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Found 50 results

  1. Since the announcement of DiRT Rally 2.0 leagues such as AOR (ApexOnlineRacing) have been carefully planning and preparing their leagues to accommodate for the demand of competitive league featuring DiRT Rally 2.0 However since the release of DiRT Rally 2.0 it has become apparent that in the release build of the game neither Rallycross or Rally leagues, at the quality that AOR is known for, are possible. I heavily suggest that the following features are added as soon as possible, seeing as the latest announcement mentions a partnership regarding Esports events. People will want to prepare for this, both existing and new simracers, so in order for that to be possible, leagues need to be possible. The tools in order to make a Rally league possible are easily explained, clubs (or that's what they were called in DiRT 4). This would enable league organizers and coordinators to set up and run championships with a large group of people, without needing every single participant to be present in a lobby, which is the luxury and quality we're used to since DiRT Rally and DiRT 4. In order to make a Rallycross league possible three, preferably four, features would need to be added. These features are as follows: The ability to disable AI in Multiplayer Lobbies, since at the moment we're unable to filter out the AI. (Which also ruins the joy for me personally to do Multiplayer at all. I'm sure some people appreciate it, but at least making it optional would benefit either side of this argument) The ability to select which type of starting grid we use in a single race, i.e. a horizontal lineup (as WRX has during Heats) and a staggered lineup (as WRX has during Semi-Finals and Finals). As right now we're always forced into a heat format if we select to run a single race, which really doesn't feel right. An idea for this would be to look at the DiRT 4 feature where we could decide between the format "Timed" and "Position". The ability to assign starting grid positions to each participant in the lobby (this requires both previous points). This would enable us to hold the league as close to the WRX format as possible, since in WRX your starting position means everything, especially considering starting from the front is way more advantageous over starting from the back row. This means we would be able to hold an x number of heats which lead into a Semi-Final where the winner and the runner-up of the overall heat standings start on pole position in there respective semi-finals. The ability to spectate and toggle to be a spectator in a lobby. This isn't mandatory but both for future official Esports events and leagues such as AOR, having a dedicated streamer broadcast and commentate on your event makes the overall league and event much more open to the audience and again improves the overall quality of the league. (Who doesn't love to watch close side-by-side racing) The aforementioned features would be necessary to hold any kind of decent RX league if you ask me, some to enable a league at all, others to stay as true to the WRX format and some to open it up to people who aren't involved in the event/league. And seeing as there is an official Esports partnership these features would probably be highly appreciate by both simracers, league organizers/coordinators and the organizers of the Esports events. These were my suggestions and I really hope these features are looked over and implemented as soon as possible, even though I know being a developer is a lot of work and they over get overlooked, the community would appreciate these features a lot (Even more than custom liveries, which are also nice to add some individuality to both singleplayer, multiplayer, competitive leagues and Esports events). On top of that if they're already in development or are going to be taken into development, organizers and league coordinators would love to know ahead of time so they can plan and schedule.
  2. 2Technical

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Hi guys, This is a link to my YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ05BZF9F6q2xKyV6viCBGg Here I will be sharing all the setups I create on DiRT Rally 2.0. So if you cant be bothered or just don't know how to tune then this channel will eventually be a one stop shop for you. I've currently completed 6 cars for the 6 locations in the game and all the setups are capable of top 10 times without a heavy sweat session. The plan is to tune every car in the game for every location and have them all capable of a top 10 time. This however will take some time. My current rate of production is 1-2 cars per week. I'm currently tuning the 4WD cars starting with the R5 cars and will be working backwards from there. If you like the setups obviously please show your appreciation with a like just so I know I'm still on the right track with the setups. If you want to keep up to date with the latest setups I've done, either subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or follow me on Twitter. Good luck on the stages!! Cars Completed so far: Lancia Fulvia HF Ford Fiesta R2 Subaru WRX STI NR4 Peugeot 205 GTI Skoda Fabia Rally 2005 Citroen C4 Rally Mitsubishi Space Star R5 Peugeot 208 T16 R5
  3. Good Day All, I'm experiencing the following issues! I own season pass / Dulux Edition but I struggle to download the Whales Rally location and 2 cars pack, it a lot of money spend on something that you cant use all the add-ons!Can anyone please assist regarding this ?
  4. LolzGuy007

    Deluxe Edition Messing Up?

