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Found 20 results

  1. Game is unplayable for me. I have no problems with other games, including Dirt Rally 1. Almost all times the game just closes and drops me back to the desktop without any messages after it finishes loading the track. I managed to get past it once with Windowed mode and then switched back to Fullscreen from the "garage" section before the race. After that it worked a couple of times, but now it does't work again. I tried Windowed borderless and Windowed modes and I got the camera flying above the track for 2 or 3 seconds and then dirtrally2.exe stopped working. Memory usage is very low, it was 2GB for the game and I had 4 GB of free memory. Very annoying, cant play the game. I have a fully updated Windows 10 version 1809 and the latest 19.2.3 AMD drivers with a Gigabyte RX460 4GB VGA. I'm on the Medium Graphics settings preset and have 8GB of DDR4 RAM with an Intel G4560 processor. A couple of times I got the Dirt Rally 2.0 bug report window after this and sent the crash report. Hoping for a fix soon 🙂
  2. I hope that in DIRT Rally 2.0 the player will be given the chance, in the future with a patch, to be able to choose only the trackside view in replays and not alternating with that of the helicopter in the Rallycross.
  3. Petri Helmikkala

    Replay file

    Just wondering how I can share my fantastic crashes and best moments when driving the game with VR? Did not find any way to do that. So, I suggest that we can save the replay file and run the video again in a normal monitor. Then I can create a fancy video once again.
  4. Seriously? Always Online in a Career Mode? Can't you just please stick to things that you know? Wow, there is absolutely no reason for doing something like this? Do you remember SimCity 2013? Apparently not. Sorry, I had to vent here, but damn, this might be the best Rally Game I played so far. Don't do that to me and the others. Please remove this forced always online. I want to be able to play this game in 20 years, just like your Colin McRae Rally 1998. Damn that hurts.
  5. Hi, I’m having an issue logging in, DiRT Rally 2.0, since last update on ps4. Can’t connect to racenet with the following error code: 3ae154c5-55-58 How can I fix it??
  6. I think it would be nice for a lot of people (including me) to move the seat position with no limit in every direction (front, back, up, down, tilt). It would create the possibility to set everything in line with your Simracing setup. Right now the possible movement is way too small to create an immersive position 😞 Also the FOV slider should be replaced with a number setting, otherwise this is useless. And the FOV should be also adjustable unlimited, because the lowest possible FOV setting is not enough for most setups if you want to go correctly. It's a small suggestion but it would be a big gamechanger if you could make this happen Codemasters 🙂 Best regards, HomieFFM
  7. Hi Devs! I'm sure some of you followed the Dirt Rally 2.0 World Series Event, and there was one issue with the spectator mode that was very noticeable for all the viewers. I ask that for a moment you focus your attention at the sound bug that is present when the car revs are at red line and consequently the game, while on spectator mode, plays the rev limiter sound constantly during the whole red line rev range. You will easily identify this issue if you watch any of the stages broadcasted but here is a timestamp anyways, please follow this run and listen to the sound ( I can guarantee you these players are not rev limiting this much ever during their runs ). (01:09:30) Why is this Important? For the game to be enjoyed by viewers we must fix these broadcast issues and annoyances. This way we have a better end result in terms of Production. These little things help captivate people to watch and follow not only your events but the community events as well!
  8. Hi. Ingame it says there's a new game version which I need to connect to RaceNet. But Steam doesn't download/install anything. The game is set to be kept up to date and I restarted Steam multiple times. What can I do? **edit: I tried uninstalling and installing again. But even that doesn't work, Steam says "download finished 0/0bytes" and the game obviously won't start because the game files are missing. The folder for DR2.0 on the hard drive is empty. I can download and install all other games fine, so probably it's not (only) Steam?! I also tried switching download servers, but that also didn't help. **edit2: I tried installing on a different PC, same thing happens.
  9. I see all the times a mouse cursor int the absolute middle on the screen in Dirt Rally 2.0 which is an annoying feature! I don't wanna use a mouse to navigate in the menu... More annoying that mouse cursor is visible all the time driving on a stage so i have to touch my mouse to move the cursor to a corner DR 1 did a better job on this Please remove the mouse cursor or tell me a trick (even an .ini hack) to solve this annoying probleme. Thanks
  10. Hello, since bug report 1.10 is already closed and 1.11.1 has not created yet, I would like to introduce new thread. In this thread, please post some minor errors in graphics you may notice in the game. Like textures do not become dirty, etc. Include game version, platform, game edition, location and/or car, as well as proof with screenshot/video. If necessary add your graphical settings. P.S. Finland "forest fire" smoke, milk rain, Volkswagen Gold GTI 16V upside down rev counter (not a bug) does not count, as they have already been reported a lot of times. For example, Version 1.11.1 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition Subaru WRX STI Rallycross has problem with window texture next to left mirror (look in the red circle on screenshots). It does not become dirty or wet. It is repetitive and especially visible in heavy rain.
  11. I have been stuck on the last stage of the Spain rally for 2 days now. The very first 6 event career championship. Every other race up until this point has been fine. Now I cannot progress because I keep getting this Connection Failed message and error code, my only options is to go back or retry or go to main menu. Very annoying that I cannot continue my career that I just started. Just to clarify, I am talking about using the Lancia that comes free in your garage, so you have a starting point in career for Rally. No way to progress past the last stage in Spain. So far my experience with DR 2.0 has not been good. I love the feel of the game and the driving physics, but overall the experience has been abysmal. Had trouble getting the game to completely install, got stuck at 72 percent or something and said the download was complete. Then the game would crash if you tried to go past the main menu, only after I did my monthly round of Windows updates and restarted, it suddenly decided to download the rest of the game. And now this problem. I see many people on this forum with problems with the horrible always online DRM this game uses, Racenet connectivity issues, etc... And very seldom do I see anyone from codemasters on here who seems to care. I just want to do a single player career, I don't care about online leaderboards, I would opt out of them completely if i had a choice, but this terrible DRM system is preventing me from even playing the career mode. Great addition to Xbox Game Pass. A basically unplayable game, that I would very much like to play. I hope that Codemasters will address some of these problems, or just take the game off the Microsoft store altogether.
  12. https://youtu.be/jBfXWJTqAvA DiRT Rally 2.0 Bug on the road? Lack of sync in car image
  13. Previously (at least, for me), when purchased, used cars would reset their total distance driven to 0.00km. Thus showing how far I drove that car, it would still come with various amounts of damage. Has this been changed, or did my game have some weird bug or something of the like?
  14. Hello, Please add more replay camera positions to Dirt Rally 2.0. At least the same that used to exist in original Dirt Rally (2015). I especially miss the position to behind front wheel (last 2 screenshots). There is a special effect when break disk heats and glows in the dark. This position is the best to show it as well as cool chrome STI stripe on Subaru.
  15. Pignatelli


