is possible just to publish the solution (the files of Dirt 3 are not initially encrypted) that everybody can implement it for themselves? Dirt 3 Complete Edition My hardware: https://asset.msi.com/pdf/main/us/nb/GL72 6QF-697.pdf? and Logitech G29 steering wheel with sifter.
  2. Oisin188

    DiRT 5

    If DiRT 5 is going to be made I would love to see Irish rally stages added to the game. I would love Gymkhana to be back and hill climb also. Basically have the game be like DiRT 3 that was a fantastic game. I also would love if you could catch cars during stages and the AI can catch you as well. Another feature I would like to see return would be head to head racing from DiRT 3. This next request goes without saying I would like to see more cars. And I really liked the story mode in DiRT 3 so maybe try incorporate that into the future game? And my final idea would to race for manufacturers but maintain the private racing and purchasing of cars, but it would be nice to race for a manufacture and benefit from their backing? Thank you for reading. I look forward to the future of the DiRT series.
  3. Hey everybody. Ok so I’ve been looking around everywhere that I can online to find a way to get a code to play dirt 3 online I bough the disc from game stop a couple of weeks ago, but the code in it had already been used. When I was like 15 I had an Xbox 360 and got the game free from there pass and feel in love. Ive finally been able to acquire a system to play on and the disc but now I can’t play online and that’s one of the parts I miss the most. If anybody’s got an idea or knows where I can get one or buy one plz let me know I’d be in your dept. again thank u guys
  4. grimreeperx


    Hi, I'm Sam and I am new here. nice to me all of you. thanks for welcoming me in.