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Found 9 results

  1. Got the game for free and fell in love with it But ran into an unpleasant problem My system requirements fully fit the game Intel core i3-6300 palit Gtx 960 2 gb 8 gb ram 1tb hdd PLS HALP!!!!
  2. I played with the gamma and now I don't remember the default value
  3. I play on a controller(in the process of getting a better controller) and love to watch F1 thanks to chainbearf1 youtube channel. I'm still struggling to drive a mini in dirt rally(maybe because of that controller -.-). Add me on steam if you want. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198375381455/
  4. When I'm creating a new profile I can"t change the "player one" name to my own. What I"m supposed to do?
  5. I've been playing Dirt Rally 2.0 for probably a month now and I just bought the deluxe edition about a week ago. And to be honest, it's probably the best racing game I've ever played. My brother on the other hand just started yesterday and I instantly noticed something off. He already finished his first rally championship but the next set of rally stages didn't have any if the new tracks. At first I thought he was just unlucky to not get any of the new tracks but I also noticed that he didn't have the new cars or the cars that are free alongside buying the deluxe edition. The new cars aren't available to buy in the garage as well. And when he tries to enter a deluxe content special event, it says that he first needs to buy it. Weird thing is that all the deluxe content is available to use in freeplay but not in career. We both play on the same PS4 but with different accounts. I have my account on primary but he still doesn't have the new content available for career. To sum it up, I can play the new content in both the career and freeplay while my brother can only play it in freeplay. If anyone could help us here cause we don't wanna spend another 25$ for content that we both should be getting. For my perspective, the problem at hand here is that the deluxe edition was bought on my account so it doesn't register my brother as a deluxe edition holder but I would like to hear some suggestions as well.
  6. I know that I can change my deadzone settings in the "Advanced Settings", but I can´t find them ingame. Can you help me please? PS: I searched in my options for one hour, the "Advanced Settings" are not there.
  7. tea3k

    Dear Codemasters

    In the past there was discussion about physics and realistic things of the racing car in the forum. Now there is discussion about dirt rally 2 and how it is realistic game on the pad. I don't want to live on this planet anymore. I have one wish. Be so kind and bring back one more path to dirt rally 1. Bring back tarmac physic version 1. I am with you from the times 0.1 Beta dirt rally. There was a beautifull days. Thanks for this game. This days everything must be sold and bring money but there is much group of old players that like realism and mastering one stage until u can end clear without crash. Not my times anymore. If u not support dirt rally 1 please bring back tarmac physics vs to the masterpiece dirt rally 1 Best regrets
  8. TinchoGu66

    Setup de autos (workshop)

    --Por favor pongan el Setup de autos para poder compartir , como era en Steam (Workshop) con Dirt Rally , no todas las personas saben crear los setup de sus autos y esto ayudaba mucho . Muchas Gracias --Please put the car setup to share, as it was in Steam (Workshop) with Dirt Rally, not everyone knows how to create the setup of their cars and this helped a lot. Thank you
  9. Hello DR community. My feedback: - No more internet connection requiered for singleplayer - Earning credits in every race in every mode (time trial and own championships) - Player global stats in main menu (like DR) - Steam avatars / crown in leaderboards on daily / weekly - Add monthly challenge Greetings.