    Ciao stavo pensando perché non mettere kit kar storiche come Megane e clio qualche gruppo a 2 ruote motrici e le wrc 1600 e le wrc plus?
  16. Can this be released asap please? It seems unnecessary to hold it back when it's already out on other platforms, and when some of us (me included), have already been playing it for some time. I'm absolutely loving this game in VR, but more content/variety is never a bad thing. Also, what are the plans season pass wise for the Oculus version?
  17. Please add a checkbox to your Game Setting menu to let choose players to toggle on/off cutscenes. I don't want to see a track preview every time. Thanks!
  18. chrisjaf

    no racenet after update.

    just updated the game but no racenet ?.how long will it be down for ?.anyone know.have not seen any maintenance announcements thanks in advance
  19. no racenet after updating game.error code 3ae154c5=58=58.
  20. I feel like I have never bought the Deluxe Edition in January (90€ in advance). Now if I go to the Store on Xbox One I can buy the Deluxe Content "AGAIN" for 27€. Do I really need to pay again? I need to know what is exactly happening with all this stuff because is not clear at all, especialy for people buying the Deluxe Content Let see what you've got in the Microsoft Store at this moment: -the Day One Edition (28€) -the Deluxe Edition (36€) -the Deluxe Content (27€), -Deluxe Content S3 & S4 (27€) -Super Deluxe Edition (66€ with S1-4. I payed 90€ in advance and you make me pay again for S3&4? ) 💔 -and Year One Pass (with S1-4 again) for 50€ The thing is, if anyone now get the Day One Edition + Super Deluxe Edition (S1-4) they can get EVERYTHING very much cheaper than all people who payed 90€ (for something called Deluxe Edition) at the beginning, thinking we are going to have the whole game. Don't you think that is really unfair? Is that the way CM does with people who want to really pay for theirs products? Thanks