    I've been playing Dirt Rally 2.0 for probably a month now and I just bought the deluxe edition about a week ago. And to be honest, it's probably the best racing game I've ever played. My brother on the other hand just started yesterday and I instantly noticed something off. He already finished his first rally championship but the next set of rally stages didn't have any if the new tracks. At first I thought he was just unlucky to not get any of the new tracks but I also noticed that he didn't have the new cars or the cars that are free alongside buying the deluxe edition. The new cars aren't available to buy in the garage as well. And when he tries to enter a deluxe content special event, it says that he first needs to buy it. Weird thing is that all the deluxe content is available to use in freeplay but not in career. We both play on the same PS4 but with different accounts. I have my account on primary but he still doesn't have the new content available for career. To sum it up, I can play the new content in both the career and freeplay while my brother can only play it in freeplay. If anyone could help us here cause we don't wanna spend another 25$ for content that we both should be getting. For my perspective, the problem at hand here is that the deluxe edition was bought on my account so it doesn't register my brother as a deluxe edition holder but I would like to hear some suggestions as well.
  5. scottish-jim

    I'd like to choose my own repairs

    When I finish my daily sessions I like to go into my garage and repair my cars if needed. I often find aspects of the car that could do with a repair but I don't get the option to do so. Could you make it that I can choose my own repairs?
  6. just updated dirt rally 2.0 and still no ffb improvements so at this point the game will be shelved.as there is no point in playing a game that has absolutely no feel as to what the front tyres are doing or even if there is any tyres on the front wheels at all ?.not to mention the turd like feel from so called suspension fb that just feels like your been rear ended when braking,as well as not been able to trail brake into corners in this game ?.even left foot braking is bugged in this game.inconsistencies in steering input from one car to the next.track deg and tyre wear don't work at all.if your a controller player then all your needs have been met but if your like me and use a wheel and rig this game is trash same as new f1 game which suprise suprise is made by the same idiots that are ruining all their driving games by been pig headed and eggnoring there paying customers so codies sort your business model out while you still got a business.kinda reminds me of parliament and the way they messing around with brexit,people have spoken implement the changes asked for "simple".no instead we have had 6 months of (yes we hear you , but our greed is much bigger than your petty voices so be quiet dlc $$$$$$ before fixes )and still no real fixes to the ffb have happened or the cartoon graphics with the god awful sun bloom that is there to just blind you.boycott all of this company's games and they maybe get the point and finally do something about it before it's to late
  7. chrisjaf

    ffb update

    when will you roll out the next ffb update ?.we wheel users need the same sliders as controller users have, tyre slip surface detail.at the moment its like towing a caravan that just wants to push you through the corners and off the track.and because of this its near impossible to drive to the limit.also the dog awful sun bloom that stops you been able to see the road disable it as it does not add anything to the game,if anything it takes a lot of the fun out of what is already a dull title due to the fact little to nothing has been fixed since day one.now you have got f1 game out with the same kind of problems as dirt 2.0 had on release wich one gets fixed first ?
  8. My feelings opposites about Dirt Rally 2.0 Lots of thing has got better, but major things have to improve or fix ASAP There's no FFB Effects in this game (yet)! No effects for jumps, no effects for gear changes (check how sweet in Richard BUrns Rally, you can feel the torque of the engine), no effects for different road surfaces... In general the FFB is too weak in Dirt Rally 2.0
  9. Hey! I bought the Dirt Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition before the release of the game, 21.2.19 I just started the game to test the 2 new cars of season 1, but they arent appearing. In the shop, it says I am able to buy them! But I bought them by buying the deluxe edition, didnt I? I then saw, that it says Season 1 + Season 2 INSTALLED. Arent they just available, is sth wrong with my account or I am getting fooled? If just the cars´arent available for me, no big problem. But I want the stuff I paid for! Dont see it as hate, but I am actually very nervous to not get the content! Nick
  10. HoovieDoovie

    Workshop Setups

    The First Dirt Rally had Setups available for anyone to post on the steam workshop page for the game, this would be an amazing feature to add to Dirt Rally 2.0 because perfecting your setup for you is very time consuming and clunky in its current state in game. The best thing is when you can have a good base setup from someone that you can tweak to your liking, rather than the stock setups that seem almost purposefully bad.
  11. Hi there I've completed a few Daily/Weekly Challenges in DiRT Rally 2.0. When I log in the next day I get the notification screens telling me what I won, but following that the CR earned from those events does not get added to my running total. To give a specific example, today I started with 110,000 CR. I logged in and earned about 400,000 CR in Daily/Weekly Challenge rewards. Following the notification screens my account balance was still 110,000 CR. I tried restarting the game but the new CR still wasn't added to my balance. Just thought I'd drop the note in here. Thanks for reading, -PJ
  12. I am playing on a rather small screen (24") that is quite some distance away from my racing seat. Would it be possible to have one more camera position that is something in between the hood view and the existing dashboard camera? If I remember correctly there was something like this in DR1. Alternatively options to change the position of the existing dashboard camera would be a good solution as well.
  13. Many players of Dirt Rally 2.0, including those whose platform are PC or PS4, from Mainland, China could not connect (called 'Sign In' in the game) to RACENET ever since the beginning of June, 2019. Hope there is a solution, or at least a date after which the server would be available again.
  14. Please add random rotation to the whees to look natural. At least one of the two axle the wheel should stay at different rotation angle. IRL the arent at the same position I hope it's not a hard job to spin wheels at the front or at the rear Sample:
  15. if you have the same problem, write it here
  16. FFB is gone on v1.2.1 with a Logitech Formula Force GP. If I switch the device type to Controller from Steering wheel, I have FFB, but its so bad, because it is optimized for gamepads.
  17. Collect all the things which are bad in Dirt Rally 2.0 and need to fix or have to be repaired. This thread for CAR issues only.
  18. I'm more than happy that with the latest update, ApexOnlineRacing (AOR) is able to finally bring back its Rallycross (RX) leagues on DiRT Rally 2.0 (DR2.0). AOR is known for having had some of the best Esports drivers compete in its leagues, both on F1 and DiRT, some you may know: Joona P Veloce_Iza BillyCherokee KickedInYoo Oscaro Quinto Etc. And now these leagues are back in business and everyone is able to join! We're looking for drivers who enjoy a fair bit of clean competitive racing, regardless of whether you're fast or slow. I'll proceed to explain a little bit more about the league, but if you want to skip straight to business, go here (https://apexonlineracing.com/community/threads/aor-rx-dr2-0-season-1-sign-up-thread.55289/#post-779215) First things first, you need to know that these events will be held on saturdays, starting at 7:30pm BST. Depending on how far you make it into the event, it can last up to 2-3 hours. So if you don't have the time for it, I'd not recommend signing up. That said, it isn't mandatory to attend every event, as long as you cancel ahead of time with the person in charge. Secondly, this league tries to maintain a fairly realistic format within the current restrictions of the game, there will be 3 4-lap heats, where the top 10 go into a 1 of 2 6-lap semi-final races. The top 2 of the semi-finals move on to the finals. On top of that, those who finished 3rd and 4th in either semi-final, will face off against each other to still earn a spot in the final, in a so-called Sudden Death Final. (This to accomodate the fact that DR2.0 doesn't allow us to handpick grid types and starting order) The winner of the Sudden Death Final will move on to the Final and compete against the 4 other drivers to decide who wins the event. Once the event has finished, points will be distributed based on your overall heat performance, semi-final performance and final performance. Whoever holds the most points at the end of the season wins the Drivers' Championship. The Championship will take place on all 8 locations currently in the game, with future seasons adding more tracks as the Codemasters updates the game, which'll see you race against all drivers on these vastly different tracks in different weather conditions in the RX Supercars. If you're interested, go check out this thread (https://apexonlineracing.com/community/threads/aor-rx-dr2-0-season-1-sign-up-thread.55289/#post-779215) NOTE: It can take a day before your account is activated For more information you can always contact me on: Twitter: @RSR_SereneLogic Discord: RSR SereneLogic#5155 Steam: RSR SereneLogic Hope to see some of you sign up 🙂
  19. hi on xbox 1x got the focus but not the scoobie do in latest dlc anyone else having same issue.
  20. I just bought Dirt Rally 2.0 and i have no force feedback at all, i play with a G29 logitech on a Ps4 Pro. I moved every slider to 150 and then i have a litte bit more feedback, but you don't feel bumps or the road. it's like you drive with a normal car on a normal way. You have a lot more feedback in Dirt rally 1... Is this a bug?
  21. Here is a sample video to show you the "FPS Down bug" of Dirt Rally 2.0 (PC) when you go Off the track huge amount of FPS drops occours. During gameplay avg FPS 64 is going down to 24 (-40 FPS down) !!! During replay avg FPS 55 is going down to 46 (-9 FPS drops ONLY compare 9 to 40 ... Oops) Same huge amount of FPS drops occours in every track, any weather condition. The game is getting unplayable if you leave the track by four wheels off. CM should address this problem and check why replay has less FPS down this could be the key to make less FPS drops off the track playing the game. Note! The reason for the difference : replay has got more visual effects than gameplay. Not just FPS drops is the problem, the whole game is slowing down with timing, as you can see in this sample video as the action is getting slides away... This issue is present since the first relase v1.0 Please Codemasters, Fix this issue.
  22. navandrea62

    Career mode CRASH

    I have a problem with Dirt 2.0 (PS4). Somehow there's some difference between local saved data and Racenet data. When I join the career mode Racenet tries to give me some previous rewards but then an errore comes up (CE-34878-0) and the game closes. I've already re-installed the game but nothing has changed. I can't do anything in career mode right now. Could someone help me?